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  1. Should I just purchase this $100 version? I just want to play all three games
  2. That report shouldn't have been flagged. You're good now.
  3. Come on @Stevieboy :popcorn: lol

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Ooh, what did Stevie do?




    2. Copanele


      I didn't even manage to see how the chaos ensured in that thread, it got shut down immediately.

      The fastest block in the west xD 

  4. Thanks. My collection is trash. Gotta add some variety lol
  5. Yeah change Assetto Corsa to Disgaea 3 (Vita version) Thanks. I have the worst collection on PSN. So, I'm gonna add some more variety of genres as well
  6. Hey @Copanele changed some games I want to do, due to recent changes. Also, after GT Sport, I don't want to see cars for a bit lol
  7. No, your flag stays. However, you're in the boards for now. Closing.
  8. 2k19 was more annoying
  9. We won't know for a while. There aren't 594 stars yet. The MyTeam and VC transfer over. So, I'd think that should happened.
  10. Yay. Good no call on the helmet to helmet......
  11. He LV 40 in A Spec and B Spec in GT5 at the same time, which he can't do. On Dead Nation, kills were out of order, along with some other trophies. OP is staying flagged. Stop wasting time ..
  12. You're fine with Ghost. You can continue your progress whenever you get a PS5
  13. Because someone already reported it. It got flagged. OP is now flagged in three games. This is closed
  14. Lifted the flag. This looks ok to me. Closing.