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  1. Gonna lift the flag. This is closed. OP should be good, now.
  2. Well, the OP is skilled enough to stay flagged. How about that?
  3. DO NOT make another dispute thread. Just edit your OP on the games you're flagged on, so i can check your considerable skills...
  4. Yeah, mine would have been dark blue, and that was a struggle LOL
  5. I lifted the flag already. Thought I closed this. I guess not. Closing now...
  6. I'm just going to lift the flag. Bums usually cheat the entire thing in games. I don't think OP would just cheat those three trophies. Closed.
  7. Op can glitch his bum self off the leaderboards. Closed...
  8. I don't. When did I say it only gave you JUST the 8 stars? There was a save that would unlock Spec OP trophies and Intel trophies shortly after the release date. That's why I haven't closed this yet.... Also, I was answering Serg's question.
  9. Better looking screen, a little bigger and thicker (better made to me). The slim aren't bad by no means (better battery, more colors to choose). It's just a preference thing.
  10. There are over 1000 titles on the system, and more are coming. Since OP is getting a Vita, try to get an older model.
  11. Actually the save was available pretty much on released date.
  12. Flag has been lifted. This is done.
  13. The YS series is underrated IMO. Give that a shot.
  14. I wouldn't worry about that too much. Just play the game for fun, or in your case masochism it seems.
  15. I'll join when I can for a change. On a side note, @Wdjat Prinny Doods has an many UR plats as me. Can't have that dood. I can start gaming more often