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  1. I can't wait with my tank (lance) build
  2. Yo.  Monster Hunter Rise is čoming to playstation.  Alright!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      it was leaked yesterday lol

    3. grimydawg___


      Saw the leak.  Just wanted confirmation

    4. Sikutai


      I'll play it Day 1.

  3. Yo.  I see a new Joe and Mac game.  Getting it for nostagia

    1. enaysoft


      PS5 only though.... So far anyway.

      If this a rerelease or something? Seems weird to have Day 1 DLC upon the game's release.

    2. MidnightDragon


      PS4 list showed up 

  4. Man, a week ago it was Batman.  Now, green ranger.  RIP JDF smh

    1. MidnightDragon


      Wait, what?! :( 

      I just saw. Goddamnit... :( 

  5. ***waits for inevitable "dispute" just to tell them to fk off 😑***
  6. 2 days? Definitely not. An average FPS player can get it in a month, assuming he/she plays every day though.
  7. Guitar Hero Van Halen, Green Day Rock Band and LEGO Rock Band can be done offline
  8. @Nitro It will literally say the part number on it.
  9. You should be able to find one on eBay for roughly $15-$20 (US)
  10. Stop when it's not fun for you. Period. Just play games for enjoyment, not necessarily for the trophies.
  11. Out of your considerations, I'd consider Crash Bandicoot. It's not too hard or very long to do. Very fun IMO
  12. I would have assumed everyone would have backed up their save lol
  13. Yes, if you're already LV 40, just simply delete your save. Once you restart your game, just go back on MyTeam and the trophy should pop once you get back on it.
  14. As of roughly 30 mins ago, Level Up works now.
  15. 146 Monster Hunter World Fun: 10/10 Hours for Platinum: 400 hours I will primarily work on both versions on NBA 2K23 and continue on the Iceborne expansion, but my next platinum trophy will probably be Syphon Filter or Saints Row. The Monster Hunter Series is one of my favorites, certainly in my top 10. Other than the annoying Arena Quests (they were boring), the game wasn't too bad. RNG for crowns is whatever. Some monsters I got both crowns within fighting them ten times (well, besides the guaranteed crowns on Events), others I had to fight almost 100, like the dang Teostra.... I look forward to dealing with the Black Air Force Energy, aka Rajang some more on Iceborne LOL