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    I have a very srong interest in history, especially the German World War II period (1930's-50's) and ancient history.

    I also study subjects like extraterretrials, space travel, animal welfare, demons, "conspiracy theories", religion, occultism and for the last 4 years i have spent a lot of time researching the Holocaust. Because of my interests i mainly enjoy fantasy and rpg games like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age (anything to take me away from reality). Sometimes i wish i had a time machine so i could walk through history, as silly as that sounds lol.


    I collect a lot of different things but mainly German World War II militaria, i have helmets, daggers, flags, medals, armbands, documents, photographs, mess kits and a lot more, so far i have spent around $4000 on my collection and it is something i hold very close to my heart. My second love when it comes to collectables are Living Dead Dolls, they are medium sized gothic dolls that come in a whole variety of different characters, they are so damn awesome! I also have sets of sports and Pokemon cards, action figures, Pop vinyl figures and more recently Star Wars items.


    I am a vegetarian (have been for 4 years now) because i am strongly against all forms of animal abuse it felt wrong for me to support the murderous industry that is factory farming.


    My favourite sport is soccer and i played for 7 years and have followed Manchester United for 14 years. Also really enjoy watching basketball, and support the Adelaide 36ers and the Chicago Bulls.


    Tattoos are a great way to express myself through art and i was 15 when my first one was done, that has now led to an addiction and two on my face which always gets people staring at me like the conformists they are lol..


    Daenerys Targaryen is my Khaleesi and i genuinely adore her :)


    Anyway enough of my reefer induced ranting, lets hear about you? :)


    Currently playing - Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4) NBA 2K15 (PS4) God of War 1 (PS Vita) and Harvest Moon A New Beginning (3DS).

    Currently watching - Game of Thrones season 5 and the NBA Play-offs

    Currently reading - The 12 Year Reich : A Social History of Nazi Germany and The Necronomicon by H.P Lovecraft.


    Peace my brothers and sisters!

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  1. Bone Thugs n Harmony at the moment, lighting a few bowls
  2. Yeah, the PSPlus games are more a rental than actual ownership... you can play them but you have to pay every month its a bit of a joke i know, we should own them once downloaded to the console but nope, its basically a rental as i said.
  3. The graffiti concept sounds awesome!!! Has anyone seen what it is like? Do we just photograph the graff or do we actually get to throw tags and pieces up in the game? Haha
  4. What is there to think about?
  5. Free on PSPlus this month!
  6. Id have to go The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and both of the main 2 expansions
  7. It's a good game id just play it naturally and enjoy it then worry about cleaning up after, the list is pretty easy most trophies should come naturally If you like 80s and 90s horror films this game pays great homage too
  8. Are Naughty Dog taking the piss??? Releasing a DLC likea week after the game! Talk abouta cash grab! Why wouldn't they have just added this to the disc?... $3 Euro is like $8 Australian... the trilogy costs about $40... so they are releasing a DLC that costs nearly a quarter of what the game does too. Wankers. I expect better from Naughty Dog, maybe their morals died when Nathan Drake hung his gun up? Haha
  9. Nope, not even one online but if u want to add my Facebook I can help u with tips for most of the trophies ive played 2K a long time, not much 17 though I have horrible connectivity issues at the moment. Just search Benjamin George on Facebook if u want help, I've got black and gold sunglasses on and in my pic and I'm holding a cigarette.
  10. Cheers Stevie! Sort of sucks I dont understand why the store isnt just globally connected but priced individually. Oh well it is what it is.
  11. Hey guys I cant find this game on the Australian PSN Store and I can't find My Name Is Mayo either? :/ is it just me or are these games not available in Australia?
  12. Hey guys, picked this game up for my Vita a few weeks ago and just had a chance to look at the trophies, a lot of online related stuff from the looks of it. I know chances are very slim but is the online community active for this game or will I have limited game mode options when playing?
  13. Thanks man, Its the last trophy I need for Platinum. I read you can also reset outposts in the menu and some of the outposts reward skill points but I havent tried this myself. Anyway thanks again homie
  14. Looks like a very easy list but sometimes platform games have a few difficult trophies like speed runs or collecting every coin (apple in this case haha) i haven't fully looked through only saw the list to number 1 but either way I'm gonna have a ton of fun playing this, nostalgia for days!
  15. I'll put it simply, online trophies are bullshit and we all know it. Half the time the servers dont even work. Developers need to get it through their thick heads, we dont like online trophies.