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  1. I've watched the OVA and it's not bad. I have the series in my watch later list If I'm not mistaken, the series might show nudity 😎👌
  2. Since my crew is getting full, I'm going to be removing members for others to get the trophy. I will select from the ones who have not logged in a while first. If you wish to stay in the crew, let me know or just log in everyday. now... back to Miles Morales
  3. I made my own crew and made it to level 50 myself. Anyone welcome to join Senran Kagura for an easy level 50 crew trophy
  4. I need a level 50 crew as well. PSN: GlitchiZ Edit: Done
  5. For me, Going for Gold trophy is glitched. It popped up as I got it, but did not register into my trophies.