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  1. I personally hated the ending until i played whistleblower.Then the whole thing made sense
  2. I did it on my first try , BUT i played it on nightmare a couple of times to master the enemy movements and also used the PS4 trophies insane guide Insane mode has a different kind of scare , trying to acutally survive thru every encounter without dying.But once it's done, there are no words to describe the feeling Now.. whistleblower insane run
  3. I'm in division 2 and I've won the last 5 ranked games online and the trophy didnt pop. And i'm still on the contender part Any one else experience this? or anyone know whats going on?
  4. damn, i don't think so.Never seen an 0.01 before
  5. One of the best games of all time.Hope they do make a sequel or even a ps4 remaster
  6. Minato, love the anime character and he's also fun to use in the storm games
  7. Thank you! this really makes it a lot easier.
  8. Thank you! Can't wait to get home and get those out of the way!
  9. I got it immediately after the 1000 rounds, i think they've patched it
  10. The Star Wars Battlefront IOS app shows all the game modes u have won, check which is missing and replay it . My drop zone win was glitched but it unlocked after a couple of tries.Hope this helps
  11. Crashing into both worked for me, i picked the slave 1 and set my shield and crashed right into the Millenium Falcon.Same thing with the other. Also make sure it states that you destroyed the Slave 1/falcon for the trophy to pop.
  12. Press options on the game to check how far it's downloaded. The first download is normally a small portion of the game that allows you to start playing the first missions. The rest of the games downloads in the background if u can't see it on the download tab.
  13. I've had most kills like 3 time already and it hasn't popped. Well, i'll just keep trying