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  1. Lol that's actually kinda funny.
  2. Haha, don't sweat. I've been playing this game since 2009. It's hella EZ by now.
  3. If you're aiming at the A.I they will always move out of the way, no matter what. This can often be seen as a negative thing however, especially on Professional. They tend to wonder around a lot looting and getting one-hit. I highly recommend actually giving the A.I something to fight with instead of just letting them be your mule though. Then again you're on Amateur so you don't need much in terms of survival. I recommend working on "Who Do You Trust?" as early as possible. The A.I thanks upon pretty much everything, so hey, at least they're helpful for something ayyo.
  4. If you're planning on going for 100% on RE5, and honestly why wouldn't you since this game comes with all of the dlc, then eventually you will find yourself playing Desperate Escape. Desperate Escape has a trophy, "Shoot the Messenger", in which you have to kill 3 Agitator Majini in one playthrough of the dlc. Now this seems to not be the case, as this trophy appears to be glitched (in a good way, however). I don't know if it was because I had killed the final Agitator in a different playthrough but I was playing on Veteran and reached the 2nd Agitator spawn. Killed him, trophy popped. This was odd and even if that final Agitator did count on a different playthrough, the trophy description reads "in one playthrough". Before I even attempted this trophy I decided to watch a guide about it since it's been ages that I've played Desperate Escape and the guider also had the same thing happen to him, although he was playing on Xbox 360 and this happened to me on PS4. In case you were curious, the video I watched can be found here. I don't remember it glitched on PS3 as I had to kill all 3 Agitator's but I was talking to my friend and he confirmed that this happened to him on PS3 as well. So with some people confirming that this glitched with them on different platforms, what happened to you? What do you think about this matter? Is the trophy glitched in a good way or is the description simply just misleading? Thoughts? It may be hard to notice, but the below picture is when I earned the trophy earlier today. As you can see (barely), I am at the location of the 2nd Agitator. It popped there even though there was one more to kill.
  5. You got a long way to go kiddo. The A.I isn't so bad after you get used it and get better guns/upgrades so bear with the game. Either than that you can play co-op with somebody and you won't have to deal with the A.I. Honestly a lot of people complain about the A.I and yeah sure in some specific sections of the game they're very irritating but for the most part I think they're okay. I main Sheva so Chris is always my A.I. What I do is just give him his Gatling Gun and since it's automatically infinite, he fires away killing everything that stands afront him. If you're new to the game and don't have the Gatling Gun (or Longbow, if you main Chris) then handing the A.I a Sniper Rifle is a good idea. They get headshots 90% of the time and it's a good idea if you need cover too. If you're going to do this take away all of their other weapons as they will not use the Sniper if they have another weapon with them. If all else fails and you need help, shoot me a friend request. I have 100% on the game and have unlocked everything, the game is super easy for me.
  6. Mark your calendars because the only game that matters in the world is about to make the drop on current-gen consoles, finally! Capcom has pulled the curtain on the remaster's release, August 30th. I'm thinking there's something RE related that's gonna be announced in the end of the year since Capcom seemed to rush the release of this one. Since it is the 20th Anniversary of the series, I do expect a big announcement at the end of the year, perhaps RE2: Remastered? I just think it's odd they so quickly released RE4 after 5 even though 6-5 had a 4-month interval in between. Hmm, thoughts?
  7. The point is though, the exploit still works - patch or not.
  8. Actually I don't recall any patches screwing things up for me and this one hasn't either, so I'm good.
  9. Back in my day patches fixed things, not caused them.
  10. Well this game hasn't had any patches since release so the problem is clearly coming from you.
  11. I really hope this doesn't become a definitive problem. I've had the game since launch and finished the Main Story but haven't bothered to go back to get trophies yet. I hope that when I do return it isn't glitched. Goodluck finding a work around method, this must really frikin suck for ya. :/
  12. Definitely a breath-taking game!
  13. Perhaps rank a few up and make the combat dlc trophies base game now? They could add some new ones too, who knows. Let's keep in mind this is in 2Ks hands now, not Irrational. They may not know what they're doing lmao.
  14. I definitely think it will happen, especially after this: http://gamerant.com/the-last-of-us-2-naughty-dog-confirmation-102/ The Last of Us was a major success, there's no way Naughty Dog is ending there. I also watched something some months ago after Uncharted 4 released about Neil Druckmann working together with somebody else to trial some smaller development demos, The Last of Us 2 was among these demos. I know that this video was on IGNs Youtube channel but it was a while ago so I can't be bothered scrolling all the way down, sorry.
  15. When you wanna change your profile pic but everything is "too large". Um, alright then. I guess I'll just have to stick with this one? :/

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