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  1. Thanks", Care to critique on my new avatar? I've been doin' this 4hrs manipulating the blinking eyes and adding some matrix style for the shade. Nevermind the watermelon thou the avatar isn't finish yet ", Render used:
  2. Waw the adorable Mayuri Shiina tuturuu is back",
  3. Welcome", btw, I finished my banner and I want to ask if it is ok to put 2 flickering lights?
  4. Tekken 3 to Tag 2. Sometimes we play overnight at my friend's house and sometimes playing at mall the whole afternoon during free time", I can't estimate how much time I spent for this game but yey it was fun",
  5. Not sure if I have the right to take request in this thread and not sure if this is ok for mobile and not sure if I did it correctly?! Just let me know if it needs some adjustments", edit: zoomed version.
  6. Cool", this is better than the last post/sig you made", The prev was a bit overpowered and the main render should be in the right part to hide the edge unless you can manipulate that part! For the new sig I think the color scheme is uniform! Try using a background and effects that standout to your main render! Also add some styles to your typography that standout to all and be aware of resizing your renders that will cause a broken pixels like the latest banner I did, from 1920x520 to 500x135 just for posting purposes", Uniform color scheme is nice unless your main render is sharper than your background. If a pro suggest, they usually say for more depths!
  7. ^ Okay I will try later", How about this I'm practicing the smudge tool in this image? I rarely use this tool to catch a wider dimension p.s. changing the blending I usually use. edit: this is the last, it feels maybe not sure I'm spamming on this thread!
  8. Nice", What if I do the same thing you did in your profile?! But what should put a bunch of animated sigs lol", I have a bunch of static images but mostly they are requests from different forums. I haven't started to update the banner maybe I put 1 effect and thats it. I moved to create a new sig, I only did a draft today, maybe you can suggest any",
  9. I saw them and they are all nice", Your profile is lively unlike mine,, so empty.
  10. I saw some players using the trophy card from different forum so I visit and I signed up too", I'm no trophy hunter as well, I only want to have record for my favorite games that can be easily embed on the signature part with restriction measures.
  11. Thanks I'm about to sleep on this but yes maybe it lacks of outer effects but I'm afraid my laptop will terribly lag with too much layers like my animated sig. I'm using core2duo with defective video. Maybe I try to put a few effects/animation thou", Btw, do you have new signatures? Your last post is last year lol",
  12. It's ok", I missed this hobby thou",
  13. wahaha gomen I misunderstood", this actually my problem why I'm not taking some requests that I don't know! The game or how the requester detail his/her request lol anyway, I research the font they used in mgsv and it was Gotham Medium", I did 2 version again, plain black bg and the other is w/ some designs! I hope I did it this time",
  14. ^ Not sure if I did get the right logo and can't find the mgsv font however I tried 2 version maybe you will like!
  15. Welcome", seems you are satisfied with the quality so mf was deleted", Vendetta was cool too",