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  1. Girlfriend ordered me an adorable little pink bunny plushie. Can't wait til it arrives. I think I'll name her Mint.

    1. Kittet3


      Aww, I hope you share pictures once Mint arrives! I really want to see this adorable pink bunny.

    2. Kale


      nice name you found 😛

  2. It's great to see them now using an art style more in line with that of the classic art style, rather than what they did with 4 and 5. I'm not a fan of the art direction of those two, so I'm pleased to see this. No idea if it'll actually play more like a classic Halo game, or continue with the enhanced-mobility gameplay of 5, though. I'm hoping for the former. They're also going to be focusing on simpler stories, and not mixing book and game lore, which is a big plus.
  3. "Curse this cow lick!"
  4. My favourite is soft pink. I also like hot pink, cyan, teal, lavender, and violet.
  5. Hopefully Microsoft announces more OG Xbox games getting the X1 BC treatment at E3. Still waiting (and hoping) for them to add the OG Xbox version of Halo 1, as well as Jet Set Radio Future, Area-51, and Mechassault 1.

  6. That's all well and good, but plenty of people still buy games that include loot boxes, and plenty more are still manipulated into forking over more and more of their money by these systems that are designed specifically to do just that. Games publishers have had plenty of opportunities to regulate themselves on this matter, but they outright refuse to. The ESA and ESRB, which themselves are funded by a lot of these big name publishers, are letting it happen, and if not even they are going to do something to help, then what? It's about time something was done about this awful trend, and the sooner we see loot boxes heavily regulated, if not outright gone, the better. The way in which Destiny does loot boxes isn't "ok" by any means. They tie the more valued and sought after items to RNG-based loot boxes, and have actively ruined an aspect of the game fans previously enjoyed (the shader system) in order to further entice people into buying them. This on top of the fact that the game's endgame was practically nonexistent. There's a reason people took to calling it the "spendgame", because the Eververse was pretty much all there was. They've only now even tried to fix that, a problem they themselves purposefully created, after huge player dropoff and consistent bad publicity. There's a difference between regulating what amounts to glorified slot machines in video games, and banning entire games or telling people how they can and cannot play them. The industry brought this on itself. They had the chance to start regulating themselves, and time and time again they chose to act like there wasn't any problem. Calling people "triggered" for being against anti-consumer practises does nothing. Complaining and criticising these sorts of practises, as we can see, does.
  7. Overwatch seems intent on discouraging me from playing. Its awful "progression" system is the main reason I hardly play it anymore.

  8. Still pretty new to Monster Hunter World. If anyone wants to party up sometime, feel free to let me know. c:

  9. Thanks for the birthday present, Capcom. I look forward to fighting this... eventually.
  10. I know. That was a typo on my part. Apologies. I'll go ahead and fix it.
  11. Has a pretty nice avatar and username, both referencing one of my favourite bands, which got me into music in the first place.