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  1. Yes, but there are online trophies and challenge of the week for MLB 16 was obtainable until the servers closed in July.
  2. MLB 17 can still be achieved. I wouldn't be too worried.
  3. Your world rank is zero now. *Shrugs*
  4. The truth is you're a fraud. Cut the BS. Closed
  5. Rayman doesn't have to do anything with Street Fighter 4. Gold medal trophies don't have anything to do with trial challenges and they popped up at the same time, which doesn't happen without a cheat. You're staying flagged on this game. Hide this game and move on.
  6. No, you didn't. You're off the boards now.
  7. You're flagged on five or six games. Stop wasting time smh
  8. Got MLB 16 done! I think I'm doing the Disgaea games next. I only got 57 UR platinum trophies. I suck
  9. 138 MLB The Show 16 Finally got this guy after five years. This is also UR 57 for me. That's a lot more than I thought I'd have. I'm going for 60
  10. Guitar Hero Smash Hits is harder IMO because you had to play the hardest sections of certain songs on Expert perfectly. That or Green Day Rock Band. Those challenges gave me nightmares because I constantly missed a note lol
  11. I'm just going to close this, since OP removed profile. *Shrugs*
  12. Monster Hunter Suikoden V MGS 3 Onimusha (any of them) GTA Vice City In no particular order
  13. Can't wait until tomorrow. I bought the Jackie Robinson version
  14. I know you couldn't see PS3 users in your PS5 at launch