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  1. The PS5 games are square indeed
  2. Either the Blue Moon Race or on Monza in the GT1 class
  3. 140 NBA 2K21 (PS5) I enjoyed this game, as I generally do in the series, but I felt the gameplay had worsened. Hopefully, they can address certain issues in the next game. It comes in a just over a month. I'm disappointed I may not be able to get the platinum on the PS4 version because of a glitch. Nothing I can do, though. I want to get back to my roots for gaming. I enjoy RPGs. I bought all Disgaea games and I'm interested in the Trails and Tales series. My next platinum is likely Need for Speed. I can relax on my lounging chair, drink a beer and enjoy an RPG.
  4. The video is showing the PS4 version....
  5. Sigh. Closing 🤦‍♂️ The bum is flagged for several games ...
  6. Lifted
  7. I have no idea why you got picked that low, despite being a projected top ten pick. You have to actually be drafted in the top 14, though. Projections don't matter. What position are you? The trophy should pop after the after you officially get picked. That's how it's been in past 2K games as well. You got picked number 24 and that's why the trophy didn't pop for you.
  8. You have to be actually picked number 14 or better.
  9. I think there will be themes eventually. There weren't any on PS4 for a bit. I don't mind either way
  10. Wasn't supposed to be approved. Flag lifted
  11. PS5 isn't much faster to do. The only difference is the loading time to get into a game. So maybe 30 minutes faster. The PS5 version is easier though. It's easier to shoot for example.
  12. @djb5f If diamonds and amythest can get the job done, your 99s will certainly do. You don't need a super team. Just follow the same strategies and you'll have at worst 1500 points/game. Along with plays, I'd also recommend a big PG (Magic or whoever) and post up the PG. You can get 9 or 10 points every time. You do a dropstep or post Spin for 5 points, made basket for 2, Layup/Dunk for 2 or 3 points.
  13. About halfway done. Will finish the other half later on tonight/tomorrow morning. You guys should be fine, especially with cheese plays. The last set is like the previous one IMO. So, relatively easy. Definitely not as hard as the challenges for Tacko Fall.
  14. I've won at least five games every weekend. I'd like to think I know what I'm doing, considering the other 2k games I've played.....