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  1. I've read this in another forum When in the menu, by default your car will be shown from the side-on view. However, if you use your right analog stick to tweak the camera angle so it’s directly above the car we noticed that the revving of the PS4 fan starts to subside. Sure enough, we bring the camera back down to the side on view and it starts to rev up again. We have no idea why this little fix works, but perhaps the overheating is caused by something to do with the background animations when you have the car in side-on view, where you’ll see the crowds in the stadium waving flags. So... - Go the main menu - Use right analog stick to move camera above your car - After a minute or two you’ll notice the noise of the PS4 reduce
  2. Nice thought!! But i can't do that right now.
  3. This is what i do now. But because i've to leave for a few hours i asked maybe there is another way. Thanks btw
  4. Is there any tip that i can leave the ps4 for a few hours and play matches by itslef?? (i've rubberbanded the R2 but i can figure how i could "spam" the X button)
  5. Yes, you can use it.
  6. you can win all the trophies (except season champion) by just playing exhibition matches and choose in difficulty: No Bots I works and for the 1vs1 2vs2 3vs3 trophies. Check it
  7. Propably trophy is glitched. I've totaly made around 30km. I think if you run at the wall doesn't count the km for the trophy
  8. It just took me 54 matches to gain the 500km trophy.
  9. Unfortunately when you play in free to play doesn't count the kms.. I put a rubber on ds4 and i left open the ps4 all the night but nothing.. Only in matches the counter works?? If you don't score at overtime can can you play until the trophy for 500km pop in?
  10. I would pay for an app like this! 0.99 I think is a fair price.
  11. I've finished the game and the only trophy that i'm missing is the Homo Homini Lupus.. I'm playing 2-3 hours and i cannot find Rais Men (Old Town). Any tip so i could take that trophy faster;;;