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  1. @Caju_94 Yes, you can join. @Psy-Tychist Yes, you can join.
  2. You don't need to post a link of the draw. Folks are just salty they didn't win. They can fk off, if they think there's something like a conspiracy going on SMH
  3. Playing games for fun. Imagine that.....
  4. Assuming you don't have any more than two, you should be back on the leaderboards and will stay there, once you hide this game.
  5. The contest started like 30 min ago, just in case.
  6. It's not hard to figure out. ANY trophy you earn in roughly 13 hours from now counts. I don't see how that's confusing LOL
  7. No, you don't need to start at 0% on your games. You get credit for whichever trophies you earn on the starting date.
  8. @Zolkovo No, it's not NA only. It's only US, if folks prefer a physical copy of the game.
  9. One of my three contests is Spider Man.  I won't tell the other two just yet, but another will start in a week or so.  


  10. I'm going to lift this game. This game was pretty buggy for me, particularly the jumps and submarine collectibles. OP should be good now. PM me for concerns. Closed.
  11. Flag lifted. Closed. Looked at the links provided. @Atabyrius you should be good now. Let me know otherwise.
  12. They don't have to be partially completed games.
  13. Hello, folks. I'm doing another one of my contests (1 of 3 this summer). Point Values 1 point 2 points 5 points 10 points (Common) 20 points (Uncommon) 30 points (Rare) 40 points (Very Rare) 50 points (Ultra Rare) For PSN games, the 100% will be worth half of the platinum rarity points. For example, Sine Mora (PS3) has 12 total trophies. About 0.80% have the 100% on that game. That game equals 44 total points, 25 for essentially in the Ultra Rare range (due to its percentage), plus the other 19 points for its 12 trophies. Rules You must have at least 100 posts. You can't stack games (ie Sound Shapes). You can only do one version of a game. Please indicate if you want to join on the poll. It will help me on updating. The contest starts on 17 June midnight GMT-4 and ends on 31 August on 2359 GMT-4. I want to try and get folks the game on release date, if I can. Prizes 1st place: Spider Man (in case you haven't figured it out yet SMH) 2nd/3rd: $20 PSN Card and $10 PSN card respectively One last thing, if you prefer a physical copy of the game, please let me know. This only applies if you live in the United States, though. If you have any questions, PM me here or on PSN. I hope folks have fun
  14. Last Quote, and the greatest quote ever: "You were almost a Jill sandwich." -Barry RE1
  15. The only way to be on the leaderboards is to make another account. Closing