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  1. Did a Warcraft and TMNT: Out of the Shadows double feature yesterday. TMNT was fun. Pretty similar to the last TMNT, 'cept with Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter, Krang, and Casey. Warcraft was...well, I'd say it was fairly faithful to the lore or at least the plot of the first war/game, with a few tweaks and a movie-spin plus a little fan-service. Visuals were great. Acting was varied; some strong, some weird (at least on the human side). The movie could've been stronger; didn't blow me away, but I wasn't necessarily disappointed. I do hope they continue to adapt further though, into Tides of Darkness and beyond. Warcraft spoilers
  2. Not sure if you've sorted this out yet, but AI Path objects have an Unfollow For Combat property where demons following the path will leave the path to engage in combat. Demons also have a Spawn Behavior property that you can set to Ambush so that they will only attack when they see you.
  3. Now I'm disappointed I haven't been able to keep up with the conferences this year. Seeing some great stuff. The Crash news will give me an excuse to play them for once, and an Insomniac Spider-Man game would be fantastic.
  4. So glad we're getting free SnapMap updates, and finally getting Hell modules.
  5. Ha, Reputation, that's a first. While I'd definitely be keen for some Red Dead 3 news, I'd rather them give us something concrete on Agent after 7-8 years of nothing but leaks and now a recent second trademark renewal.
  6. Yeah, it's been making the rounds. Hopefully we hear something about this before QuakeCon, and who's developing (id or Machine Games again). And whether it's a proper installment like The New Order or another standalone expansion like The Old Blood.
  7. I like the idea of vault creation. Nuka World will hopefully be fun too.
  8. New Quake, SnapMap updates and potential new Wolfenstein. I'm happy.
  9. Transformers: Devastation Pedal to the Metal Used Focus 100 times