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  1. U can add me as well Psn: Cold_Titan
  2. Platinum #189: Cuphead Great visuals, great soundtrack, great gameplay, really fun, challenging and refreshing. If you like platformers this is a must have. The only bad thing about it is the fact that if you play splitscreen with someone that already has the platinum it will auto unlock all but 1 trophy(i think it's only 1) for u hence the high clear rate 😒 Let it be known i did it legit 😭😎
  3. Hi, would apreciate an invite for a lvl 50 Crew(can leave crew afterwards). Last trophy for plat. Thanks in advance. Psnid: Cold_Titan
  4. #157 The Witness Platinum Get every trophy The biggest problem that this game had was... the player. I´m stupid so i´m suprised i got platinum but i am so proud i got this one. Felt like i earned and that felling is just 😍.
  5. ItΒ΄s definitely still gliched. The trophy popped for me on level 8 without having collected all gems on previous levels and it was my first time playing through it.
  6. Update #6: Thief and Murdered: Soul Suspect are both , also made some progress with Dragon's Crown. Didn't do more because God of War 😍, nuff said.
  7. Really? That's great, it makes me feel less stupid if it's that short. 😌
  8. Update #5: Finally plat'd Call of Duty: Black Ops after 7 years, those goddamm zombies trophies were annoying since some are luck related instead of skill related. Also my stupid brain forgot that i was trying to get rid of my backlog and bought 2 more games sigh... If you could add Thief and Murdered: Soul Suspect to my list i'd appreciated. Sorry for the trouble πŸ˜…
  9. God of War
  10. I bought it in 2013 but got the first trophy in 2015. Thank god i'm done with it 😊.
  11. Update #4: Metal Gear Solid 2 . Took me 40 hours to complete those hellish VR missions 😱.
  12. Update #3: Wipeout HD and this one was WAY more difficult than Shadow of the Colossus. If you have this one in your list be prepared for some AI rape(there's isn't another word that describes better what this AI does to you on Elite 😭).
  13. Update 2: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker , this one was more grindy than difficult. This backlog is taking longer than expected
  14. So if my brother and i play the same copy of the game the site counts as 2 games owners AND 2 recent players, right? Makes sense since it would be to much work to get the id for every copy of a game, physical and digital . Thanks for clearing
  15. It can also be multiple accounts for just one purchased game, for example i play a game then my brother plays straight after me, like this u just got 2 recent players with just 1 copy of the game.