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  1. I like your style lol
  2. I can't wait to tase folks lol
  3. The vast majority of them did boost, and they suck at the actual fighting game.
  4. It sucks for last gen folks, but it's only a matter of time when upcoming games are going to be current gen only.
  5. You're lucky the cars are significantly cheaper on 7 than the previous games. I'm just glad 60 million isn't needed.
  6. Be lucky they're not $20 million each like in the older games.
  7. As a person who's done all Guitar Hero games and most Rock Band games in the past, that's false..... You can miss notes on Black Widow, you can't on the solo on Final Countdown. Big difference. It's also harder to be more accurate on Rock Band games than Guitar Hero games. The inputs are more strict.
  8. 142 Dirt 5 Got it from PS+ I thought it was an OK game. Took around a solid two days of actual playing time to get 100% Maybe it was me, but there were times where the game would stutter lag, which was an annoyance. I don't know what have I'm gong for next. I bought so many games, yet I don't have the time to place as much as I'd like. Maybe play Horizon (both games) and then finish up something like Control for me?
  9. Yes
  10. I bought a total of nine games. There's a buy 2 get one free offer from some retailers. Went a little overboard lol
  11. Took Advantage of buy 2 get 1 free
  12. THIS is why I'm all about "bitch-ass athletes" getting their money, especially NFL athletes. On one hand, the Watson contract is a huge risk. On the other, Cleveland has arguably a top 5 QB who's only 26. Cleveland did whatever it took to finally acquire a bona-fide QB. A lot of teams had been going after Watson. He just chose Cleveland *shrugs* He's likely going to be suspended 6-8 games, unless he beats the civil suits. He didn't bet on any games, though. SMH. It's 50/50 honestly. I was just tired of Baker costing Browns games. Granted, he was injured last year, but he's still short, inaccurate and immobile. This is a long term move. Unlike his last year in Houston, Watson will have some talent around him.
  13. Street Fighter V ain't hard smh