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  1. I am on US eastern time and I'd really like to get a FIFA buddy to get FIFA achievements with. I have 14,15,16,17,18, and 20. Right now all I need is the Handyman in 18. If you have a pro club to join in any of these games let me know and I will join it and we can work this stuff together.
  2. Uh, yeah um, this is an almost 12 year old game now. Platting it would be nearly impossible these days without someone who is ultra experienced and has multiple consoles. The average person does not have dual PS3s and almost nobody has a friend with dual PS3s. Mad props to the ABSOLUTE F***ING LEGEND known as @ProfBambam55 for helping me with multiplayer. I wish I could buy that guy a beer. I'm working on all the offline stuff after a break from it right now and I think I'll finally have the plat by the end of the month. So look at it this way, making a fire with a stick is pretty hard. Just because someone invents a match does not make building a fire with a stick no longer very hard. The plat is the fire, the method here is what people are talking about. So here's your homework: Create a new account, use a single PS3 and connect to randos online and see how easy it is to Plat then.
  3. LOL I'm plenty worried about the hurricane but I'm not posting threads about plywood boards and water shortages on a game forum. My situation looks just about as solid as it can be from a safety standpoint. Power on the other hand is another issue. I love that you took the time to research my profile to provide an informed answer, lol, that's legendary.
  4. When hurricanes hit my area in Florida, I typically lose power for days. I know I can get a Vita and connect that to my cell phone wifi, but anyone know of other options besides that for bagging trophies when not on a PS4 or PS3? Now back to hurricane prep.
  5. DICE and EA can figuratively DIAF for the way they disrespected hugely loyal BF players. I've spent thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars playing nearly every BF game ever released but their attitude to the actual constructive, thoughtful criticism was personally insulting to people like myself. I have never played BFV and I very likely never will. I certainly won't spend so much as a single red cent for it. "Don't like it, don't buy it." Okay. To put this in perspective, I was as disappointed with this dumpster fire as I was with The Last Jedi, which is to say I was universally disappointed.
  6. Clearly DICE is too busy being woke and giving the political finger to long time BF fans to GAF about fixing trophies LOL. I'm a BF vet of like nearly every single BF game but not this one. I won't even play this one for free.
  7. I recommend finding an absolutely legendary boosting partner who has a veritable PhD in GTA IV. You might find one if you ask around.
  8. 100%. I wish there was a policy that dictated that if you made a platinum multiplayer dependent that you should be required to make the multiplayer available in P2P or keep the server active for a minimum of 10 years or make an option for server rental. I totally feel where you're coming from. I took one look at the DLC and was like, hard pass. I'll get the plat just for the principle of it. And it wouldn't even be that irritating to me if I hadn't had to put up with those over the top crushing modes.
  9. Yeah, that's not necessary to get the platinum, that's DLC. I can understand though if you're thinking about attempting 100%. I totally agree with you. That's stupid.
  10. The MP grind for that is all DLC and not the platinum. If that's what's holding you back, don't worry, just go get the main game plat. I will tell you though that there are a couple multiplayer trophies on both games that you have a closing window for the PS3 versions. These are pretty basic like, win a game in X mode. Servers are going offline for all Uncharted PS3 games I think September 3rd. Uncharted 2 and 3 both have these in the main game to get the plat: ThrillseekerComplete one Competitive Multiplayer game. Buddy System Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game One other note, you have to pay for online access on at least U3. It's $10. I did it the other day just to get the 2 trophies for U3. I have zero interest in the DLC trophies. I never felt like Uncharted was an FPS. F that noise. Good luck!
  11. Trophies are trophies. Go for it. You can find lots of PS3 slims and super slims and phenomenal games for almost nothing. It's the best kind of "retro" gaming. In fact I am not even sure it counts as retro gaming. I picked up GTA IV for $3 at gamestop the other day. I think if you can still buy games at a place like that you are still good.
  12. I am actually working on that right now myself lol. YES I feel your pain.
  13. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
  14. Because it's a fun topic?
  15. I was just recently going back to my PS3 to finish a bunch of games that I've never been able to in the past because life (Or YLOD) got in the way and there are many plats out there that are no longer attainable which I don't lose sleep over. On the other hand there are many that are still obtainable but hugely difficult and that's what this thread is about. For me, it's Battlefield: Bad Company. I've played this game for like a thousand hours yet two trophies continue to elude me, standing grayed out in my trophies list in mocking fashion: I am Bad Company, for which I am one savior patch away from dinging and Beans, Bullets, Bandages for which I am 2800 kills from unlocking. Every time I see Battlefield: Bad Company on my trophy list stuck at that 95% all I can think about is "To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee." What's your White Whale game?