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  1. What move? You literally can lariat all day, except for Cammy. If Cammy does Spiral Arrow, just block and SPD her. Not really hard.
  2. I told you to not make another thread and you did so anyway. So, you're staying flagged. Make another thread, and I'll make sure you're banned....
  3. Please, don't make another thread.....
  4. Well, I haven't played DMC since 4 first came out. I got good enough to get S rank on everything in all other games eventually. So, I think I can hold my own. Just gotta get good
  5. I'm Arnold in this case. You're staying flagged. Bottom line..
  6. Good job, bro: @PSXtreme_ he's sent to the Shadow Realm.
  7. @EdgeHosenka Combos =/= you're good in fighting games. SFV can definitely be rated high back then @SnowNinjaRaccoon explained why it was so. It's definitely a little easier now, but the grind is longer because folks aren't rewarded as much fight money. Anyway, for the DMC vets, how does this one compare to the other ones as far as achieving S ranks and stuff? I'm waiting for the game to download, as I type this.
  8. "It looks too hard (even though the other DMC games have similar lists). I won't buy because I suck and won't get good." -Scrub
  9. Who cares if other people got the trophy? That's besides the point. You got the trophy well after it was unobtainable. I'm with @TheYuriG as well about your SMB and other games (at least on the Vita). You're staying flagged on this particular game. That's one flag. You have two more until you're completely off the boards. Hide this game and you'll be back on.
  10. Easier than DOA 5, but harder than LR. Can probably get this in a weekend or so
  11. Looks like it's resolved then. No need to keep this open.
  12. Yes....