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  1. In some perspective I do understand why the thread starter react this way because there's this AC I think from pc or mobile that I can't stand to play so henceforth I didn't play any AC anymore but I will not react the same way because there are people who will definitely got offended especially those big fan like my cousin. We almost have different taste when it comes in gaming but we respect each other",
  2. Avatar is done, any critique are welcome", I still want to improve", & Goodnight 12:23am here",
  3. I have 4 new games here but I think they aren't suited from the event! Changing entries maybe prohibited too!
  4. I thought it only needs to play 3 games although it already platted! Not sure! It's okey for me to be removed from the list",
  5. Who introduced you to the wonders of this fantastic hobby? I forgot when I started? All I know I was influenced by neighbors. If you are in a relationship, has it influenced your gaming habbits? Currently not in a relation. Do you play together and how is that? Before with a promised girl(Partner in studies), we play together at the mall's arcade. We play Tekken & ohh I remember our oldest favorite game 'Threads of Fate' we share stories & ambitions at the mall's balcony but that ambitions was already broken". Would you try to share the sense of amazement with your partner or would you rather have your hobby for yourself and your partner should have his/hers? Nothing to share. I'm doing all alone several years ago. Where are you on this? I'm still playing without dedication to someone however, ironically, this kind of topic made nostalgic instead of being cheerful!
  6. He removed the cap so we'll wait for the answer",
  7. I think this is the time frame, I re-read the 1st page", WHEN: June 1, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018 (A month longer than normal!)
  8. Xie xie", I'll reply instead", Here's mine, I hope I did it correctly", Make Friends - God Eater 2: Rage Burst - I got lot of friends playing this game online", Make Something - The Last of Us - Crafting shiv for hidden attack", BE A HERMIT - Castlevania: Lord of Shadow - This game actually had a lot of puzzles & my favorite is the Chess like game; Beat the opponent with more than 3 pieces remaining",
  9. Can I join or I'm late again? I will edit this post if there's still room for the late comers hehe",
  10. Let me give a little life on this thread so I decided to update my avatar changing the BG & adding more depths but this one is not final",
  11. I think more than 1yr!
  12. I'm happy I plat this game today", Shock and Awe (Extreme) & non extreme are the most interesting because it has timer", I beat the 4th wave with 0:00 time remaining with 2 henchmen remaining; I batarang & ground pound the 2 remaining before it totally close the stage(Extreme)", I spent more or less 5hrs practicing & learning the weaknesses of Shock and Awe (Extreme) & non extreme. You should at least 26,000 when you reach 4th wave because it's hard to perfect a small ring with many enemies! Edit: I beat all extreme challenges using batarang most of the time after ground pound or evade+batarang especially those who grab guns and boxes",
  13. They say steam is better than psn when it comes of buying games and crediting an account in our country(not sure) they can use virtual credit card/app that can be downloaded from google play store, load it from nearest convenient store then convert it to steam credit! No need for credit card or paypal or go to game store and buy psn gift card(very limited) depends on region. Also, I think nintendo has this option too!
  14. Web designing is fun as long as they know what they're doing in notepad however you can make website without learning html, css, js & etc. TBH I'm into this before, I still have my drafts on this laptop p.s flash into gif is my old style but now I'm more on photoshop cs to make gif", Speaking of anonymously, they can still vote their favorite through artist's style! I'm happy I did won a fair & square before to a popular member when I was newbie to that anime site without friends. The entry I made was the current signature I'm using(Luffy). But there is this odd event I joined(not anonymous), I didn't get any vote but my psd got a lot of downloads?! It even beat the champ.. Anyway, I suggest think a mechanics that negate the popularity!