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  1. Hi. Thanks for the help. Do you have any plans to post a guide to get all the chests and echos? Thanks
  2. Deadly Premonition anyone?
  3. I just got Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
  4. My GOD! That looks amazing. I'm really excited for this. Shadow of the colossus was a really big surprise for me and this has everything to be just as good.
  5. They are both great games. I'm super excited with Ratchet and Clank PS4. But, in my opinion, Jak and Daxter are better due to nostalgic reasons. And the characters are more interesting in my point of view. Still, they are both awesome and deserve to be reborn in this generation.
  6. I am waiting for E3 and for Fallout 4. If the 1TB model comes by then, I will get it. If not, oh well. I still have my 80 GB playstation 3, and I'm cool with it.
  7. Playstation 4: - Fallout 4 - Ratchet and Clank - Uncharted 4 - The Last Guardian Nintendo 3DS - Pokemon Z (or whatever name they'll use) - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
  8. I know I will
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lnn2rJpjar4
  10. Where's my credit card??? The time has come for me to get a Playstation 4!
  11. Well, Jak II is my favourite game of all time. I got it with my playstation 2 and could not even reach half of the game. But, by now, I can't even remember how many times I finished it. It's a great game, but yeah, it's hard. However, Jak 3 is waaaaayyyyy easier. Just stay calm and you'll do it.
  12. Fallout 3. I bought it really cheap. Got home and didn't understand nothing So I left it collecting dust. But one day, I gave it a second change, and boy, it deserved it. The game is simply amazing. Made me buy New Vegas on release date... And I don't buy games on release date...
  13. Little Big Planet