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  1. If you would have said someone like Hogan or Goldberg, I would have questioned your tastes LOL
  2. I had no issue getting that trophy personally, but I had a couple of folks who had to join a team once or twice.
  3. 124 Marvel's Spider Man Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  4. I told you to leave me alone. You're so dumb you even talk about how some trophies popped up incorrectly on some of your games. Three flagged games are enough.
  5. That could work. Game looks fine to me. I'll lift it. I purposely did all but the last challenge for three characters. The trophies can pop within a minute or so, with loading times and assuming one does the challenge on the first try, which I did.
  6. How dare you. Folks don't have fun here. For that:
  7. Oh yeah, I could have gotten it already, but grinding to level 50 is boring. I should have done the exploit. Oh well. I'm going to try and knock it out before RDR comes out in a few weeks.
  8. SMH, I gotta try and go 12-0 again in this damn mode.  I'm tired of getting robbed LOL.  



  9. No. Play your game. If a person tries to flag you, he'll get expose, Vince McMahon style. I got the game myself. Unfortunately, I gotta finish some other games, though Want to knock out Spider Man and perhaps this GT Sport as well.
  10. Huh?
  11. I'm going to close this. Some folks are too much
  12. I'm willing to play with you. I'd like to get that game done eventually myself. I just can't stand playing that game by myself SMH
  13. Who is your all-time favorite wrestler? It better be a good one or YOU'RE FAAAAARRRRR!!!
  14. Most of it isn't. However, you get to try again in the same spot, if you lose in survival mode. If you were good, it was actually much easier to get the FM you need before the update. You could get 1 million FM in a solid eight hours or so, if you were good enough. Basically, the grind is longer, but the other trophies are a little easier.