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  1. They're not the same game, though.....
  2. I tend to let him handle stuff, if he responds first @Sergen. I just lifted the flag. This was in mid 2009. inFamous was a little wonky for me trophy wise, particularly the stunts. I'm going to just close this. I don't think OP has any reason to cheat on trophies.
  3. Guitar Hero platinum trophies. Pfft lol
  4. @Terra just play what you like. It doesn't matter what the rarity is. Maybe my giveaway can be motivation
  5. I'm going to leave this flag as is. As mentioned, there are too many trophies that pop up too close and don't do so otherwise unless by illegitimate methods. Also, OP started the game after the servers were already closed. So, it's safe to say you weren't worried about the servers. You're flagged on one game. You have one flagged game. You're off the leaderboards permanently after that. This is closed.
  6. You also started the game after the servers shut down. Your first trophy started on July 2013, when the servers were already closed. When the servers were online, folks spent ~200 hours average to get the platinum on this game. That number now easily quadruples, since the servers are offline.
  7. That ^^^^
  8. The last game wasn't really hard either. Why would this game be any different?
  9. Why Sakura SMH
  10. I'm not talking about online.
  11. Still not going to change it fundamental flaws. These new skill sets should help have different styles for people who play said characters, though.
  12. Naw, it's out your platinum trophies.