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  1. Don't worry. I am sorry but you will find them. I also missed one chest and a harvest point but found them eventually.
  2. Ys: Memories of Celceta #103 - Timeless Adventurer I finally played an Ys entry and I gotta say, I really like the game. However, the story wasn't that great and the characters could need a little more soul but in general I had fun with it. The fighting is amazing and plays really well. Exploring is great and the music is one of the best I've heard. Seriously, the mix of fighting and listening to these uplifting tracks really puts you in some sort of flow which I really enjoyed! Btw. the next screenshot has nothing to do with this platinum thread per se but I thought it was funny. Maybe my brain just functions like the one of a 12 year old but oh well.
  3. Do you have the one which was mentioned in the guide where you have to fall down?
  4. :platinum: #103 Ys: Memories of Celceta


    I finally played this game, got the platinum and the starting letter "Y" in my trophy list ;)

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    2. Gommes_


      @Phoenix_argentea Don't worry, that happens. :) Yes I am actually really interested in Lacrimosa of Dana but before I play that I want to play other franchises I don't know yet or which I haven't played in a long time. And that includes the Dragon Quest, Persona and Tales of series. So, all really long games and JRPGs ...

    3. Phoenix_argentea


      @Gommes_ I know the Dragon Quest and Persona games are really long, together with Tales (usually 100 hours and more). xD This is just my personal experience, but Lacrimosa of Dana (Vita) and Tales of Hearts R (Vita again :giggle:) aren't really long: both required 50 hours (more or less). Dana is better of Celceta for everything: another great soundtrack, interesting story, fun combat system (and you can jump!), and luckily everything is tracked (chests, harvest points, % exploration)! :) My favourite JRPG on PS4, together with Ys Origin.

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  5. I always liked the buzz aroound E3
  6. Get Final Fantasy X for the PS4. Best game of the franchise in my opinion. Loved to play it again after so many years.
  7. During fights magic is a little useless. You only need aura in order to do limit attacks but due to the cheats that's pointless too. However you need different spells for certain stats in your character stats menu. Curaga for instance will give you the best outcome for your HP if you place it on vitality. Haste is the best if you place it on speed and so on. Putting different magic types in different categories is the real struggle, since some of them work best on multiple stats. Ultima for example is pretty much always the best spell in any category. So you need to figure out what works best for you and your party. Anyway, online you will find many setups which are a huge help.
  8. Will buy that eventually, since I love that game and I lost my save for the PS3 version. Wanted to start it all over just to be able to drive around in that car again . Now I can do that in a 1080p version. Nevertheless, I think I am not going for the platinum this time.
  9. You are angry about this part? Remasters are supposed to be better in every aspect, if it's not the case you need to point that out. Digital Foundry are amazing when it comes to technical aspects like framerates, graphics, lighting etc. They did everything right with this review. I love FF8 but this version is not the definitve one. It is better, yes but not in every regard, so what are you complaining about? It's not like they just mentioned that and made a 12 minute video out of it. The low framerate is is a problem if you have the PS1 and PS4 version side by side, so it is absolutely right to talk about it. In fact, it's specific things like that why Digital Foundry is so great. And btw. I didn't feel any bias in that review.
  10. Until the end of the game it is possible to stay at the starting level. All you need to do is convert normal enemies into cards (an ability by Quetzalcotl or Siren, I don't remember) so you get AP for the guardian forces but no EXP for the party. Bosses don't give any EXP. And with the "no encounter" cheat it is even easier, since you don't have to grind out the 0% enemy ability with the Guardian Forces.
  11. Gotta be honest, I've finished the original like 3 times including getting all cards, completing every boring side quest and not leveling up until I had Cactuar, so I might take the fastest route as well. However, this only applies to the fighting mechanics. Story wise I won't skip anything. I know the game inside out and really want the game to show up in my trophy list but I just don't want to do everything again for the 4th time and another 100 hours. You should really try it in order to get the strongest party according to the numbers. When you get Cactuar on CD3 you need to get all of his +1 abilities. Doing so, every level up gives you much more points. So ewith every 1000 XP you get +1 strength, +1 magic,+1 vitality, +1 speed etc. compared to getting some points every 3 or 4 levels doing it the normal way. That means that you can achieve the maximum of 255 in almost every category without using the +50% abilities. For some you will need it anyway but with this method you can focus on other perks as well.
  12. I played Ys Memories of Celceta for like 7 hours now and I gotta say it's pretty good! Love the fast paced action and the soundtrack. Oh my god, this soundtrack! While fighting you get into some sort of flow, which I really like.

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    2. Gommes_


      @Dragon-Archon Yeah, I am really interested in checking out Lacrimosa of Dana. Don't know which version to get though. Vita, Switch or PS4. I know that the PS4 version has the most content and looks best but still. 🤔

    3. Dragon-Archon


      I'd say PS4 version or Swtich. IIRC those have the same amount of content.

    4. Gommes_


      Alright, thanks.

  13. # 102 - It's all relative Glad that I finally played that game, even though I am not a fan of the controls. Anyway, I liked it and I will check out part 2 eventually. The comic style and the main protagonist are really great btw.
  14. Yes, you do. While gliding you need to shake the vita to jump. Even the tutorial before every race tells you to do that. But absolute numbers don't mean a thing if you go by the percentage of people who completed the game. It doesn't matter if out of 10 owners 5 got the platinum or out of 100, 50 got it. And in relative numbers, more people got the platinum in the PS4 version, but not because the PS4 has a larger gaming base. And according to this site 237.000 people own the Vita version and 94.000 the PS4 version, which can give a hint to the actual numbers. Nevertheless the amount of games for a certain plattform does not determine the amount of platinums. So a better offer and a wider audience does not mean that there are in fact more people with a platinum and this site shows that. Fair enough.
  15. :platinum: #102 in Gravity Rush (Vita)


    This one rift challenge was truly a b****! But I am glad that I've finally played this game and that it's now part of my trophy list.