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  1. I really like the remaster as well but for me it doesn't capture the feeling of the PS2/PS3 version for other reasons. It just looks too good. The feeling of isolation was much stronger in the older versions due to its limitations. The PS4 title looks to "lively". When the grass and the trees move in the wind combined wth other aspects of this game it just doesn't capture the feeling of isolation as strong. In the old version you felt way more lost and lonely which was crucial for my first experience with SotC. Nevertheless I think I would tell everyone to play this version.
  2. I think I just can't finish Steins;Gate 0. I have no drive at all to go through this story which is a shame! Let's just hope that an upcoming 22 hour flight will change that...

  3. Yes, this is absolutely true. However Super Meat Boy, Crypt of the Necrodancer and so on at least look like games which need a little RAM and a functioning sound processor.
  4. What I also don't get about the easy games is that you have a powerhouse like the PS4 at home and you play Mochi Mochi Boy, POWGI, Slyde and so on. Games that run on a calculator an offer nothing but a plat.
  5. I don't know but I really can't get into Steins Gate 0. I was so looking forward to finally play that, since I absolutely adore the first part. At first I enjoyed "seeing" all the characters again but now I am like 8 hours into the game and it's just not getting good.

    Is it getting better anytime soon?

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    2. DamagingRob


      @PooPooBlast Yeah, this isn't great to hear.. But you never know, we may still enjoy it. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      @DamagingRob Always the optimistic man :). I hope so!

    4. madbuk


      0 isnt as good as the original but I still loved it a lot, I found the different tone very interesting, the new characters were good and seeing how the events of S;G have impacted Okabe was well done. There are some very nice moments in 0 but I wont go into that... spoilers.

  6. Just start with Steins gate and be disappointed in everything else afterwards (I heard Danganronpa is good though).
  7. Since you mentioned homebrew, I found the Nintendo Wii to be a perfect console when it comes to combing many different consoles due to countless emulators (or the virtual console if you happen to find one with games on it) and the ability to play Gamecube games as well.
  8. Have you played the game? And from all the mentioned reviews it wasn't even the lowest. I really don't get the hate against IGN. Yes, some of their reviews were awful but it's always different people reviewing different games and every review out there is subjective. Every single one. Why do you take reviews so seriously, especially the ones from IGN? And don't tell me you don't, cause you and countless others in the comment section give them all the attention every single time. It's just another opinion on a game, not more.
  9. I'll just hope that the (maybe mandatory) VR for the PS5 works with the PS4 as well and get the rest in a couple of years. No biggie.
  10. It is not the majority of the EU, that's why it could be important for certain members and also why I wrote that it could be helpful. Looking at BB-BakkerJ it does not apply everywhere. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/10/deal_ps_plus_12-month_membership_is_half_price_for_non-members_in_certain_countries This site writes about it and also only mentions the UK and Germany. The news was also just put out 1 day ago. The site I first read it on was actually unsure where this applies, since Sony does not promote it - and that is the weird part. Now we as a community know that Italy has the deal but the Netherlands does not. Apparently many people do not know about this.
  11. Give us the Dead Space trilogy, the Skate Trilogy and Mirror's Edge
  12. Yeah, Nioh!
  13. Didn't find any information on that site but if you are German or English you can get a PS-Plus subscription for half the price. However this offer only appears in the PSN if you are not subscribed at the moment and only in Germany and the UK. Weirdly enough Sony did not promote that at all and I just stumbled over an article covering that offer. Since my subscription ran out like month ago that was perfect. Anyway, I hope it helps some of you.
  14. Titan Souls or Hotline Miami?


    Right now I am playing Steins Gate 0 for the Vita (and I already like the characters again) but I am already thinking about the next Vita game. Since the last games were all heavy text based I want to play a game with more gameplay and Titan Souls and Hotline Miami came to my mind. I already own them but I don't have enough time (and desire) to play both of them due to my stay abroad. So what would you recommend?

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    2. DamagingRob


      Hmm.. I don't know. I really liked both. Lol. I didn't play Titan Souls at all on the Vita, though. Both are tough as nails games, so whichever you choose, good luck!

    3. Gommes_


      Thanks man!

    4. BlazikieronUS


      Both are fantastic games. Titan souls is probably slightly harder because of the no rolls guardian fight, but neither are impossible if you practise. Hotline does have a story, but is not necessary to enjoy the game. I'd say play Titan souls if you're planning on going through hotlines story, otherwise play Hotline Miami first, but still play Titan souls some other time.

  15. Said it before and I won't get tired of saying it again but Ni No Kuni 2 was just plain awful. Lousy characters, no story, weird presentation, lack of content, empty map, bad voice output etc. Just avoid this one and play part 1.