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  1. Tifa is more suited than Noctis imo! Also, Julia, I hope she will come back with here deadly counter attacks like TTT1",
  2. Thanks", like your self, you are good as well", My patience is my key why my inking using mouse is a bit accurate!
  3. ^ That's a cool SS Gotenks artwork", & oh I found SS Goten too but not colored". + I blur my real name again hehe", I still have a lot of drawings here & the others are not yet scanned", The least, we're still here to give a little life for this space", edit: my colorization is inactive yet, I'm still doing something that took me several months doing it during my free time",
  4. Anna is better in TTT1 than the later versions even Lei because of certain effective attacks! I got the news via text message before I open my laptop that Lei & Anna returns", I'm a Lei user too but I'm going to play T7 when the arcade version will come to our place", My place is outdated".
  5. Dead Space Extraction Difficulty: 3.5/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Another game that join to my rarest platinum?! I plat the game even though I'm so sick yet I still manage to play", DS2 is far harder than Extraction because of DS2's hardcore trophy & it has a very slow recoil when it comes in switching weapons.
  6. Me I don't care if I have 0% or something, I will never hide them", They are only a borrowed games from friends & cousins",
  7. Nice", who's that dragon? If you want to protect your art, put a strong water mark",
  8. I know I haven't posted this yet so here's my ongoing colorization of my old disqualified drawing in a drawing competition because I've got banned due to forum rule breaker & disrespectful toward moderators before", Please bare the way I prove my artwork! Edit: & I think I'm going to fail this one because I want to color Kurapica from HXH",
  9. Thanks bro finally got the platinum", I'm happy I had the chance to play this game in my ps3", Using the old dead pc was so laaag". @Pro, if possible I want to continue & replace Twin Robots to Dead Space 2. This game makes me feel a real survivor", although I voted not to continue without thinking. @Toogie, I hope this is ok & hope you are ok! So you were spying all the time lol joke", thanks for the summary anyway", end of drama",
  10. There's so many pages to back read before that scenario to know more but well I respect Toogie's decision. I'm also thinking executing my profile maybe it fix the bug on my forum profile by transmitting new data but I think that won't work! If Toogie agreed to continue his event with separate thread then I continue my entry", Edit: I also want to add Dead Space 2 and change one of my 100%/plat but I still don't have the 'Hardcore' gold trophy to get the plat". I'm currently at chapter 13 hardcore mode and no save remaining p.s I don't have the dlc to 100%".
  11. What happened really? I didn't get the exact problem??
  12. hmmm I voted no. For me, I Iike the old thread", There's still hope",
  13. I suggest Pm an graphic artist to address your request directly! I want to help but the requests are bit old. I made some old requests before but some requester doesn't care anymore or inactive already.
  14. Just re-playing this game yesterday", Last Quote: From Megaman X8 Zero: Axl, pick up the pace! This is no time to slack off! Axl: You show up late and have the nerve to complain?
  15. Quote 5: From Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact & from the anime itself", Those who break the rules are scums. But those who abandon their friends are worse than scums. --Kakashi Hatake