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  1. Still need a taxi. If anyone is still doing this, feel free to contact me
  2. You will never believe this but it was really nasty. I used my terrain manipulator and started to break the giant rock wall behind the building. There I found the door hidden in the giant wall... Damn
  3. I'm doing the expanding the base quest for the Navigators trophy. I've reached a point where I have to get a Korvax Convergence Cube for the Scientist. It's my active mission (selected in log) and it points me to a location. I go there and I find a manufacturing facility. I know I have to find a door I need to destroy but I find absolutely nothing. I don't know what to do, I don't see a door and I can't enter that building. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  4. Hello is anyone still doing the taxi method? Thanks!
  5. I've asked them on Twitter but so far no reponse
  6. I think I had "Engine" and "Gear" equipped
  7. I gave this game a 9 in difficulty to obtain the platinum. I was really considering to give this a 10. The Time Trials and Adventure Mode on hard were really hard for me to master (Read: mastering the boosting system ). Thanks to great tips and guidance from A1rPun, I managed to get the platinum!Good luck to everyone!
  8. The only "cheat" you can enable is to unlock Penta. This won't stop you from earning trophies.
  9. Has it been confirmed that the trophy "Washington Raiders" can be earned by completing the raid on Discovery difficulty? And will we be able to just start Discovery mode because I haven't touched the game since platinum and I think I'm only 451
  10. I've heard that patch 1.06 made access to this shortcut easier.
  11. Get your score to 25.000-30.000 points by running around the map in circles and collecting ammo and extra equipment. Then do the roof trick and go for a high combo and you should reach the 120.000 gold score rank easily. Grtz
  12. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. I don't think there will be a new game option in the future. I might start my survival run this week. Any extra tips or isn't it that hard? Thank you
  14. For those who might have completed yet, are there any missable trophies?
  15. I got the trophies by playing with randoms so you can ignore my post