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  1. Yes, you did use save. Otherwise, your trophies wouldn't have popped at the same time like that. Hide the game, and you'll be reinstated on the leaderboards.
  2. Yes, it's a problem for you to win 5 or ten matches at the same time. You can't do that, unless you use a save. Also, you cam grind A Spec and B Spec, but they're two separate modes. You can't unlock them at the same time. The numbers don't lie, and you're staying flagged for you five games.... closed.
  3. I can do it myself. I'll check everyone and take it from there
  4. It's not about deceiving anyone. Just trying to get numbers right, and that's why I check on this every other day or so. It's fine. Your correct totals are on my last post I edited. As I said, I'll update my spreadsheet tomorrow.
  5. That's fine. I can see when I get off work. You can send me a PM, if needed. He does have 4 indeed. I'll go back to my Steiner math class and check the numbers. @xZoneHunter Since the contest: He has 4UR (400 points) 4 rare (100 points) 3 UC (45 points) 8 common (80 points) OK. So, that's 625. Mathematically, he's still up, but not by much. I'll update in the morning. @Last Light your score is 1541. So, you're still in first, but not by much.
  6. I'd like to think so. Why? Also, that's why I'm not announcing an official winner until around two days after the competition is over as well.
  7. Also, because your name is too long on my spreadsheet. It overlaps to the next block.
  8. You're staying flagged. No one has it for you. How's that for you memory skills?
  9. Updated the standings. @Xylobe I'm glad you're able to get the game. Appreciate the participation. We have a new leader. @xZoneHunter better step up, youngin LOL. Folks, if you haven't participated and you want to, it's not too late. Just give me your totals via here, PM or PSN. Quick question: do you non-US folks have an alternate US account? I asking this because I'll likely add a 2nd/3rd place price, a PSN card.
  10. OK. Will update by tomorrow morning.
  11. Because they're focusing on the second game, and that game comes out in a month or so. This game has been out for over two years now. You folks should have gotten the game a long time ago, if you cared about getting the platinum trophy. The end of the year =/= 31 December. Keep that in mind.
  12. I'm not going to wait. I have no idea why this reopened or why the flagged was lifted. OP can send a PM.
  13. @CjShai It looks like you have to go to my math lesson first. Gotta be level 55 first LOL
  14. OK. It looks like this dispute was solved apparently. Why was this even reopen? From what I'm gathering, OP apparently needed help on leveling trophies, yet magically got them later. Is this right?