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  1. Hello everyone, I've been playing this game for the last couple of weeks and I absolutely love it. Since today, the dark areas are extreme dark and I didn't change a thing in the settings from my PS5 or TV. I turned HDR off on my PS5 and on again but the issue remains. I also pumped up the brightness in the settings of the game itself to 35 but the dark areas keep very dark. Anyone have a solution? I have a 65 inch QLED (Version 2020) and TV is in perfect condition and not a problem with it all. Thank you!
  2. Are the Big flatfish and Big Mackerel still bugged?
  3. Managed to do it by reloading an exclusive quest save :). Why does it have such a strange name?
  4. I had read this online yesterday Change Laguage
  5. And did you change language or just reloading? Thanks!
  6. Helly everyone I'm at the objective "Survive the Attack" of the mission above in I beat all the enemies, scanned with my bird to find some extra on and behind rocks in the distance. Killed those enemies also but nothing happens. The Builder just keeps standing at his pillar? I tried reloading saves, changing my language...Any tips / help on how I can fix this? I have a save 30 minutes before this quest. Maybe load that one in another language and try to beat the mission again and making a manual save just before the start of this mission "Defensive Measures"? Then if it might glitch again, quit and continue the story in England and come back later? Any fixes or tips on how to prevent this would be greatly appreciated 😫
  7. Managed to get all 5 yesterday (Had 5 glitched) with the booby trap trick / reloading saves / Fast travelling…I hope the other regions won’t have this bug :). I do enjoy the game though!
  8. For the past few hours, I had 3 enemies in Ledecestrescire I needed to kill for an ingot, I got the ingot but the wealth didn't count. So now I have 3 places where there is a gold dot on the map but I can't pick it up. People said to booby trap a body? And what if there isn't a body anymore? What are the precise steps? Other work arounds? Thank you!
  9. What are according to you the best weapons and armour sets? I'm talking about the gear you can collect in the game while playing and not the things you can buy with Helix credits. Is the Raven Clan Set worth it to upgrade it to Mythical or should I look out for an other set? Any tips for weapons would also be useful. The Sepulcher Axe might be something worth it to upgrade to Mythical? Thanks!
  10. Update: I haven't started it yet but guides say to complete the story missions of a region and, before going to the next region, to collect all the collectibles (Wealth / Mysteries / Artefacts) of the region where you just completed the story missions. How do you know when you completed the story of a region? Does the game tell you this? Thanks!
  11. I'm about to start the PS5 version. I hope I won't encounter major progression glitches. So you don't have to make manual saves on PS5, only on PS4? Thanks!
  12. How is the game? Any missable trophies? How many hours for platinum do you think? Grtz
  13. Thanks everyone, was a great nostalgic trip!
  14. I'm thinking of buying this game. Concerning the difficulty trophywise, how would you guys rate the game? Grtz