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  1. What @ Arcesus7 says is correct.
  2. Ferry would be my kind of character.
  3. How dare you enjoying your games.
  4. Half of these folks who complain about games not having a platinum wouldn't have said platinum anyway because it would be too hard for them
  5. @Cyvnyde I told you there will be trouble, didn't I Folks easily spend thousands on these modes on this game and other sports games as well. YouTube folks spend at least $10K/year for these cards. Like I said before, just play the game a bit to get you some solid diamond and/or pink diamond players and you should be fine for the most part. You're going to have to take advantage of the auction house and grind. Some folks don't mind doing that and try to collect as many cards as possible. That's what I do. Also, try to knock out the Ultimate Team/MyTeam trophies as early as possible. There aren't going to be cards of that kind until this time of the year, and you can have a little more fun trying out cards.
  6. The flag's been lifted. As mentioned before, I'd think the OP would have cheated other games as well. He/she has over 1000 games on profile. There's no need to keep this thread open. Folks can PM me, if needed.
  7. 119/125 are under 50%. In fact, they're under 40%, too. 49/125 are under 5%
  8. Naw, I ain't a bitch
  9. You can do it with diamonds, but meh. I'm glad I did the trophy early
  10. @djb5f Yes, you can play a full game with 5 players. Certain badges like difficult shots and tireless scorers (especially on Hall on Fame) can be a pain. I have JR Smith. I need just under 200 cards for Giannis.
  11. Yeah, be careful. The perfection trophy is harder because you have to win 12 in a row. On NBA 2K18, all you had to do was win the majority of your games to get to pink diamond level. That took me 100 games to get the max reward, though (went 70-30). The only thing I have to do on MyTeam is get 2500 cards.
  12. It depends on what kind of team you have, too. When I did it, I had nothing but emerald players. I also try to do those trophies as early as possible, that way I don't have to face godly teams as the season progresses. Yeah, don't remind me of 2K18 It's not an exact science, but try not to have any players that are higher than emerald. You're more likely to not face godly teams and/or more bad players that way, though.
  13. 1) On your collections, check Signature limited (Premier section). Most cards are much cheaper now. You can probably get someone like Brandon Roy for the low 100Ks now. 2) Strategy is pretty much the same. Keep in mind folks have a real good team now, though. It's not easier to in 12 in a row. Scrubs are now doing overall glitches in the mode (check on YouTube). Don't be fooled with the percentages....
  14. Story modes in all fighting games are trash. Never understood why anyone would want to play fighting games for story modes. DLC unfortunately is here to stay. At least it's not as bad as MK 11, which is trash as well. MK 9 and 10 were OK. Now, MK is going back to its ways of making trash fighting games for another decade No innovation? Every fighting game has an idea from somewhere. The X -ray system is essentially an super Street Fighter or KoF *shrugs*
  15. The trophies don't pop up like that, OP.