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  1. Just one trophy (unlock all suits) away from getting the Platinum in Spider-Man. c:

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Schweet.  Any plans for your next plat?

  2. Finished my first run in DOOM: Eternal not long ago. Nightmare Difficulty. Fantastic game. Much better than DOOM 2016. High recommendation.

  3. Demon's Souls is still my personal favourite in the series. Some of the aesthetic changes in the trailer I wasn't too keen on, but it still looks very pretty. I'm hoping they don't change too much. There are a lot of things about Demon's Souls that some people don't like, but that I felt gave the game a bit of charm, and helped it stand out from the rest of the series. Things like various levels of healing items, item carry limits, world tendency, and magic being super OP are all things I'd like to see intact.
  4. Marvel's Spider-Man has been a lot of fun so far. So happy they added the Raimi suit. Definitely one of my favs. Also found the Pride flag. :3

    1. EcoShifter


      Beat this game recently. It's incredible. I used Rami suit on my second playthrough :3

    2. CandiBunni


      I just wish Spider-Man's original suit was in the game. The one with webbing in between his arms and torso. That's my personal favourite.

    3. KawaiiSlowpoke


      Im loving it so far too! You do find a backpack that has the webbing in it that references it but i think thats it for that suit :(

  5. Marvel's Spider-Man - GOTY Edition (PS4) Manhunt (PS4)
  6. Meep. Haven't been here in forevers. hOi

  7. So disappointed to see how much of a regression for the series Darksiders 3 is. Then again, Nordic and Gunfire don't exactly have a good track record.

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    2. RedRodriguez87


      Part of me also wants to know what's wrong (outside that update problem)


      The other part isn't surprised that its even a sentiment; each game, while not bad, has always had something that kept them from being "good". So it's like, tradition.

    3. CandiBunni


      Darksiders 3 is missing a ton of improvements and additions. Darksiders 2 introduced a whole loot system, skill trees, deeper combo system, varied quests. Darksiders 3 doesn't have the loot system, doesn't have a skill tree system as far as I'm aware, and instead is more akin to a Souls-like, and a very basic one at that. You only upgrade three various stats, you spend souls on upgrading one of those, and it's far more linear.

      Personally, I loved Darksiders 1 and 2, and thought they were both great. Darksiders 2, especially, hooked me pretty hard.

      Nordic now owns the Darksiders IP, and for the remasters of both Darksiders 1 and 2, they hired outside developers. Once those contracts were up, however, they left both games in whatever state they happened to be in, without any word as to whether or not they plan to fix them at some point. Both games, especially on PC, have a plethora of various bugs and performance issues. Darksiders 2's remaster has been out for years, and yet there's not been a single patch or word from either Gunfire or Nordic on if or when they plan to fix it.

    4. RedRodriguez87


      Well that's lame. I myself was a fan of the Zelda-esque style of growth of the first game, which made exploring fun and worth it in the long run. But just getting souls and powering up?



  8. Yep. I loved games like Minecraft, and NMS is basically that, but in space. It's a pretty great game now, given all they've added, improved, and fixed. I've already sunk over 100 hours into it, so it's doing something right.
  9. It's a tie between either No Man's Sky or Spyro Reignited Trilogy.
  10. Diablo Immortal? More like Diablo Immobile, amirite?

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    2. nenugalimas
    3. CandiBunni


      I don't! Not a mobile, at least.

    4. nenugalimas


      Well then clearly, you're clearly not good enough for Diablo :P



  11. I've been playing lots of DmC: Definitive Edition lately. Probably my favy in the series now.

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    2. CandiBunni


      The Definitive Edition fixes a number of problems fans had with the OG release. For starters, it runs at 60fps now, like all the other games. They also rebalanced the enemies, made styling more difficult, added a third angel dash, tweaked some of the cutscenes, changed how coloured enemies work, so that you can now hurt them with any weapon, but that they can only be staggered, and take bonus damage, from the same coloured weapons, while others do reduced damage. That's all in the base Definitive Edition.

      As for Hardcore Mode, it makes styling even more difficult, changes Devil Trigger so that it no longer launches enemies in the air when you activate it, among some other things.

    3. KingGuy420


      I once found the actual "patch notes" type thing for everything that changed in the Definitive edition. It was a 30+ page PDF that I actually had to download lol, it was pretty cool.


      I did love the Definitive edition. Getting SSS ranks actually felt fulfilling instead of just "spam demon evade -> spam boxing gloves". Hardcore felt great too.

    4. CandiBunni


      So far the only SSS rank I've gotten was on the Lilith boss fight. Son of Sparda difficulty, Hardcore Mode On. A rank for style, SSS ranks for time and completion. No items, no deaths.

  12. Little Big Planet 1 Killzone 2 Demon's Souls
  13. 2 trophies away from Titanfall 2 plat, 6 away from Bloodborne plat, and 2 away from Flower 100%