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  1. OK. Spent an hour doing challenges again. This can definitely happen, and nearly happened to myself on my primary account. Flag lifted. OP should be on the leaderboards in a bit. Earn a trophy and sync, just in case. Closing.
  2. 29257907_1883618321649212_49025190597463

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I've seen it. The part where Big Poppa Pump gets it on with all his Freaks in the boat made me cry like a baby :(

  3. Time to play SC6 and SF 30th anniversary collection ^_^

  4. I don't have a problem with it personally, but that's not up to me @Sergen
  5. This is trash, and you're staying flagged. This is closed.
  6. Game: Gran Turismo 5 Trophy: Gold Standard (1.06%) Time: The game took me around 600 hours to get the platinum primarily because of this trophy. The Vettel challenge (F you Suzuka ). Enough said LOL Game: Mortal Kombat Trophy: My Kung Fu is Stronger (0.71%) Time: This game took me around 450 hours to complete. You have to spend 24 hours of actual gaming time of each of the 28 default characters, which would be at least 672 hours. Fortunately, you can play tag team match, literally cutting your grind in half. Still a grind though. You also had to get 100 fatalities, get 100 wins, land 150 X-ray moves, and spill 10K pints of blood with each character. Game: NBA 2K15 Trophy: There's More? (0.05%) Time: This one was pretty short, comparing the other two at around 250-300 hours of gameplay, but this trophy was by far the most annoying (and expensive) for me to get. There's a reason why only 30 people (I was the 3rd one to get it) got the platinum on this game, and it's definitely this trophy. It if weren't for earlier exploits, I would have definitely spent a lot more money on packs and in-game currency to get every historic card in this game mode called MyTeam. If you guys played FUT in FIFA or MUT in Madden, then you have an idea what I'm talking about and how much pack odds can really suck LOL If/when I complete NBA 2K18, this will be by far my most grinding platinum, easily exceeding the 1000 hour mark. I have other games that took me in the 100+ hour mark, but these three games are the ones that are my biggest grinds, for now.
  7. LMAO @Dr_Mayus 


    1. Dr_Mayus


      I have always liked the lyrics based one the best :P It is just one of the greatest promos of all time. 




  8. I forgot to multiply the 24
  9. Got 5. Thats neat @Zolkovo You got a 1/150 chance of this happening, since there are 3600 total seconds in a day, and 24 of those seconds will be on the exact hour and second. QUICK MAFS!!!!
  10. Gauntlet Lego Games Dragon Crown (soon on Ps4) The misses likes the beat em up games. Those are good IMO
  11. This game is going to have to stay flagged for now. There's been discussions about a white list. I'm not sure if it can be done at this time. Perhaps in the future. Closing this. Just hide the game for now, as I don't see any other problems.
  12. OP is staying flagged, along with several other games that will likely be flagged. Three is good enough. You can still make posts and do everything else.
  13. Does it depend where you get it from? I know Amazon has sellers like eBay does, along with its own warehouses.
  14. Go to
  15. Hide your game. @Sergen linked you how to do it, just in case. Unfortunately, you're staying flagged. This is closed.