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  1. I am not surprised. The whole game felt heartless and lazy already.
  2. People really use "git gud" unironically? 😄
  3. This answer should already be a meme on this site.
  4. Let me assure you that going for the platinum will be really, really annoying! The online mode is absolutely awful and the engine is not made for fast paced action. However the co-op missions force you to move quickly in order to get the trophies. More importantly, you and another player need to focus and be lucky. AWP can be messy and the grind for the highest multiplayer level is not a piece of cake. But if your goal ist to do the top 5 games and the game is already on your profile, I guess you should go for it nonetheless.
  5. Wasn't hyped at first but I have to say that I get more and more interested in the game. Really excited to play it!
  6. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  7. ? Who bashed anyone in this thread? Why did you even quote me? I simply said that I don't care about the ranking and never did. The amount of platinums and games on a profile however is something I find interesting.
  8. For me the ranking means nothing, seriously. I care about the amount of platinums and what games are on certain profiles.
  9. Why can't I enter the thread about the first gy getting the plat in DMC5?



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gommes_


      How could this turn into crap? I thought it's a thread where people ask for advice. PSN-Profiles surprises me sometimes :)

      But thanks for responding

    3. SaltyCat


      It was more of an accusation of the dude that had the plat hacking and it turned into a mess faaaast.

    4. Gommes_


      Awesome 😁

  10. Great idea! Love stats and leaderboards on this site. Heck give me much more different boards and statistics = boards with only gold trophies, rarities under 30%, only good games etc.
  11. Still on it. I am only missing 10 challenges and then I am done with that. Doing these alone took probably 30 hours. In general RDR 2 is a huge collectathon b weirdly enough I still wanna do it.
  12. 40.56% And 118 ultra rares
  13. You are right. Nevertheless they will discontinue the feature to re-download your games. I also wonder what will happen to the Vita at one day. 🤔 In that regards digital (only) games are the worst.
  14. Since the Wii shop is getting closed at the 30th of January 2019 I wonder if this will ever happen to the Nintendo shop on the switch? Especially since there are so many digital only indie games. It's such a shame that soon many players are unable to download games they bought. Let's just hope that your console never breaks. Really bad move of Nintendo.
  15. That gameplay and the presentation though...🤒