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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. As I like single player games and story driven games a lot, it seems it will not let me down
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Though I have some backlog and clearing some old games, I just bought the Cosmic Deluxe Edition (Yeah, I'm always attracted to the special editions :p). Maybe start then next week or the week after, thanks!
  3. I'm in the verge of buying the game. For those who have played it? Is it worth it? I've been reading some reviews and it looks like a really good vibe and platinum doesn't seem to hard either. Grtz and thanks to anyone who replies.
  4. Can anyone give me the correct link for the discord as the link that was provided doesn't work anymore? Thanks!
  5. Just managed to get the trophy for completing it on Resistance mode. Thanks for the good tips in this thread!
  6. Thanks for the info. Still finishing up on some games and then I will certainly look into this :).
  7. I have only the DLC's trophies to go for (All 4 expansions). Are those all still attainable to this day?
  8. Edit: Never mind, mission completed 😀. Collected the Silenced P9 and G36 and managed to complete the mission with Aiden. I just reached Into The Void but I'm really struggling. I have all the needed updates (Tech points) and I'm playing with Aiden but I always die when i did both hemispheres. Any extra tips? Which weapons? Should I before this mission get the silenced P9 and the G36? Thanks!
  9. I'm about to go for the Long Live Dedsec trophy. I've read the guide and it states to upload your save to the cloud frequently. Can I do this from the main menu of the game or is it recommended to do it in the settings of your PS5? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it was crazy when I touched my analog sticks, I was spinning wildly :p. After I closed the game yesterday and went back to the lobby, I pressed "Back to Defaults" on "Controls" and it put my sensitivity back to 6 for both horizontally and vertically. I will try again tonight. I've only booted up the game yesterday after being away for like 7 months. What's the current max level? My stats say average level 39. Are weapons and gear max at 40? And any recommendations for a Pyromancer build and the best gear / weapons / skills / mods to use? Or any site where an ultimate build for pyromancer is explained? That way I can grind for that setup :). Thanks everyone!
  11. I just booted up the game again to go for the DLC trophies. Right when I enter my first gunfight, I noticed my sensitivity settings are way high. I've decreased them from 10 to 5, both horizontally as vertically, and it improved a lot. But are there any recommended settings to use for all the sensitivity options? Thanks!
  12. Just a quick note for anyone who is struggling with Maceo on Master Difficulty 3: you can activate the following Rank 1 recipe from La Cantina: Flambe Fajitas: Improves fire defense and when on fire, the flames are automatically extinguished. This helped me a lot and made Maceo easier on the hardest difficulty. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for these videos. So there are no missable or glitched trophies? Thanks!
  14. Has this been fixed by Ubisoft or is it still random? And is this the only trophy that's glitchy? Thanks!
  15. Better late than never, just kidding 😉. Thanks for your reply, but I managed to fix it that time but I will keep your comment in mind, is good to know!