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  1. Crap, I have to do all of the boring side missions in Ghost of Tsushima?  😖

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    2. Gommes_


      It's not really bad per se but not the masterpiece as some say. At least in my opinion. The story is not compelling, fighting has a solid base but many flaws and the open world is not memorable besides the outstanding graphics. In regards of doing the same tasks over and over again in an open world game I had way more fun with Far Cry 5 to name one of the latest game I've played.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Yikes again! :lol:. I actually didn't like far cry 5 that much (other than the DLC which was pretty good actually). 


      Ah well... Thanks for sharing though. We'll see how my experience pans out

    4. Gommes_


      Sure! Hope you have a better time.

  2. Great that you finally found it but be aware that the "Return to Ostagar" is not on disc and only available via code. If you bought it used you have to buy it in the PSN store. So get it while you can
  3. Wow, this is awesome! 😅
  4. #128 Resident Evil 3 So long, RC So after the great game part 2 was I just had to buy Resident Evil 3 and see what this is like. And what can I say? I liked it a lot! I’ve heard that many people were not too fond of this one as it seemed rush and was lacking sections of the original game. While the actual play time is shorter it did not feel rushed to me. I absolutely enjoyed running through the streets of Racoon City, heck even seeing Jill’s apartment was great. Graphically it looked even better than the already stunning predecessor (maybe that’s just because of the more colorful environments though). The general atmosphere of the city was amazing, also because of the aforementioned environments. The city lights combined with the destruction of the city and the waves of zombies just worked for me. This part has no puzzles at all and the tiny ones which found a way into the game can be solved on the spot. No endlessly running around to carry one key to the other end of a section. Some people missed the puzzles in part 3. I did not. Especially if you play RE3 directly after 2 and can shoot your way towards the end credits. That is also the main difference between these two games. This one’s focus lays much more on action scenes than anything else. Speaking of, the game is also filled with cutscenes, which extend the playtime of a rather short game. They even recycled two levels from part 2 but I didn’t mind that at all, since I had a blast playing through that game. It looks stunning, sounds great, has an outstanding hit feedback and just a general flow I absolutely liked! The platinum is really fun too. While I would say that RE2 was the better game in general RE3 had the better platinum requirements. Grinding zombie waves to finally get that rocket launcher to play through that game again and again in record time was just pure joy. Oh, and the real nemesis of that game is that huge Charlie doll head on top of a toy shop. That thing killed me in every playthrough at least two times. Damn you Charlie!
  5. Performance wise the PS3 trophy system sucks but everything else (design, ways of listing everything etc.) was the best.
  6. I already own Days Gone as a retail version but haven't started it. So I guess it's a good month? 😁
  7. Okay, that is awesome! 😁
  8. Imagine having a powerful console like the PS4 and you play stuff like that. And it's not even on an indie level of quality.
  9. Yes, the majority is on there but they actually missed one. It's "Return to Ostagar" which needs to be activated by code or be bought again. Edit: Nevermind, it was already mentioned
  10. I am so glad that I cleaned up my PS3 and Vita backlog some time ago and already own every game I ever wanted. Nevertheless it's pissing me off that the stores are closing and I think if I ever want a DLC at one point which I don't already own (looking at you Drakengard 3) I just finally hack my PS3. Sony doesn't care anyway. Same would apply to the Vita. That console only exists because of digital games.

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    2. Gommes_


      How so? Are there that many games you wanted to get?

    3. madbuk


      There are 8 that I’ve already started, and none of them are particularly appealing to go back to, but I also have about 20 unstarted ones to do too.


      Could be worse I guess

    4. Gommes_


      Oof, that's a lot

  11. Drakengard 3 and Asura's Wrath are games I already own but not the DLC. I haven't played them yet, so do I buy the DLC now in advance, hoping that I like the main game? Btw.: I think many players will hack there consoles now. I mean what's there to loose?
  12. Sorry, but these threads lead to nowhere cause you'll end up having a list of pretty much the whole library.
  13. Done with the online portion of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Back to Ghost of Tsushima!

    1. Copanele


      Nice, done with the boring part at last!

    2. Gommes_


      Yes, now it's just the glorious story 😁

  14. :platinum: #127 Resident Evil 2


    Let me start by saying that this was a fantastic game! Back then, when the original came out I watched a friend playing it and some moments stuck with me even though I never really played the game. This remake caught my attention simply because I wanted to play a good Resident Evil game again after the trainwreck part 6 was. And what can I say? I liked it a lot.

    I am not a huge fan of puzzles in games and I mostly suck at them but here I had fun exploring different rooms, checking the map constantly in order to see what I am missing and thinking about managing my inventory. The graphics are amazing, even though I am not fully convinced of Leon’s design. He looks like he is part of a high school boy band. Speaking of design choices, Mr. X is awesome!


    This silent yet brutal appearance just fit the tone for that game and it always made me nervous when I heard his footsteps and I was amazed by the sound design when he was nearby. That electronic stutter combined with the fear you have encountering him was just superb and a great way to build tension. Great job Capcom!


    In general I was kinda on my toes for the whole game (especially when I found out that Mr. X follows you throughout the whole game), because of the atmosphere in that police station. Some gory effects were also extremely disgusting (in a good way)! So, the first run which lasted about 7 hours was pure joy and excitement. Trophy wise you had to do multiple playthroughs which didn’t add anything to the game imo. Claire’s side of the events is the same for like 90% and the B scenarios are just shorter. Capcom extended the playtime by giving you 2 characters and two scenarios but let’s be honest it’s always the same.


    Nevertheless, you have a good time going through it again on other difficulties. With the right guide it is possible to combine multiple requirements for certain trophies. So, the platinum is not that hard. Getting 100% however can be tough du to the one scenario where you have to kill 100 zombies in a tiny store. Took me longer than expected. Anyway, great game which I would recommend to pretty much anyone.