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  1. He lost the save, which makes sense on how the trophies should unlocked.
  2. I'm in the States. Those Brazilians can't drive
  3. And people wonder why I respond with sarcasm. I'm going to close this.
  4. At least they had the balls to try it, unlike a certain scrub You should be probably let go, too. It's OK.
  5. This will be worth it. SF2 CE Bison LMAO
  6. @Chris H this is the last day. So, you're good. I have @Mapa who's been kind of enough to help me out. Please have an update today. Once Mapa is done with the spreadsheet, I'll update with the standings.
  7. You hax it. I thought it was impossible. Lies bruh
  8. It's a way for scrubs who can't get said trophy, but it's not outside of the rules.
  9. This is indeed the leap year big. Flag lifted. OP profile looks fine otherwise. Closed.
  10. No clue. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.
  11. It's not SSFV @AttilioPazzo-
  12. I'm a super diamond on another account myself. It's bothersome when I beat scrubs for ten points, yet I'll lose 100+ if I lose, then they get salty, if I don't give them a run back LOL
  13. Not enough variety, too offensive-minded, input lag, etc.