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  1. Retail all the way and on every other console BUT the vita ones are really, really expensive. If you plan to play many different games you have to go digital, otherwise you can't afford it. Steins Gate for instance costs 45€ on Amazon Germany - Used! The digital version costs 19.99€ and around 6€ when on sale. Unfortunately this is the case for most vita games. So just buy a Vita memory card (which is also really expensive) and buy most of the stuff in the PSN.
  2. What do you exactly mean by "not installed according to the game"? Doesn't it show up under add ons but the other dlcs do? Did you download the episode? I know it's a stupid question but for a long time I thought that just by "downloading" the season pass I automatically have all the dlcs but most of the times you have to click on all of them separately. Btw if the dlc is installed you get a radio signal from nuka world.
  3. Yep, absolutely! TTT2 was so much better in many regards. The most striking aspect for me were the backgrounds. The ones from 7 looked so boring and plain. In TTT2 there was much more going on and it had more variety. Just think about the yacht or the flower field with the windmill.
  4. Not a really satisfying answer but I take it.
  5. Just one question. Why? 😁
  6. :platinum:#100!!! :yay:


    After 10 years I managed to get this milestone!

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    2. DamagingRob


      @PooPooBlast I'm not hearing why you can't play Soma. :P But yeah, I can relate to the second one. Always feel like the PS4 version is the best, so I don't want to play an inferior version on an older system.  My headset works on both, though. But it's falling apart, and held together with a lot of duct tape at this point. DX 

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      Congratz! :yay:

  7. Tekken 7 I'll get everything back! Tekken 6 was my first platinum, so Tekken 7 just had to be number 100.
  8. #100 I'll Get Everything Back! - Tekken 7 After 10 years of trophy hunting I finally got number 100! Since Tekken 6 was my first platinum I decided to make Tekken 7 my hundredth. The game itself is fun and a worthy entry to the Tekken franchise, just not as great as TTT2 . Now I wanna focus more on my other account where I don't go for trophies. However, here and there I'll still get some platinums eventually on my main account.
  9. I meant state of the art in a more personal way- so state of the art for me but I totally get what you are saying though . God of war for instance was one of the best games I've played, that's why I spoke about a second entry. And I am not just talking about graphics and stuff but atmosphere, story, chemistry between characters and so on. The ironic aspect is that you don't know these things if you've never played them. So the first thing that'll catch your attention are the graphics. But even graphics can be state of the art even if they don't have the highest standard when it comes to lighting, resolution etc.
  10. I think the colors are really ugly. Besides that, why not?
  11. I have barely any interest in the new consoles. Sure, I am really interested when it comes to the spechs and stuff but besides that? There are still so many games for the 3 and 4 I want to check out and my Switch also needs some attention. The PS5 has to deliver a state of the art game in order to be bought by me. If they publish Bloodborne 2 or God of War 2 at launch forget everything I just wrote. Than it's an instant buy But as always, the games have to sell the platform.
  12. Resident Evil 6 - Going for the platinum was kinda okay but the dlc trophies couldn't be more tedious and boring. It is important to mention that I've played the PS3 version which takes longer in that regards than the PS4 one (so maybe the "newer" version isn't that bad). Until Dawn - Cause the game was awful. Lousy written, horribly acted out and cringy. I know that it was supposed to be an homage to older horror flicks but I think the developers just made that up after people pointed out how embarrassing that game is. Zero Time Dilemma - I love Virtue's Last Reward and was actually excited for the successor but the game was so dull and bland that I couldn't care less about the characters and the story, which was just plain uninteresting. Ni No Kuni II - The game that made me reconsider the hobby of going for platinums. I absolutely adore the first part but I hate the second one with passion. I said it already in some other threads but to sum it up: this game is trash. Do yourself a favor and avoid this one.
  13. I am now in a serious state of collecting PS3 games and I usually buy them used from many different sites. I also bought brand new cases to replace the ones the discs come in, cause they can be scratched and damaged. However this is not the case for the discs itself, since they are pretty much resistant to scratches.
  14. Great choice! Always wanted to check that out eventually.