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  1. There seems to be a glitch in the sewers/underground area just before you fight one of the Delver echoes that can give you a repeatable 20,000 tech scrap. There's a guy there that gives you the "Below Jericho" quest requiring you to hunt down some scientists in the sewers. I got a couple of associated audio logs and got the option to basically nope out of the quest midway through. After I died once to the Delver Echo Alpha (same phase as 2 of the main Delver boss), I realized that the guy had died and dropped a lovely weapon. But every time I died after that (REALLY hate Delver Echo Alpha), the drop respawned as a bunch of crafting parts and 20,000 scrap. Figured I'd pass this on as I used what I had on hand to craft all the blueprints I've collected so far for the "Gotta Craft Em All" gear sets, in case anyone doesn't want to grind out a bunch of tech scrap for that or has lost more scrap than they bargained for... stupid Delver Echo Alpha.
  2. Keep a running backup. There's an issue where you can just lose the ability to talk to quest giving NPCs meaning you can't complete their quests on your current playthrough. Happened to me with both Davey and Jo. Davey wasn't an issue since he's early on and I could get him on NG+ pretty easily, but I had already started donating to Jo when she decided not to talk to me at the third location. So, that meant an entire extra playthrough for me and it was not fun. It just felt like one big glitch parade for me. Once I donated gear to a character for a quest, I couldn't craft the item for myself anymore to replace what I'd donated, even though the game was using the resources, the item just wouldn't show up in my inventory. I had an enemy decide it was unkillable. Luckily it was slow so I just ran around it. I had an execution I was performing kill me because the game decided the person I was attacking was under the map and I teleported into death land. I'm sure it isn't glitchy for everyone, but it was a bastard and a half for me and if you happen to get my luck, you'll be glad of backups.
  3. As you have to reload your save at the end of this anyway, you can also get the two different mod path playthroughs. Go no needles til the first ending, then reload your save right before the Dahl neuromod removal and killing Igwe. Buy a bunch of powers from one branch, sprint to the end of the game. Reload again and buy abilities from the other branch. Sprint to end again. That way, you can play your save all humans run with any mods you want. I killed all the humans in the cargo bay (except Igwe) as soon as I got in. Didn't want to risk having to replay the assault in case one was killed by a typhon and I didn't realize it. Igwe de-aggros by the time he arrives at your office later in the game, so there's no reason to worry about keeping everyone alive during the assault if you just have to kill them as soon as it's done.
  4. So, I had just completed assembling the last piece of "special clothing" you need to assault the final boss on my survivor, no vita chamber run and the game locked up and corrupted all my save data, resetting the collectible count and the game difficulty on all my previous saves. I was 1 audio diary away from Historian and the boss run away from being finished. Unfortunately, I didn't have my saves backed up to online storage either, so I am essentially screwed unless I want to do another survivor, no vita-chamber run... and that's not going to happen right now. I don't know that this will happen to anyone else, but in an effort to save someone else all the struggle of survivor and collecting without the reward of the platinum, I recommend backing up your saves externally. Edit: It seems that difficulty is applied across saves universally as a sort of profile setting. So, I changed the difficulty back to survivor in an early save, then replayed the end with it now at survivor and the trophies popped. With this in mind, it might be worth it to test if one can just do an easy run and then change the difficulty in an earlier save to survivor, resulting in getting all the trophies at the end. If anyone else is willing, after all. I started on survivor and shall end that way.
  5. You don't have to fully back out to the menu, just drive/run far enough away that the enemies are out of draw distance and then run back to the bodies. It's pretty random. In one group of about 10 I had killed, I got credit for 6 each time I drove back past them on the minibike. In another, bigger group, I only got credit for 2.
  6. After getting my score of 1000 in a single game solely by walking down a street I had already cleared, I realized a pretty easy way to get a score to 1000 without having to kill that many zombies. It seems that the game remembers where zombie corpses are until you break them down. Leave an area and return to it and the zombie corpses are still where you left them. But, the game also seems to save the zombie corpses in 2 states, a looted and a non-looted version. When you return to an area, the non-looted versions get respawned as "alive" versions of their original model which the game immediately kills off because they're supposed to be dead. You'll see this when you return to an area and, if you haven't looted any of the zombies you killed, they'll appear standing and then immediately collapse. Why does this matter? Because the respawned and immediately killed zombies count as kills for you, even if you've already killed them. So, if you clear a large group of zombies (in a city, for example). Save and quit and then reload the game with zombie spawns disabled. Then, you can just leave and re-enter the city over and over and each time you do, all the zombies you killed before will count towards your kill count. Makes it much easier to keep your wellness up (since taking five or six hits from zombies will decrease your wellness, even if you don't get killed). It would still take a while, but could easily be done in conjunction with surviving 1250 minutes in single player and getting your wellness up to 200 (vitamins... they are your best friend.) Update: The counting of already killed, non-looted zombies does seem a bit random. There's one I always get credit for every time I re-enter an area, but others I don't. Regardless, not looting the zombies you kill can inflate your overall score.
  7. It was. They listed all the personalities in the video description. The last one was Jane Perry (Voice of Diana Burnwood). That's why 47 said "I look forward to working with you again, one day" to her.
  8. To be fair, I just finished the game after the patch and the frame rate issues were really noticeable even with the patch. I would be jogging along and suddenly have to wait for a three count for the game to decide to catch up to what I was doing.
  9. I enjoyed jumping back into Dying Light and I did enjoy the DLC, for the most part. But I do admit, I did get really tired of driving. The map size hype did make it seem like this was going to be like getting a whole new game, a sort of Dying Light 2. But when it comes down to it, it's just a lot of fields and I've never had to spend so much time going "Okay.... follow this road, then take the second left and then I'll look at the map again to see where I go from there." You'd think it would be easy to go in a straight line to a destination, but even those "open" fields had enough random low walls that you couldn't just careen through them. (My buggy spent a lot of the early part of the DLC getting stranded in water when I tried to head in a straight line, so I did more running than driving for a long time.) It ended up being far more efficient to drive on the roads, dodging all the broken down cars. Also, if driving on set paths is the most viable way to get around, they REALLY needed to create a waypoint navigation system so you could tell where you needed to go instead of checking the map after every other turn. So... yeah... there was some disappoint. But there were some enjoyable parts as well. It was nice to get Kyle back. There were some creepily cool missions and the main story was pretty good, even if the ending was a little.... um, yeah... I did enjoy clearing the volatile nests (which I did ENTIRELY during the day. So many slap fights with volatiles.) and taking out the special named behemoth demolishers by finding their weaknesses. So, those were new activities, just as promised. And there was a bit of giddy fun to be had mowing down fields of zombies in my buggy. So, while I actually would have preferred a smaller map and less driving, I don't feel like the DLC was a complete wash. It wasn't Dying Light 2, but it was a decent little chunk of content and for those of us who got the season pass way back for $20, a fair value for money.
  10. Just as an update for anyone looking at this down the line, my experience seems to indicate the following - Fewer people is actually better. I finally succeeded with only 5 settlers, one on food, the other 4 in stores. - Building places for the settlers to live in instead of simply placing them in pre-existing structures seems to work better. Again, this is based on my experience, but Red Rocket didn't work for me in spite of using the method described in the trophy tips section. My best guess is that it's because I stuck them in a drafty garage. Once I moved to Starlight Drive in and gave them each a small metal or wood prefab with a bed, small container, and door for each, my happiness was jumping up 3 points every 24 hours all the way up to 95, then 1 every 48 hours after that. - You don't need a ton of stores and the massive caps investment that involves. I managed to get mine for a mere 6,600 caps and my charisma was only at 6 (though I did use clothing items to boost it to 10). - Finally... trying this in Sanctuary sucks. Wasted about ten hours trying this there. My Starlight Drive In run took a mere 90 minutes to hit 100. Screw you, Mama Murphy. Shut up, Jun. Marcy... if you complain one more time, I will punch you in the face. Sorry, needed to get that last bit off my chest.
  11. I did maybe one challenge before finishing the game and still had 100% completion (and got the trophy with the patch), so it may be that there's a side quest you're missing somewhere. There were some side quests that showed up late in the game for me in the slums because they were one of those "Go away now, but I might have something for you later" quests that I never went back to check on. Have you gone back to the slums and checked all the safe houses again? Also, check in with Jaffar. He had a random quest for me that I didn't realize I needed. He's in the same area as the guy who gives you the gun challenges.
  12. Kind of amazed no one has mentioned Cowboy Bebop. I mean... Cowboy Bebop! Cartoon Network has been running the same 26 episodes for something like a decade because it's so good and taking it off just leaves a hole that nothing else can fill. Same with Ghost in the Shell. Both are more mature series, featuring adult main characters instead of teenagers, and since they're both relatively short (One Piece, Dragonball, Naruto, and Bleach all clock in at over 300 episodes) it's not going to be a major time investment to see if you like them or not. One Piece is closing in on 700 episodes, I think, so... that may be something to consider. Given that my anime period was a while back, a lot of the series I would suggest aren't the most current, but I suggest checking out Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo, Monster, and Mushishi.
  13. It's definitely not a hard game to plat. The alien is MUCH more aggressive on hard mode than easy, though. But that ratchets up the tension and really adds to the atmosphere. If you're going for both trophies and enjoyability, do your first playthrough on hard, getting the maximum tension from the game while everything is new. Then, do a second playthrough on easy for your no deaths, no human kills run. IDs and nostromo logs carry over between games, so you can pick up the ones you missed during this second run. And, if you do your hard run first without worrying about deaths, you won't be as frustrated by the occasional instakill sequences. I wouldn't suggest doing your no death run on hard, mostly because it's far easier to get your 100 deaths via alien on hard and doing the whole pause, reload last save thing on hard can add hours to your playthrough, draining the enjoyability out of the experience. On easy, I haven't died once (I'm on chapter 17) and only reloaded when I accidentally killed Taylor in the transit station (who knew you could do that?!). I didn't die, but I didn't want to risk the fail state I got counting as a death.
  14. Looking for someone to throw diamonds at as that's the last trophy I need (aside from play 100 days). I have a save file from just before going to the end and can help with just about every other trophy (have the potions for Zombie doctor, a potions stand, diamonds you can mine, a shooting gallery for the skeleton, 500+ meters of track, nether portal that opens up right next to a nether fortress... basically, everything but a saddle.) PSN: schnarff77 (best to message me there) Edit: As of 10/20/14, I'm no longer boosting this game unless it's in a predefined boosting session.