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  1. I fuckin did it!! I actually took a break and tried it again. And how I said before, it all came down to good patterns. The first bogey died pretty fast and the second one got stuck somewhere at the beginning point. Weirdly enough that happened to one of the blue robots in phase 4 too. Took me forever to find/kill him. That explains the time of almost 25 minutes. Anyway now I collect the last statues and do the mop up.
  2. Fuck this game! I faced the last wave like 12 times now and can't beat these two idiots. The weirdest crap always kills me. I am so frustrated right now. Doing wave 1 to 3 over and over and over again just to die in 4 or 5. What I hate the most is the pure luck you need. The two times where I killed one of the bogeys the attack pattern was kinda okay. Besides that it's been always shit. One bombards you with countless lasers while the two things are up in the air to overheat your suit and the other guy shoots with this thick blast that insta kills you. What the fuck are you suupposed to do when they spam these attacks constantly?! The strange thing is that I have the feeling that I already should've done this challenge a long time ago. I am at that stage where everything annoys me. I can't even stand the sounds of some attacks or the dying scream of Sam or hearing that buzzing sound when your suit is fucked up. My motivation is pretty much gone, since I see no progression anymore.
  3. To hit #100 and focus more on my casual account.
  4. Yeah wave 1 - 3 are pretty good right now but the beginning of wave 4 and 5 are really stressful. I actually managed to kill th blue bogey in one of the tries but died because of the other one. Stupid me rolled right into his big laser beam. At least I have way more routine now.
  5. Entered wave 5 today 2 times in only 45 minutes. Gonna try again tomorrow
  6. I do use the disk launcher. Sometimes I actually have all the space and time to aim for the head, sometimes the shotgun at a close distance works better. But thanks for mentioning the cigarettes, I totally forgot about them.
  7. I try to keep the statue intact. Sometimes it just doesn't work but thank you. I know, I know. I just don't want to end a session on a bad note, that's why I keep on playing. Had the same problem with mirror's edge getting worse and worse the more I played. But some levels actually worked because of it. I don't know... it's weird sometimes.
  8. This challenge is so exhausting!! 😫 I've played it for like 6 hours today. Over and over again. In this time I only entered wave 5 2 times. That's it. And every time I think I know how a phase works I screw it up the next time. Phase 2 is awful, phase 3 is awful and phase 4 is awful. Can't really say anything about the last phase, since I actually don't know how this one plays out. I am really frustrated right now but I don't wanna give up yet.
  9. Okay, then I am sorry for that 😬
  10. Well D&D write their own story. And I think there is something you don't really understand. It's not the story per se that many don't like, it's the script. Dany turning mad - fine. Dany turning mad in 3 episodes - awful. Shows like Breaking Bad for instance took their time and gave us almost 3 seasons until the main character became some sort of villain. In season 5 part 2 he admitted for the first time that he liked what he did. The audience needs development in order to believe certain changes and events. And I am sorry but GoT became really bad in that regard.
  11. Thanks guys! I read your advices and watched some videos as well. I managed to get through challenge 5 in my third try and I am now busy with the infamous challenge 6! Oh boy, this one is something different! So far, wave 3 is the furthest I got but I just survived there for a couple of seconds, cause I was stupid. The bogey in wave 2 is horrible. Doing 2 of them in wave 6 will be a nightmare. Anyway I might try it again later today. The rest of the weekend is quite busy so I don't know how much time I can put into it. Thanks again for your words and for keeping this old thread alive.
  12. Please don't say that! 😁
  13. Okay, challenge 4 was awful! Wave 2 really frustrated me but I never had any peoblems with wave 3 and 4. Until I died there for the first time of course. The tank in wave 4 was always easy to me but then it became my arch enemy for the worst reasons! Whenever I tried to get behind the tank something weird happened. I sucked or had no luck and it made me so angry, cause that scene is actually not that hard. However I only entered wave 5 like 7 times? It just frustrated me that I barely had any chances to get used to the last wave. Weirdly enough I pulled it off in one of the tries, cause the viper lost almost all of it's energy due to the explosion of this big guy and the 3 grenades I threw. After killing 2 smaller blue robots it was only me Vs. the last big guy up on this little hill. I wanted to do it with the rocket launcher but I upgraded the wrong weapon during the action and got so nervous that it makes me wonder how I killed him. Especially since I almost got killed by his laser beam. I did not see myself there after the miserable first tries at the last wave. Knowing that challenge 6 will be harder is not a great thought. 😑 But of to challenge 5 now.
  14. Alright, a little status update. First of all I really like this game! The story is pure trash but the gameplay is outstanding. Due to the stamina bar it has some dark souls feel to it, cause you constantly have to focus on it to be really good. Maybe it's a little far stretched but that's what came to my mind Besides getting into this game, the hard mode of the story was not bad at all. The further it went the easier it got. At least it felt that way. The tactical challenges however are something different! The first challenge was already way too hard. It took me many tries to beat it. I think at the second try or so I actually managed to get into the last wave. Than I it took me forever to achieve it again after I died. Anyway I just beat challenge 3 (#2 was a joke) and took a little peek at challenge #4. Holy shit! That will be a huge pain to do this on a small area like that with that many enemies! 😁 Btw. I sync my profile as soon as I am done with the game. I am now at 61%
  15. Did you just play Ps+ titles? Isn't it all about the games in general? I mean when it comes to third party developers it actually doesn't matter if you get an xbox or a ps4/5. But for first party games there is no other option than going with Sony or Nintendo.