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  1. Getting this game just to listen to headphone actor
  2. Blazblue & Killer Is Dead
  3. hey baby what's ya number
  4. Red Dead Redemption
  5. Orange Juice
  6. Welcome to the fourms
  7. Yeah Wolf's Rain
  8. you have amazing eyesight
  9. LOL If you think about it Saints Row is just a updated San Andreas
  10. Es - XBlaze
  11. Resident Evil Rhythm
  12. #9 XBlaze : Code Embryo Successor to the Azure Completed XBLAZE I liked this game a lot. I finally got to see what happens before Blazblue. This game also makes me kinda sad because it shows after 150 years humans are still doing the same ol' bullshit.
  13. Don't Have One Racing
  14. Its one of these 5 Pokemon Dragon Ball Sailor Moon Yu Yu Hakusho Rurouni Kenshin First Manga Naruto