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  1. I Don't mind double games. BUT only if you play them. For example, i played the Borderlands Handsome Collection first on the PS4, and platinumed bot of them. But love the games so much, that i bought both games on the PS3 and working om them now. When you're really playing the double titels and do the time, then i don't see the problem. BUT in the case of so many titels that you only have to sync you're save file, and got all the trophies on the vita/ps3/ps4 2 or 3 times.... Yeah ..that's kinda bullshit. But hell, everybody got to do what they want to do. I love to game, love to increase my completion the normal and fun way, a.k.a trophy collector. But if you love to play games like hannah montana or Mayo.... Fine by me... But please don't say you play those games for fun.. because you are the definition of a trophy whore.....
  2. What disappoints me the most is that we still haven't heard anything about Dead Rising 3 coming to the PS4 of Dead Rising 4.. Still waiting....
  3. Well, Free trophies are always good and fun, but unfortunately this is THE game for me that i'm absolute SHIT at.. Give me any other game and i will hold my own, but this game... It's fun...but i'm crap about it. So every time there is an update with new trophies, that means i'm in need of a boosting partner.... because 30 goals/assists are never ever gonna happen on my own....
  4. I was working on my Overall Completion, nice on my way to 85% I had it finally over 80%.. But then Payday launched a dozen of DLC.... Well Fuck completion back to 79%... Now minecraft launched a new DLC(And off course i have the game on PS3 and PS4).....Well Fuck completion back to 78% Honestly.... It's getting annoying....
  5. When you start matchmaking... Look for games that are NOT STARTED.
  6. Well, i'm still at doubt. I'm a little bit annoyed to be honest, 13!!! dlc packs and trophies..... It's all pretty cool and such. But because of that my Completion % dropped a whole Percent.. And i was pretty close to my goal of 80%. So i'm pretty annoyed. It's a fun game and all, but not that fun to play to Infamy 25(with other words hundreds and hundreds of hours). And with already so many games in my backlog.. I'ff i can get a party together from this site then a probably will go for it, but solo..... no way.
  7. Well, That sucks.. That means a lot of Payday 2.. Could use some help i think, so feel free to add me when you want to..
  8. Almost done with Hitman on the PS4.. Then i'm going back to my backlog on the PS3. First game to do, Dragon age Inq. 50% of me is looking forward to play this fantastic game again(PS4 version on platinum). 50% is afraid of the long loading times on the PS3..
  9. Yes. People who say that Hannah Montana and Terminator are more shamefull than this are crazy, Mayo is for me a 10/10 scale of shame platinum. No skill, no nothing required.....A game only for trophies. No person ever would buy/play this game i'ff the game didn't had trophies. But still, it's everybody's own choice and you should do what you want to do.. But personally when i look at a trophy list and i see games like Hannah, Mayo and cross games that takes seconds have 0.1% respect from me. My 99.9% goes to the people who play the "normal" games. But that's my opinion....everybody has his own
  10. Punch Club. Love it!
  11. I understand your point. And gaming should be fun, and nothing more. Personally i just play the games that i want to. And when i'm not having fun with a game anymore, i just quit it and go to the next game that a want to play. Very simple, don't play games that you don't want to, because then it will feel like a chore. Trophies are fun and all that, but can not give the joy of playing a game and having fun with it.
  12. Not done with it yet, but almost. Thief.. I love the setting of the game, and how dark it is. But it's so boring and more work then play in my opinion... Fez is also a high one in my list but has no Plat...
  13. Longest Platinum of actual playtime would be GTA5 PS4 for me (2 weeks and 5 days). Longest Platinum of a game that i put away and started again after a couple of months is Minecraft PS3 (2 Years 6 Months)
  14. Working on Witcher 3 GOTY and my Death March run, i'ff all goes well the platinum will be mine very soon.
  15. Well, mine was very simple. Jan is my first name. So. Justt_jan. Nothing more, Nothing less.... Justt_jan. My previous account was Just_Jan.