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  1. tried on 3 game mode(beginer, server and 40 players) and my 98/100 trophy for 2000 kill didnt increase
  2. i agree, auto pops lists are useless
  3. just got curse breaker title because you no longer need "horror least" for its collection badge since today i believe. i think curse breaker is the go to if you dont like gambit, it is just time gated on at least 6 week and you need to break 5 eggs on "the last wish" raid which requiere a team
  4. completing a forsaken exotic quest still work for "an exotic journey", just got it after completing the shattered throne without looting any exotic but just by completing Wish-Ender first part
  5. "falling" chest still do not count at least on existing save, i will try on a new save edit : it seem to work on a new save
  6. behind gold pile in midas cave if i remenber correctly
  7. -i restarted the game a lot because of the same bug and got the trophy -you need to do the mushroom ritual then talk to the guy for his quest.
  8. boss trophies still bugged for me, i will try on another save edit : it work with another save, i advice to not modify any sittings in case it cause the bug
  9. seem like boss trophies are bugged for me, i have beaten iktala, the minotaur, all scorpion and babylon with scout on warrior difficulty but any of their trophies have poped, i am on v1.04. really strange because minotaur trophy isnt difficulty bound (and it still show me a warning when i try to change difficulty)
  10. i do not remember that spot but if there is air rail you can abuse of winter shield gear, since gear are randomised when you loot the box, you have to reload until you get winter shield. but i guess its too late if you do not have a previous save with an unlooted gear
  11. there is 4 ending, you just need to load the save before the last boss, but you still need to do a ng+ for a new boss and a ring how do you do the "wake up! Witnessed the game master fall asleep." trophy?
  12. i learned most of the isaac strategies by watching french streamer, for breaking greed mode 1-restart until you got d20 (in shop or treasure room) and battery in the shop 2-finish all round except the bosses one of the roof, avoid taking coin 3-use your d20 on all the coin, take enought coin to buy a battery and repeat open chest before using d20 since empty chest on the ground will be reroll by the d20 (not in repentance) at this point, you have basicly infinite money but it is fastidious with the d20 so if there is cards in the shop you can try to find "2 of diamonds" to abuse it with a "blank card" another way is to restart until you there is a blank card in the shop and pray to find "2 of diamonds" or "jera", it's much faster than the d20 method but you need luck i warn you even if you break the game it should take a long time before you gather the item you want since you will got a lot of "dinner" (chaos works weirdly if you get a lot of items) and the game risk to crash
  13. isaac is the best character to find item -d100 is in tresor room pool, you just have to restart run and check the first tresor room (annoying without dlc since you need to return to main menu) -god head is in angel room pool, dont take devil deal and avoid being hit to boost chance to get an angel room, battery items are must have for rerolling multiple time with d6 (like "the batterry" and "habit") bomb angel for more item to reroll -missing no is in secret room pool, no tips just check every secret room (no need to check super secret) and buy battery items for more reroll it is less annoying with dlc because those 3 item are in the greed mode pool and you can easly break the game in greed mode with infinite money and chaos
  14. the seed at the left of old town (near joffre street entrance) wasn't on my map either.