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  1. Platinum update!! Getting Arumat to 30,000 kills was more annoying than expected, the usual strat of Black Hole Sphere wasn't working so I just went vanilla Dragon Roar on them. The final battle trophy dropped at last early this afternoon and that only left completing chaos mode. The phantoms were surprisingly easy until the last wave, but managed to win first time. The rest of the game while getting into a few sketchy spots were easy enough. I was streaming today to show it off, only had a technical issue seconds before the platinum trophy actually appeared :(. My total time was somewhere around 640 hours, which I know is slower than most, but as mentioned before, I am not known for playing quickly. For me, those two 30k kill BTs really killed a lot of the fun in it, but was having a good time until then. Battle trophies (as if it's not 100% obvious) Edge: 100 Reimi: 100 Faize: 100 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 100 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 100 Total: 900/900 ps. not that I'm that bothered by it, but why does Myuria appear after Sarah in the character order?
  2. Update time: I suspect this might be the last update before my platinum. I have finished the grind for Edge (44 hours to get the kills) and finished his other BTs, and started the grind for Arumat. I think I'm somewhere around 7500 kills for him now. I played a little more of my Chaos file last night and beat the phantoms which I'm glad about seeing it was the one fight I was most worried about if I am going to do a platinum stream. Going by my estimates. I expect to have the 30k kills finished on Friday night or Saturday, and then I'll just need to complete the Chaos run to get the platinum. Battle trophies: Edge: 100 Reimi: 100 Faize: 100 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 100 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 97 Total: 897/900
  3. Update time: I'm getting close to the end now. I have nowhere left to run when it comes to all these Edge and Arumat kills. I finished Bacchus' drops and suffered through the 100 bunny races, and then cleared out pretty much all of the miscellaneous BTs for Edge and Arumat. I'm currently farming away at the Palace of Creation to try and get Edge's ology drops. Seeing as I'm now on 892/900, I may as well just post the BTs I'm missing now: Edge - 30k/100k hits, 255 Anthropology drops, 15k/30k enemy kills Arumat - 8k/15k/30k enemy kills After I get the Anthropology drops, I'm debating whether to stay at the Palace or go to the Cave of the Seven stars for the rest of the kills. I'm working on trying to do a certain number of battles per day depending on how much free time I have. I did 1500 yesterday, but that burned me out, so will probably settle for 500 when I have work and 1000 when I don't (may need to settle for 250 when I have work and other commitments). I'm currently on around 11k kills on Edge and 4600 ish on Arumat. This is more of a formality given the above, but overall battle trophies: Edge - 95 Reimi - 100 Faize - 100 Lymle - 100 Bacchus - 100 Meracle - 100 Sarah - 100 Myuria - 100 Arumat - 97 Total: 892/900
  4. Another week gone, and as stated before, being out of the country for most of the week has meant that I haven't been able to get that many hours in for this. That said, I did finish my universe run (9 hours) and got the Faize ending and my Chaos file is currently on Roak, though I'm going to make that the last thing I do for the platinum. I am still working on Bacchus' ology drops (by my count, on 155 so far). The rest of his BTs however are done so I am doing as many kills as I can with Edge and hit a couple more of his BTs out. It'll be more of the same for this week, but I should get Bacchus done tomorrow and then I can work on Edge or Arumat depending on how I feel (the general route is the same for either). Battle Trophies: Edge: 84 Reimi: 100 Faize: 100 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 99 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 89 Total: 872/900
  5. It's been a slow week for me, so there isn't a huge amount to report on for this week. However, I did finish off Meracle to 100%. I changed my mind over what to do with Bacchus and have decided to just farm his in Nox Obscuris. So far with Bacchus, I have completed all his damage trophies (the 65536 one sucked). Now he just needs 255 rush modes, 255 robotics (and 50/100) and 999 mechanical kills. I did however start my universe run with getting the Faize ending in mind and will be continuing that once I get something to eat. I'm currently saved just before the phantoms fight there. I won't have much time to play next week as I'll be abroad for most of it, but should be able to finish off my Universe run. I'll probably go for Chaos right after (at least until the point of no return, it's a nice last thing to do for the platinum) so don't expect much BT progress for next week. Battle trophies: Edge: 82 Reimi: 100 Faize: 100 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 95 Meracle: 100 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 89 Total: 866/900
  6. Another Sunday, which means another update. I managed to 100% Reimi and Myuria and last night finished off Lymle to 100%. For the 123 damage, I was doing long range attacks at 112 ATK vs a Killer Wasp. The plan now is to go for Meracle 100% and if that happens with time to spare, probably start my universe run and do the Bacchus farming there. After that, it'll just be Arumat/Edge left for the long grinds. I have a few more bunny races under my belt, though still have a long way to go there. Battle trophies: Edge: 82 Reimi: 100 Faize: 100 Lymle: 100 Bacchus: 89 Meracle: 85 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 100 Arumat: 89 Total: 845/900
  7. Update time. Finally caught a glimpse of that light at the end of the tunnel when this happened: As mentioned a couple of updates back, the plan was to then get the 255 zoology drops for Sarah when this was done, and after redoing the Satanael fight again for Sarah's boss trophies and grinding out 999 revives, now both Faize and Sarah are up to 100%. My Myuria seemed to be a fair bit behind so I'm building her up a bit right now, but in theory I'm just a lot of grinding away from the platinum. I do still have my Universe/Chaos runs to do, and get Faize's ending which I keep screwing up, and 100 races, but those are just a matter of time. I still think it will take me well over a month, I am not known for playing quickly, but it will happen. Battle trophies: Edge: 81 Reimi: 85 Faize: 100 Lymle: 83 Bacchus: 81 Meracle: 85 Sarah: 100 Myuria: 69 Arumat: 88 Total: 772/900
  8. It's a bit later than normal for my weekly update, been busy all day, but here goes: Ultimately my goal of EQ-10 mins failed. Tried twice last Sunday, but wasn't able to get it. Because of this, I started focussing on the other characters. I've not done any of the really grindy ones, but I did get the 55 grigori kills. I've done some of the exact damage trophies, a bunch of other easy BTs and now have 200 colosseum wins with Edge. I'll give EQ one more try tonight (might stream the attempt if I have time- name is manudude03 there, I am no pro streamer though). Anyway, the most important part of the update, the battle trophies: Edge: 81 Reimi: 83 Faize: 98 Lymle: 71 Bacchus: 74 Meracle: 85 Sarah: 81 Myuria: 65 Arumat: 88 Total: 726/900
  9. Weekly update time. This week has been about clearing up Faize's trophies, which are "nearly" done now. Only BTs left for him are 2k+3k battles (on about 1600), and 55 grigori kills. I also got the trophy for 75% BTs in the process. I've also knocked out a few miscellaneous movement based trophies (jump 8k meters with Edge, roll 10km with Lymle) and have been working on Sarah to grind kills when I can't be bothered doing 7SD runs. Annoyingly, Meracle and Reimi keep sniping my grigori kills so I still have a long way to go. My plan today is to go for the EQ under 10 mins on my faize file and if it works out, will do repeated runs of 7SD. With a bit of luck I'll still have enough battles to get Sarah's -ology and kills BTs. Current BTs: Edge - 70 Reimi - 75 Faize - 97 Lymle - 67 Bacchus - 68 Meracle - 83 Sarah - 74 Myuria - 61 Arumat - 87 Total: 682/900
  10. It's been a slow week for me. Between being busy and losing two days when my hard drive gave up on me (thankfully only external HDD and not ps5), I've just not made as much progress as I would have liked. Anyway, I've done some gold farming and racked up kills on everything in 7SD for Faize, hitting the 100 species mark on floor 2. It's going to be close as to whether I hit 130 species. I had a WD run go to floor 17 trying to find Santa, so I picked up 3 more shadow BTs and now just need to find him 1 more time so I can make my super tri-emblums. Battle trophies: Edge: 68 Reimi: 75 Faize: 71 Lymle: 64 Bacchus: 67 Meracle: 83 Sarah: 62 Myuria: 60 Arumat: 87 Total: 637/900 Edit: Oh yeah, gratz mizzcreed.
  11. Weekly update: Not done as much as I would have liked, Faize as a character sucks.... I did grind out 200 colosseum wins though and made sure to kill every normal enemy in the main story with Faize. I'm just about to hit the WD after grinding up some fol for santa. There are still several easy trophies left, however Stun x enemies in a row seems bugged for me. I've save scummed to get about 10 in a row, and I've only done 3 in a row according to my BTs (and even that was thanks to a stun bomb affecting 3 enemies at once). I am however slightly concerned that I only have enemies in 7SD and WD left for Faize, and I haven't even hit 100 different species yet, let alone 130, may do that on a Universe run when I get to that... I've also been somewhat distracted with Gran Turismo 7 just releasing, but this is still my main focus. Battle trophies: Edge: 67 Reimi: 75 Faize: 66 Lymle: 64 Bacchus: 65 Meracle: 82 Sarah: 62 Myuria: 59 Arumat: 87 Total: 627/900
  12. I did like the game, but I don't like the idea of grinding out a million shampurus again.
  13. Weekly update time. I managed to clear up enough of the easy BTs to hit 60%. The last two days have been spent starting up a new Faize-focussed run on Earth difficulty and while I did lose out on a few boss kills, it'll be fine as long as I have enough room to spare with the WD enemies. I've also remembered to keep a backup in the Cardianon Mothership for the 255 robotics drops. For some reason, Edge didn't get the survive six or more ambushes despite me never switching from him or me dying (unless doing rush combos breaks that). I also tried to get the Kokobiel spawn kills for bacchus, but the main boss died too quickly, so will depend on WD for that. On a more positive note, I got a few slightly grindy BTs out of the way (500 interrupts, run 42km, jump 5555 times). Currently about to hit the 7 stars on the Faize run. I'm hoping that EQ under 10 mins is possible without Arumat, though I do have a backup of my main file from just before Gabe. Battle trophies: Edge: 67 Reimi: 75 Faize: 34 Lymle: 64 Bacchus: 63 Meracle: 81 Sarah: 62 Myuria: 59 Arumat: 87 Total: 592/900
  14. I didn't get to play the game as much as I would have liked. I've really been too exhausted to play after work. Anyway, I managed to get 50% on everyone, and did a bunch of the easier BTs (I hate the steal mechanic). I still need to get everyone to level 255. I still have a bunch of easier BTs to get, but those are starting to dry up. The only grindy BT I did get was 999 scumbag kills with Lymle. Hoping to have the trophy for 60% BTs by next week. Anything else will be a bonus. Current BTs: Edge: 60 Reimi: 56 Faize: 16 Lymle: 58 Bacchus: 54 Meracle: 74 Sarah: 50 Myuria: 50 Arumat: 87 Total: 505/900
  15. I'll be doing an update weekly, but posting a quick one now because a lot happened yesterday. I finished off the Ethereal Queen Feather farming and got my trophy for World's Biggest Welch Fan. I also did 50 solo colosseum battles (61 for Lymle) for each character (except Faize) while knocking out several other battle trophies in the process so not only did I get the trophy for 30% BTs, I'm nearly at 40%. Basic goal at the moment is to try and get everyone (except Faize) to 50% BTs and then maybe start farming Metal Scumbags for the 255 ology drop for Bacchus. Current Battle Trophies: Edge: 53 Reimi: 27 Faize: 16 Lymle: 27 Bacchus: 35 Meracle: 61 Sarah: 27 Myuria: 35 Arumat: 63 Total: 344/900