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  1. I'll lift the flag on this particular game. However, you'll still be off the leaderboards because you have three flagged games now. It's definitely possible for your trophies to pop like that, especially if your win percentage is around 50% I'm closing this.
  2. I'm live LOL



  3. The last time the Browns won their first game of the season was in 2004. I'm not worried.
  4. Which is too many.... you have a limit of two. Any amount after that leads to removal of leaderboard. This is closed.
  5. No, you're flagged in too many games.
  6. While GOAT collection is a grind, I would highly suggest doing domination. It's probably the most rewarding it's been. You're probably looking at over 300-400 items to your collection right there, along with maybe 200K+ MT
  7. As a person who's a fan of the NBA 2K series, I feel your pain LOL
  8. Sorry man. Least I can do is try and help you out for helping me out.
  9. If you won ten games, you can't. I'm on GOAT level (haven't won 10 games yet) on another account. Went down after losing.
  10. I highly recommend doing domination. You get a solid amount of MT, along with tokens and reward cards. If it was like it was this past year, then definitely do it
  11. Much easier than the previous games. Also, on MyTeam they restricted lineups a bit. So, I don't have to beat scrubs who use Giannis or LeBron as a PG. I actually may be able to do 2K18, 2K19 and 2K20 by the end of the year From the looks of it, you can get the vast majority of the trophies in two games.
  12. Naw @B1rvine flag stays IMO
  13. It took me roughly 40 hours of actual playing time to get 100%
  14. Jesus!
  15. It is apparently.