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  1. Paranoid because of that earthquake last week with many aftershocks😣 And finally my thread was born again😅
  2. Finally beaten floor 12 without solid build so no star acquired🤣 This is my blend so far, And to beat this worm, I think you have atleast 30k damage relentlessly! Barbara critical the worm 46k damage by the help of Klee😊 and Xiao is my main dps.
  3. After removing trophies, sony will donate their money at charity institute🤑 because sony got a lot of plenty bunchy of treasures under the sea where Ariel lives😎
  4. Im practicing my 2nd team at musk reef and reached floor 11 depth 3 and got 2 trophies in the way😊 easy🤔 After playing and switched to mobile phone trying to get Klee and 😍 1stime mihoyo gave what I want🙄 I will upgrade her no matter how many weeks it take before entering floor 12😊 but I think I can beat it without her🙄
  5. I want them back as my main team, .Lumine .Amber .Barbara .Noelle
  6. So nice I can use a flash quality here😊
  7. I always accept all the challenges especially the games I want so when sony added some spices/trophies, games became more livelier😊
  8. I need more or less 2 million mora, talents are so expensive😩
  9. Maybe I,ll go for this build for Mona🤔 I dont have lucky artifacts for her at the icemountain this week, its all for Ganyu😑 and I missed to level up her stellaris phantasm🤣 also, her weapon,s elemental mastery,, not sure if it is reliable🤔 already run out of 4star crit/damage weapon😑
  10. Hi, not sure if Im ready to face musk reef especially the last floors🤔 each character in my 1st team is realiable fighter including Barbara, her critical is now stronger than Lumine and Jean by the help of Yanfei more or less 30k😭 my 2nd team emm Ganyu and Mona are not yet ready because I switched Ganyu s artifacts to Barbara so maybe I think I still need to invest 1 more week for their artifacts including their talents🤔 1st team: 2nd Team:
  11. No and why I should🤔 I dont even care the trophies I missed😝
  12. I think I was infected by this bacteria during the pandemic twice, the feeling is different from common sick and it s so cold! Maybe I got this in the groceries we are supplying food and people are so scared back then.
  13. .
  14. I have no memory doin this rage quit in my entire gaming career, inspite, I have the ability to convert rage into motivation😝 nah it s a joke but tbh, lm not sick😆
  15. Finally colleted 401 treasures😊 thank you compass😇 Next is liyue,, Wait it seems Lumine is a good signature🤔 a little crop, color adjustments and standout typo will do😊 that was a nice auto screen shot by ps4 btw😉