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  1. Since I'm here, maybe I can do any simple requests as long as it don't take too much time like those previous requests I made", Speaking of forum profile, I think there's a separate thread for that but if you want to request in this thread, why not?
  2. Welcome",
  3. I missed there's a request. ---- Choose any of these. I recommend the 1st one because both of them are almost in the center & somehow the lighting is correct unlike the 2nd & 3rd looks like they are lovers or something?! Or just my negative thought lol Also the blending is somewhat hard to catch! My Eyes are already tired from work". Update: Tried to catch the blending",
  4. @MooseSketts, IDK but I guess it is an oil painting! If you see it in actual image, it really looks like a real thing", If only I have the chance to pic her self painting but that is awkward for me to do if many people see me".
  5. Waw that's a very nice painting", I haven't tried that ever", The other day I took one of the painting of my sister-in-law's twin using 8meg pixel camera. The quality is kinda bad because I took it at night lightened only by bulb. btw, all the drawings I posted here are very bad quality, it feels like I want to pic them using iphone 6's camera of my sister for better quality.
  6. Thanks", That anime character is Son Goku's lost son lol", Seriously his name is Son Goku the stupid monkey from Gensomaden Saiyuki", The program I used are Photoshop & Cinema 4D, too bad I haven't be able to continue learning C4D, my laptop don't meet the required specs". Update: Currently Coloring the last Enma",
  7. But they'll good TBH especially Gaara & Meier", So they are Fooly Cooly & Brendon, nice to meet you", Just as I thought Vampire Hunter D? 'D',, The silent type vampire character that almost don't talk similar w/ Alucard", That is the favorite of my close friend", He likes drawing too & he draw as well", He sometimes force & inspire me to draw & post & show to the world lol drama", Update: Have you seen this sketch?! I sketch that away from home (low land to be specific) where the temp is very high". plus Az'ka & Ling Sig version",
  8. Cool this batch is good", It feels like your doing is harder than using a photoshop! I only knew Gaara & SSB, IDK the rest but the b&w seems very familiar to me! I can't tell what his name & what series he belong! I'm imagining what is the exact appearance when I see them actually! Not sure if those grains & noises are included or probably the scanner?! One last favor if you have at least 8mp camera & shoot this batch in a bright area", They are very awesome TBH",
  9. Cool,, that's a nice feature of 3DS", Yes, I remember, there's also a black screen with a name 'Hideo Kojima' before you can fight Psycho Mantis", I like that boss too aside from Cyborg Ninja", & I really like the ending of that game between Solid Snake & Otacon", Facebook? I almost forgot that site", ---- That Naruto is my very 1st colorization while Yufa is my 2nd", I'm not aware of layering before so I did it in a flat way", Ignore the Yellow Flash & Demon Fox background, I only used it to neutralize the strong color for Naruto", Edit: One more post then this page will cover the whole page between you & me hehe",
  10. Welcome", I guess your 3rd drawing was a rushed one! Psycho Mantis? I think I know that character from MGS where there is hiatus screen occur?! Although you traced it, I wanna see it hehe", Yes Sloth & Pride wasn't revealed in the 1st FMA instead of Ed's & Al mom as homunculus if I am not mistaken! I want to see that 'Redraw Project' too,, the way you redraw", B.t.w. have you seen my Naruto & Yufa drawing?! I will re up if you want",
  11. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Gameplay Difficulty: 2/10 Trivia & Boosts: 6/10 I can't believe this is now my Rarest platinum according to my psnp profile", & how-come the 'Every Trick In The Book ' is in my rarest trophy lol,, lemme know what is rare or hard on that trophy?! The game also almost overwrite the whole of my rarest trophy. Glad that "It can't be for nothing" was still there",
  12. Very nice drawing & colorization", The best is the 1st one", I also like the homunculus drawing but I think you missed these two from FMA Brotherhood ", Later, I'm goin' to try that ColorsLive", & it feels you have more drawings",
  13. Post it here hehe", & very nice profile",
  14. Okay", anyway, care to show your works from deviantArt?! or just p.m the link if it is private something like that! Like yourself, I like to see artworks especially those I met, talked or chat'ed",
  15. I think I'm not! I never lay my supplies on the table. The only old drawing I colored in the same year or 1yr passed are Naruto & Yufa & was posted here 4yrs ago when I was newbie on this site but the rests are recently inked using photoshop. & really,, I don't get what you mean it gets stale? Update: Maybe it's not right to post old works if it was already posted elsewhere but those sites are gone however the new colored Enma was only posted here although drawn several years past. Also Kurapika & Hitomi drawing aren't posted elsewhere. Just let me know if there is something wrong so I'm going stop it",