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  1. How is the game? Any missable trophies? How many hours for platinum do you think? Grtz
  2. Thanks everyone, was a great nostalgic trip!
  3. I'm thinking of buying this game. Concerning the difficulty trophywise, how would you guys rate the game? Grtz
  4. I've still got the remastered version of AC III on my to do list. I've been searching the internet and it seems that the trophy "An Extraordinary Man" isn't an issue anymore on this PS4 version? What does concern me is that I've read that some people get stuck at 89% for collecting Almanac pages. They have collected them all but the tracker gets stuck at 89%. Is this still a possible issue? If so, is there a way to play it safe to back up my save when I reach a certain point?Thanks in advance!
  5. Add me if you want to do the raid trophy. You have to be with 4 people to enter the raid. Put "Raid Breakpoint" in message please.PSN kanteraTimezone GMT + 1Thank you! Edit: All done!
  6. Hello everyone. I'm currently trying to complete the DLC trophies of Destiny 2. Are there still active players around here? I'm searching a team to grind Escalation Protocol for the 3 Ikelos weapons. This week the boss can drop all 3. I'm also searching for someone who has maybe a checkpoint before final boss of the Last Wish raid. I don't want any specific reward, I just want the trophy for completing it. Thank you!
  7. I've already completed the game on my first run on Recruit. Can I now just do mission select for the veteran playtrough or do I have to click New Game?Thanks!
  8. Can anyone confirm this? I just want to be sure before starting my 3rd run
  9. So just to be absolutely sure: I've allready earned the trophy for completing it on survivor difficulty. If I start a new game + now on Hard II difficulty, will I earn the following trophies by completing the game?: One More Ride 2 Days 2 Done Thanks!
  10. I just earned the trophy in a slight other way: Edited competition structure draw size of PEU League to 14 Put FC Barcelona in PEU League Picked Messi and played only the first game and earned all trophies in BAL Who do you think is a really good manager to get in MyClub? L. Roman (Guardiola) worth the price?
  11. How did you do that? I just want to cut down my time to play BAL because I don't really like that mode. Thanks!
  12. It's been confirmed on their twitter page that there will be only 1 trophy related to the new difficulties: http://twitter.com/BendStudio/status/1169669884046823424
  13. Still need a taxi. If anyone is still doing this, feel free to contact me