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  1. Most of the trophies seem to be related to the accolades which is account wide unlocks, so does this count for all characters/toons created or just one character? On my firs playthrough I dismantled everything and ended up with 200k+ mats I'm sure I sold a few things. Is there a place in the accolades section that records this achievement? If so, where is it cause I couldn't find it.
  2. I was just told by the PTH discord community that there are 25 side quests. One of them is hidden.
  3. I would recommend to continue playing and see if it doesn't eventually pop when you get the trophy for completing all the side quests or main quests. Has any other trophies not popped yet? For me it is Squaretasking, the one for all the sidequests that won't pop.
  4. It is possible for console to console atm. PS4 to PS5 has no issues, Playstation to XBOX might disconnect, but you get an error 50% of the time for PC to console.
  5. Do the purple challenge icons count toward the "collect all winguit, speed stunt" challenges? The actually do NOT count toward the challenges in their respective zones, so I was wondering if they were added later as optional content that isn't included in the plat. If they are then, that
  6. The samurai can heal himself by leeching the health of nearby enemies with a class abillity. When you use this skill, just be careful of not getting hit. The samurai is a dps tank that can last quite awhile on his own, while the ronin is a group healer that doesn't deal too much damage against harder opponents. You may have to keep your distance and play it safe at times allowing the AI to capture a point on occasion, but it is certainly doable alone.
  7. I have solo'd gold survival as the samurai, hunter, and assassin. My buddy i normally co-op with ONLY plays as the ronin so when he is on, I will play with him and have a healer. If you dont have a healer and do wish to play solo, then you must play that way and change your gear/playstyle to fit solo play. Here is a list of gear you may want to use for samurai: Sword - Anything with waterstance. Try get get some melee resolve gain if possible. Ranged weapon - A half bow with ranged resolve gain, but bombs are also good if you are ronin or assasin (They can blow enemies out of defense rings) Charm - Have either combat regeneration (can regenerate health up 50) or extra resolve with resolve gain. Ghost weapon 1 - Sticky bombs with fired up, or Kunai with super massive Ghost weapon 2 - Smoke bomb with cooldown reduction and with sudden resolve/black powder (the healing smoke bombs would be nice aswell) Some items are exclusive to certain classes, so you will have to change your gear accordingly. The survival you can do alone, but the raids you need a full team. The only exception to this is raid chapter 3, you can do it with two people if you are good enough. Edit: I understand why people would bypass the raids, I hear chapter 2 alone could take up to 4 hours. Chapter 3 on the other hand only takes me and my friend 6:30 minutes, so the time difference to complete them is ridiculous.
  8. Its the EASIEST RPG I have ever played. It does have a little grinding but its not too bad. You don't actually have to do all 100 floors of the far away forest I don't think because I only done floor 40 fur the trophy. Do the 9 chapters of the story, then do all 9 of the dreamer doors for the far away forest key. After that, I done the labyrinth to get levels and items (Play on expert through the game). Use the food that give you extra exp for 1 hour on a single character (I used Roland). Once I got to lv140, i dropped the difficulty down to hard and finished the labrynth. That gave me the dreamer door trophy, labyrinth trophy and plat. It may only work if its the last trophy you need for the main trophy list, but its how i got the plat. I hope that helps someone.
  9. It seems fairly petty to argue about something like that since its in tutorials but alright, lets do this. -You can evade detection by hiding in bushes, or leaving the monsters line of sight. As such, hiding in bushes will take monsters out of "alert" phase and enter a serch phase where it is trying to find you. -There are armor skills that increase your stealth, making it harder for monsters to see you -There is a ghillie suit tool that should probably scream at your face telling you that it has some stealth involved in the game. -Several stealth tutorials. Stealth is more of a playstyle than anything on this game, but it is there. So i must ask, whos on drugs?
  10. Yeah, it has stealth mechanics. Or are you talking about my character looking like snake? Unfortunately I can't take a screenshot at the moment with remote play like it is.
  11. I got the game and it is pretty fun. It reminds me of metal gear with stealth mechanics, so I'm glad I made my character look like Snake. I haven't really got to play it except late at night because the remote play on PC seems to not work at the moment.
  12. No it does not mean you need to buy a PS5. The version 4.0 update just broke remote play for alot of players. myself included. I have read that changing passwords have fixed it for some, but it did not help in my case. I really hope this gets fixed soon or we get compensated for it in some way, maybe add the days that we couldnt play back to our ps+ subscriptions. Doubtful though. Edit: This is really starting to tick me off. I cannot play a game until 8-9 O'clock at night because of this, sometimes later. I have yet to find an official reply/post from sony acknowledging that there is a problem with remote play. This is really concerning me about the quality of updates the ps5 might bring if they change ALL platforms or connection with each update.
  13. I solo extreme. Insane is easy to me, but yeah the defense kits being random can get you. Here is some videos on how to do it by yourself. The AI is actually VERY helpful if you keep them alive. Use common sense and team work, even if the bots don't always do that. In fact, I will actually help players on PSN with getting the achievement. Just send a friend request telling me why you sent it/how you know of me. Also don't expect me to be playing this a year from now. I like this game but I don't know if I will be playing it then.
  14. Don't give up. The game is like old RPGs where the player is trying to define his own story and going on his own path. You can go about the games story and progress in different ways. I recommend just exploring and getting used to the maps/weapons. The trophies are, however, a pretty good way of trying to get through the game. If you are having trouble getting a trophy or even finding different locations in the world, there are tons of videos on the internet to help you. The game is all about the player dieing a bunch. It is trying to tell you to learn from mistakes and develop new strategies. About luring enemies...I run past a lot of them, lol. It is pretty easy to dodge their attacks. You just need to find the bosses, then figure out YOUR best plan for defeating them. Mine boss strategy was always the same as it has for all the RPGs. Stay back and wait for the boss to attack, and hit it before it recovers from its own swipe. Then just remember its attack patterns and you're good.
  15. You can summon the Old hunters and have them distract it for you, having a co-op partner wouldn't hurt. If you have someone distracting it, then flank it and hit it in the rear. If you are playing solo, then just do the classic RPG approach. 1. Enter attack range 2. Exit attack range before boss hits you 3. Move in before boss can recover from its own attack and hit its closest hand/head 4. Exit attack range 5. Repeat Works on most RPG bosses sad to say.