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  1. Meh, still gonna play Alpha 2 instead.
  2. I know. I said the same thing, and folks said I thought he deserved to get clubbed LOL
  3. You must think Rudolph got deserved to get clubbed with a helmet because he started the fight
  4. @MidnightDragon you and others are sensitive, and that's fine. In no way did I condone what Garrett did. He's suspended for the rest of the year and that's expected, but don't act like Mason is innocent in the situation either. Folks are lucky there's not a serious injury. The game was already over and it could have been stopped if Mason wasn't salty first.
  5. I'm sorry. You folks are too sensitive. Don't start a fight and you probably won't get clubbed with a helmet.
  6. @Avatar_Of_Battle What are you talking about? Garrett is a defensive lineman. His specialty is to go after the QB. That means putting him on the ground... Mason did try to come after him which is why he got hit.
  7. @Avatar_Of_Battle Mason LITERALLY tried to rip his helmet off while they were on the ground. Dude got salty and could have gotten seriously hurt because of it. Quit defending the "victim" here. Garrett went overboard, but Mason isn't innocent either. Unfortunately, the fight is going to be the story of the game. Otherwise, great win.
  8. Albert Haynesworth got five games for stomping on a dude's head, giving him stitches as a result. We'll see. Folks are soft "He could have hurt him real bad." Well how about not starting anything?
  9. Did I say it was deserved? Don't start a fight or bad things will likely happen. It's really that simple. Myles is going to be suspended for probably four games.
  10. Mason was trying to rip off Garrett's helmet first. That's why he ripped his helmet off in the first place, or did you not see that part?
  11. Mason started it. Don't cash a check you can't cash.
  12. I should have your profile get Thanos on here, but I won't. So, I'll just close this.
  13. Another one
  14. This ^^^^ Closed.
  15. Now, you're flagged for at least three more games. Good job👍