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  1. Naw, the Browns are actually out, no matter what happens. The Steelers, Colts or the Titans had to lose today, and that didn't happen. The Steelers have the tiebreaker because of the win. The best scenario for them was to win the division. All I can ask for is the Browns to at least been in the hunt, and they were. They can slaughter the Kentucky Bungles and possibly spoil the Ravens hopes of a win or even take them out of the playoffs altogether.
  2. Need help, but it's certainly winnable. I don't believe the Pats will lose, and I believe Baltimore will win against Tampa tomorrow. I'm very optimistic we'll get the W against the Kentucky Bungles. @kidson2004
  3. Yeah, I'm gonna close this Come on @Sergen LOL
  4. I lifted the flag. Just want to make sure.
  5. How did you get the points so fast? You even earned some trophy levels before certain ones. You scored 300 points before you did 150 total points for example.
  6. That was my issue right there. You can do career stuff offline.
  7. I'm from Cleveland mang. Just happen to live in Pigeon Land (Atlanta).
  8. My Browns are actually competent, and seeing the Pigeons get butchered in Cheeseland satisfies me LOL
  9. Your cosmetic stuff is stored on your Steam account. Your stats are saved on the PUBG servers. I don't know if trophies will pop like they do in FF14. Not sure if they work like that. Only one way to find out. The scrub syndrome Battlefield Hardline ain't even bad lol
  10. It looks like the trophy may be fixed. At least you can see on your PS4 someone has it. It was at 0% for a while.
  11. It is 21 savage. Oh God Unfortunately, the game will die down a few months after its release, like most fighting games.
  12. Are you in the final seed yet?
  13. Come on @CannibalX666X LOL
  14. You can always YouTube, bro
  15. "No plat, no buy." -Scrub who wouldn't have gotten the platinum anyway. I remember playing this as a kid. It's been 25 years? I'm old LOL I wonder if the difficulty trophies stack