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  1. I solo extreme. Insane is easy to me, but yeah the defense kits being random can get you. Here is some videos on how to do it by yourself. The AI is actually VERY helpful if you keep them alive. Use common sense and team work, even if the bots don't always do that. In fact, I will actually help players on PSN with getting the achievement. Just send a friend request telling me why you sent it/how you know of me. Also don't expect me to be playing this a year from now. I like this game but I don't know if I will be playing it then.
  2. Don't give up. The game is like old RPGs where the player is trying to define his own story and going on his own path. You can go about the games story and progress in different ways. I recommend just exploring and getting used to the maps/weapons. The trophies are, however, a pretty good way of trying to get through the game. If you are having trouble getting a trophy or even finding different locations in the world, there are tons of videos on the internet to help you. The game is all about the player dieing a bunch. It is trying to tell you to learn from mistakes and develop new strategies. About luring enemies...I run past a lot of them, lol. It is pretty easy to dodge their attacks. You just need to find the bosses, then figure out YOUR best plan for defeating them. Mine boss strategy was always the same as it has for all the RPGs. Stay back and wait for the boss to attack, and hit it before it recovers from its own swipe. Then just remember its attack patterns and you're good.
  3. You can summon the Old hunters and have them distract it for you, having a co-op partner wouldn't hurt. If you have someone distracting it, then flank it and hit it in the rear. If you are playing solo, then just do the classic RPG approach. 1. Enter attack range 2. Exit attack range before boss hits you 3. Move in before boss can recover from its own attack and hit its closest hand/head 4. Exit attack range 5. Repeat Works on most RPG bosses sad to say.
  4. What would be the difficulty of this platinum in this fine communities opinion? In a scale of 1-10. I am planning on getting the game whether it is difficult or not. I mean, I love RPGs.
  5. The Shara Boss Trophy tip of yours still works. I got it yesterday. It did not count in the log as bosses, but it still pops up. I am glad because I was getting tired of that game, and RPGs are usually my favorite genre lol. Thanks a lot buddy.
  6. They have been slightly reducing the drop rate of items, that is the balancing patches they've been doing. It was 5% for epic items, I don't know what it is now. When they made it to where you can replay the boss fights in single player, you can now only get green blue and purple material cases. Also if you are lv45 and you try to kill the boss in hard mode instead of defending the digger (when you probably have a lv 68-69 soloing it and will probably kill it by the end of wave 1) you might actually risk the mission. I solo'd the boss in every game I played to insure that people would get the S rank with 3 defenders. You can feel the need to restart the game if you missed the "Home" trophy by not being a jerk and leaving your people to die when fighting the lord of dust. Since you can not replay that mission, your only option is to either delete your save or buy a new save slot. At this point, I don't want to delete my save file and start new. Little on paying more for a save slot. Maybe they will fix this in the future or change the way they "balance" the games they make in the future. Honestly though, I'd rather have a true metal gear with all the items in the game at release, no trophies locked behind DLC. Just a dream now I guess.
  7. It is currently impossible to get this trophy because the recipes for the Legendary items such as the Gear workshop, and kitchen have not been released yet and will be in a future update along with further content. People have used cheat engines on the PC to get Epic weapons like the .44, costumes such as the (walker gear legs(lower), anti-air gatling gun emplacement, and even change the damage/amount of ammo each thing can carry. I wouldn't be surprised if someone recorded some of this soon. The only trohpies I need right now that CAN be achieved are either the ones that take play time (survivor/proficient), or SV coins if you are like me and did not pull cheap trick while fighting the lord of dust to get the "home" trophy and don't want to delete your only save file. The collecter and foodie is currently locked behind future content releases and events. In light of this, it is impossible to give an estimate of the time for the platinum trophy until everything is released on PS4. You can ask PC players about it but I don't really see a point in arguing about this. Save your energy for trying to make Konami change its current outlook on how to make games.
  8. No, I am sorry but we are very sure. We both counted zombies several times. I have done it on every wave from from 4-56...I got very, very good at it, sad to say. On 56 they wouldnt always die but on wave 5, it is pretty much the entire horde you kill with the bomb. We disarm the 4 bombers that come out of the salt mine on wave 4 in different areas so we would have more than one attempt each wave. I would herd them into a tight group after my friend counted and he would shoot the bomb killing them all and ending the wave. It was usually about 13-19 zombies. We would switch off shooting the bombs to see if it was just him, but it wouldn't work for me either. Since then, I have had several others "help" to no avail. Same plan, same amount of zombies, and it was all wasted. I have given up on it after counting the zombies that many times with that many failed success attempts even after wounding zombies on wave 56 to where a single shot would kill them, herding them into a tight circle with other people herding wuslings out of the way and killing 20+ zombies on that high of a wave with 1 bomb. No. I WILL NOT do it anymore. I have had people that was "helping" do the same things and not get it just for it to pop up later. No I will not attempt another go, I want to know if it is just localized between my friends and I (probably not). I have prestige 3, have all characters but the BAT Elite unlocked, I do hardcore EE with randoms for fun, so I know how to herd zombies and work with my team. The problem is that it will not pop up. It is like all the current bugs in the game: -horrible hit reg -BAR still OP -people die in 1 hit from all guns but the kill cam says other wise -zombies supply drops still not being rewarded -some people are now unable to prestige in zombies -some characters won't unlock for people in zombies -disconnect errors -a new error that says you are missing a maps file -sometimes a party cannot join the pregame lobby -server lag -leaderboards don't work in zombies I am sorry for posting off-toping things, but the fact is that they say they have fixed something in the patch notes (like the leaderboards and the supply drops) and they clearly have not. I have little to no hopes of this being fixed. They won't even say one thing about anything on their "oficial" forums.
  9. I can't earn this trophy. I have done it several times perfectly when I was actually trying to get the trophy, done it once for fun when getting my assassin character unlocked, and a few more times while I was helping a friend with the hardcore EE. I have since gave up on it and with the last patches and the patch notes saying they fixed things they clearly have not, I don't really expect it to be fixed. Has anyone else had this problem besides my friend and I?
  10. I never said Zombies was trash. I bought this game solely for zombies. When you doing certain parts of the easter egg, the lights will go off or just get darker like during the boss fight. I have turned the brightness up but I still get some random crap where I can see anything at times. LOL the game isnt p2w. The game is based around the supply drops (that are bugged half the time), when they release the COD coins for purchase, what exactly do you think people will buy with the cod points/coins? They have already said that they will be adding guns later that will change peoples gameplay/style. Some future items arent even period correct if that bothers people. Just stop defending them about it not being pay to win YET Some of the Modded controllers do have cheats installed. This is one of them I was talking about, not scuf. The ones with the actual frickin cheats pre-installed. " Optimized Rapid Fire, Fully Adjustable Rapid Fire, Adjustable Burst Fire, Pulse Fire, Adjustable Anti-recoil, Adjustable Quickscope, Auto Run, Drop Shot, Reload & Slide, Easy Double Jump, Adjustable Button Turbo 2.0, Auto Hold Breath, Battlefield™ Auto spot, Rumble Control, Hair Triggers and Motion Control Reload all built in and ready when you need them! " Edit: Dont say they wont add the cod points. they came with some pre-orders.
  11. I got mine with everyone in my team and have been helping randoms since. Did join the game "in-progress"?
  12. There are cheaters in ALMOST every game/match. Modded controllers with cheats installed DO and WILL work for this game, it even worked in the beta. This is another reason why people dont like multiplayer, my reason anyway. For the others, I love the zombies. I just wish it wasn't so dark. If you turn up the brightness in game it will make the game gray, plus at a certain point in the EE it will start to appear as "fog" inside the bunker but the fouled up brightness settings let you still see zombies :/
  13. It is an ok game, but I have some problems. Some of them are major problems. This is my opinion of the game: - First of all, the game advertises the singleplayer campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and coop. They later released information about zombies. Was zombies the coop? Wtf? This new excuse of a zombies mode just lets people AFK in lobby to the point where people don't want to play the game anymore on the first day of its release, EXTREMELY dark as in a pitch black map and not just a dark story line (is turning the brightness up all the way on a game just to be able to see it a good design idea?), and made almost everything about zombies PAY TO WIN. Pay for more power ups, pay for ammo, pay self revives, pay for more crates. - Zombies is not the only thing that is P2W. The entire game is. If you get a good gun from a crate, they will put you in a lobby with bad players so you can get more kills and make them want to buy more crates to get the said gun. It is their new P2W matchmaking and they seem to be very proud of it. You want more costumes? You pay. You want better guns? You pay. You want better matches? YOU PAY. - The game uses the same engine as Advanced warfare. Many people stopped playing it because of the cheaters. Now on day 1 and even on the beta people where botting and chamming. Even on PS4 you will get shot through was without the use of recon planes, sometimes at the beginning of the game your whole team will get mowed down before taking 2 steps and they quickly leave with you and 1 other guy left to fight the cheaters. - Campaign is...short. About as much as you can expect from COD now days. Not much I can say for it even though it's a WW2 game. What is your opinions of the game? I know COD is a loved franchise, so I will probably be hated for my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I like the game. It's just that it feels like it could have been alot better and that a few things have actually been taken out of the game.
  14. Get the M16A4 with grenade launcher from the explosive potion of the mission. As soon as you exit that first door and go outside, continue forward (to the other side of the road and you will see a man standing next to a desk. He will tell you to get some frags and throw them through some windoes, and after that you will grab an M16A4 off his desk. After getting the M16A4, head straigh for the ship training course. Take out the first 3 targets with the grenade launcher. The video of the FNG world record will give you the best idea. Edit: My personal best time is 14.5 seconds. The M16A4 is pretty much a requirement for most.
  15. ATTENTION all trophy hunters! I have created a new character to see if the smaller dragons (assassin drake, guard drake, etc.) count toward this trophy. THEY DO NOT! I repeat they do NOT count toward the in-game "slayer" achievements nor the trophy. I have created a new character and a new PSN profile to test it. I do not know how I in-game achievement for killing the little ones, but none of the little ones in Well of Dragons counted for either the new character nor the new PSN account. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THE LITTLE ONES. The four big dragons that count as heroic boss missions DO count toward the trophy and THAT is what people farm on well of dragons. People do farm them regularly but is still grindy.