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  1. One Piece episode 750",
  2. Just trying to capture & revive my dead lost youtube channel lol
  3. I'm happy I guess! I got new platinum after more than 1 year lol",
  4. I tried lay-outing one this night", Here's the output. I seems animated 2mb+ works fine",
  5. This one",
  6. Nakita na naman kita. Ikaw ba yung tumulong sa akin sa Tekken Tag 2? Sabihin ko sana sa iyo sa symbianize kaso di ko maalala eh. :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ReverzerO-


      Di mo ata nasagot kung san kita tinulungan hehe",

    3. reckscollie


      Parang sa tekken tag 2 online eh, pero parang hindi na ewan. Basta nakita ko na name mo bago pa kita nakita sa symbianize.

    4. ReverzerO-


      lol kala sa quantum haha", nag online lang ako sa tag 2 para sa mga online trophies", Sobrang lag kasi pag online kalaro mga taga ibang bansa".

  7. I only did cropping & a little adjustments for the bright parts",
  8. Bleach - Ep. 170 Naruto Shippuuden - Ep. 460 One Piece Ep. 697
  9. Make your pc into dual boot hehe", win 8 and xp if your machine is powerful enough to do so", i5 or later and for amd a6 or later i think! My friend suggested me before to use daz 3d but i haven't time to it. he says it's friendly use. you can rotate model something like that", For adobe, how about using portable versions just to play with it? CS2 and 3 is my recommendation", and for the author, sorry for the off topic", Nice artworks anyway", Can I request fonts instead of signature? I'm only using default fonts the whole time hehe", My fonts, brushes, patterns and etc, i forgot where i put hehe",
  10. Just checked my profile and found out that Tonberry's Treasure is at the Top 4?! Oh why?lol", If only I can replace that with the Grounded trophy from TLOU that I believe it's far difficult with it comes using skills and also the SSS from DMC5",
  11. You should at least download first the trial version before buying", I did use corel draw x4 before and found out it's good in converting vid->gif. Anyway before buying a cs2, check this link first", I believe cs2 is best suit for winxp. later o.s. probably the cause of the glitch therefore they recommend those old versions",
  12. I've finally crack on how to make the bg more intact but some parts became noisy. -Newer optimization, -Older optimization,
  13. I'm working with the new static card & trying to crack something but failed hehe", The two different bg are screen shots from the game ffx, the render is from google & the rests are default brushes & filter of ps",
  14. Maybe tomorrow I'm going to start playing FFX-2, I expect many missable trophies on this game! Like FFx, I repeated the game because I missed some al bhed premiers",