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  1. What do you mean? You mean cards you can't buy via packs?
  2. @Evil_Joker88 I know the WalMart near me generally has digital versions of the big games.
  3. I've sent physical copies to folks generally because that's their preference. I'd likely have to go to a place like WalMart for digital copies. They'll probably have these games digitally. It's no problem sending disks to people though.
  4. Hey again folks: I'm doing another giveaway. All you have to do is vote for what you want. I'm giving away both games. So, I'll put your name in a generator for whichever game you voted for. The winners will be announced by 31 July.
  5. Another person talking who's clueless. What a surprise. Sometimes I'll knock out 200 reports and I might mess up one. Oh well. It happens. Believe it or not, we do have discussions almost daily....
  6. I'm sorry for working. That's my five cents
  7. Folks talking without thinking as usual. How about not starting another thread @charxsetsuna That would be a wonderful idea, that way @B1rvine won't have to go through more stupid nonsense...
  8. If message says User requested to be moved, he/she removed self. If it doesn't that's usually CFW. That's something only Sly can fix.
  9. Yeah, you're stupid enough to mess up your times. You edited your times to make it look like you earned the trophies in time. On second link, red dates are original reported dates. @ahmedelebiary yeah he did. Fortunately, he's stupid. Closed
  10. 131 a Doom Eternal Fun: 6/10 Difficulty: 3/10 While I had fun playing the campaign, Eternal takes a step back from the 2016 Doom. Battle Mode sucks and there's no DM. Hopefully, there will be great content in the season pass. My next platinum is likely GT Sport. I also want to finish up some older games.
  11. This Thread is closed
  12. grimydawg 24th May 2020<closed>
  13. Having at least 40% of platinum trophies in UR range
  14. Just enjoy what you play, no matter the rarity. Also @PalaceOfLove706 don't start NBA 2K, unless you're a maniac and love the series. Hmph
  15. Is that Duterte as your profile picture?

    1. grimydawg___
    2. TheLakota


      Looked like Yudhoyono until I clicked on it. That pitted nose has to be Duterte's though.