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  1. I got the trophy, and I tested it out. After 500 points you de-rank.
  2. You need to post link to your profile on lbp.me Edit: I found your profile https://lbp.me/u/ImTheDreaminq/levels?p=1&l=12
  3. Do all characters have to stay at C rank for the trophy to register, or could we let a character de-rank after reaching C rank?
  4. I thought you can redeem US codes on Canadian account. In 2013 I traded a Canadian PSABR Zeus and Isaac Clarke code for a USA DOA5 costume code, and we were both able redeem them on our main account. I always presumed that the restriction was on currency codes in NA region.
  5. You need to adjust your privacy setting. We can't see your levels. I've hearted your profile though.
  6. Hearted your profile and level. For the level plays, you just create a secondary profile and replay a level 23 times.
  7. https://lbp.me/u/B-wrekless/
  8. It appears you can use chapter select for ending and Full Strength trophies.
  9. I missed the requirements for Damir trophy, can I restart from chapter select and still get the good ending?
  10. hey man, Can you help me with the vico vos trophy on mgs peace walker?


  11. Covered in Blood did not pop for me. I'm not really annoyed, since I've still got kill playthrough, and the first two missions are short.
  12. Finally finished, got all required s ranks for worthy of legend trophy. I'll do DMD Mission 7 Nero, Mission 13 Dante Nero, HAH Mission 7 V, Mission 13 Dante Nero other time
  13. Yep, I used your strategy. It basically is an guaranteed no hit strategy.
  14. Thanks for the tip, I've just finished with s.