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  1. I am sooooo ready. Hail to the queen?
  2. I just received my collector’s edition but when I started playing I realized the trophies aren’t up yet. What gives???
  3. Where’s the source?
  4. Guys, the game has extracted most of its value at full price. Now, YEARS LATER, they toss it over to PC users. Holy hell.
  5. Gee, I wonder what he could be alluding to... 🙄 Anyways, no Shatter 2 but this is the next best thing!
  6. Ibara on PS2 comes to mind.
  7. Play the original. I can’t imagine you’d get the same effect going into it not knowing who these characters are and not appreciating the exact changes made.
  8. It’s 50 bucks. Come on now.
  9. I would use that feature a round total of: 1 time. Welcome Park fucked me over hard when trophies started popping with no timestamps even when I had set both a date and time before the Vita sent me straight to playing the game for some odd reason. I’ll never forgive Sony for that.
  10. I was hoping to score those avatars, too. That way we could move on to the next set of rewards.
  11. It was fine as long as you’ve never played the 360 version. It was certainly noticeable by comparison but by no means terrible.
  12. Mirror’s Edge. The platinum itself really forces you to learn the game in new ways outside of its normalcies. How to properly move, optimal routes, timing your jumps, memorizing trigger sequences, knowing when to fight or just run. I lived and breathed this game.
  13. I was really hoping Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka would be included.
  14. I think Bayo 2 is waaay better than the first.