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  1. I sent some invitations to join, but I know the system is a bit buggy at times. I'm pretty sure I sent it to Need to Speed [HEAT] but I wanted to make sure you received it!

    Thanks for doing this so people can get the trophy without a ridiculous grind!

    PSN name is the same as this tag :)

  2. Can I ask you to accept my request in NFS Heat(for some reason nothing happened for three days). Our send me an invitation to join. Pretty please.

    1. al7mrane


      Of course, you can join. I am accepting all people twice a day. Be sure to send the request to Need to Speed 

      I didn't see any request from you. So, I send you an invite to join. I think you ask to join another crew, not mine.

      you are welcome and please make sure after you get the trophy, leave immediately.

      thank you 

    2. Akrioz


      I think the crew system is buggy because I double-checked that you are a leader of a crew and sent requests a couple of times. Thank you in advance, I will accept an invite as soon as I get home from work. 

  3. hello al7, i have requested to join your crew on need for speed my psn id is stef277 would really apperecate it if you help me get this trophy thank you :).

    1. al7mrane


      Hey Stef277, I am accepting all the requests every day. Make sure to send a request to Need to Speed crew.

    2. stef277


      i sent you a request this morning i can send it again to see if you get it

  4. Thanks for your crew! Got my plat! Thanks so much. 

    1. al7mrane


      You are welcome Suliman 🏆

  5. Send a request to accept you
  6. I sent you an invite
  7. ّ I think you already request to join my crew if you didn't please do now and I'll accept it. All the people who joined the crew, they got the trophy. BTW, I just start the game and send you an invite to join the crew. JOIN and LEAVE when you got the trophy thank you
  8. I just kicked people to make the trophy easy to get for you guys. Request to join and I will accept it and please when the trophy pop up LEAVE the crew to make a space for others
  9. only our crew has this name (Need to Speed) by the way, the level is 38
  10. I just change the name of the crew Need to Speed
  11. I don't see your ID (Marieandersson3) !! let me know your ID because I'm kicking out many people and I don't want to kick you by mistake Accepted all the requests. Welcome all Please be active these two days at least.
  12. (We already reached lvl 50 and you still could get the trophy by joining the crew) Join my crew Need to speed Crew Tag (Heat) ** WHEN YOU GET THE TROPHY, PLEASE LEAVE THE CREW TO MAKE A SPACE FOR OTHERS OR I WILL KICK OUT RANDOM PEOPLE. ** Please don't send any messages to my PSN account I am receiving more than 30 messages daily asking to join. I am accepting everyone's request to join and kick out the old people in the crew. ❤️ I appreciate all people who gave me a reputation on my post for what I am doing to make this trophy easy. Thank you all ❤️
  13. thnx jsantosrocha for helping me. I stuck sometimes using these codes, but it worked well. thanks a lot