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  1. For those who might have completed yet, are there any missable trophies?
  2. I got the trophies by playing with randoms so you can ignore my post
  3. Does anyone still play this? I need help with Ardyn and Ravus and Kenny Crow.Thanks!
  4. Ok, thanks for your reply!
  5. Extra question, if I manage to make it work and play on 1.26, can I use my normal internet settings again or do I have to be always connected trough proxy server?
  6. During step 6, I don't get the popup on Charles. I' followed everything to the letter and I'm not getting this message
  7. I never even looked at the message boards in the safe houses. I only liberated the districts by completing the project from the safe houses and the trophy popped after doing the last one.
  8. I just went into the SHD tab menu and when there were no calls, I went to the Matchmaking tab and answered the call there.
  9. With your method indeed. Just rinse and repeat. Join a call for backup, down myself and auto revive from the hive
  10. And there's the ping! Took me 2 hours but I got it! It popped when I was allready back in my own game at The White House
  11. Thanks for the input guys. I've been doing it for the past 1,5 hour and still no luck but I keep trying
  12. Or maybe they changed something during the maintenance this morning? Will try when I get home tonight.
  13. Same 🙃
  14. So you just deleted game from HDD and reinstalled it? You don't lose your character?
  15. I've been there a couple of times now and he always spawns. I'm level 16 now but I don't think that matters.