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  1. that is by far the hardest part of the track imho you'd have to be a god that get it right consistently... You probably already know this but you don't have to land properly, the only important thing is that u make it over the water and through the gate somehow and if your car has flipped over or anything during the jump you can immediately respawn from that checkpoint and go from there. The gold medal ghost makes tons of mistakes so you will catch up quickly. So you might not need full speed, the most important thing is lining up ur car to the exact centre. iirc I used to cut through the grass a bit to minimize the angle I had to turn my car and to have more time to position properly
  2. It can be linked, but they won`t do a shared inventory cause not all champs will be in the mobile/console version. At least that`s what the guy said the reality though is that they just want the moneys... But apparently you will get a headstart bz linking your acc`s. Wonder if the console version will be f2p. Anyway this is sick as fuck, lol is one of my all time fave games so I`m really hype for all of these announcements.
  3. I haven't played too much of it yet, but from what I've experienced it is definitely inferior to the real souls games movement. Hitboxes seem a lot more inconsistent, you are locked into animations for what feels like forever, enemies are constantly tracking you with their attacks... The 'fighting styles' have a stat called mobility or something like that so maybe with a really quick style and light weapon it is better, but don't expect the combat to have souls level of tightness.
  4. I got Ishtar from F/GO (Aniplex) ordered from Nippon Yasan. Box: It's freaking enormous. It looks alright but nothing special honestly. It's kinda weird that they use the prototype image on the back of the box in which the base has 4 pillars and look a bit different than in reality where there are only 3, but whatever. The packaging inside the box it was shipped in was weak af so I was afraid that the figuee would be broken somewhere, but luckily the figure's box had quite good packaging. Still one of her earrings broke off but that's something I can live with even if I can't glue it back. Base: I usually don't like these cheap looking transparent plastic bases, this one isn't too bad though. I like the colour and the summoning circle looks cool too so I'd say this is passable. Ishtar and her bow are supported by this three metal rods that go into the holes on the base. These are quite bulky, they have good weight and feel like good quality metal. On the concept art / prototype model there are 4 rods which seem thinner and seem to have a goldish gleam so when I fisrt saw these I thought they would be distracting but they aren't so I'm fine with them. The figure itself is sitting on this transparent seat which I don't like at all. They designed it terribly and many people have had trouble with Ishtar tumbling forward because the seat is a bit forward angled. Some people have resorted to pretty much gluing her onto her seat, but for me rotating it a bit to make her clothes touch the bow preventing her from falling forward seems to be good enough. It's still a major design flaw though and I'm kinda paranoid now to put her on the edge of a shelf in case she somehow did fall down. Figure: Her bow is huge obviously as it is in the game. It's really heavy so I don't think it is hollow inside which is always a plus. Also it looks awesome, it goes into the base nicely and I could't find any defects. I would've liked it if the string was a real metal chain instead of plastic, it's weird that her nendo has real chains but her scale doesn't but okay. The figure itself is also very well made. I'm glad it's her 1st stage ascension outfit cause that's the one I like the most. No noticeable defects here either, outside of the broken earring but that's not the manufacturer's fault. This is my first aniplex figure and their PVC quality feels really good too. I like the pose, the facial expression, the hair, everything really. It's gonna be a nightmare to dust this figure tho 😅
  5. Reaching the nuclear throne means sitting on it for some reason, so you have to kill it for Everything Hurts too.
  6. Enter the gungeon is much more polished than nuclear throne and overall the better game imo. It is definitely the easier and less grindy one to plat but tbh both are just rng dependent after a point. In NT u get fucked by retarded map layouts and spawns while in gungeon by not getting weapons that are worth a shit. Gungeon`s bosses and weapons are way more varied and interesting, the coop is infinitely better (which is not much to say since NT`s coop is complete ass), and everything just feels higher quality honestly. There are 2 things that make gungeon much easier i think: - insanely op weapons / items that basically let you faceroll through everything if you're lucky enough to get them - you can save between floors and store the save file, so if you fuck up you can overwrite the save and start again on that floor Btw all of gungeon's dlc are free, basically the game you buy on psn is already the complete edition
  7. If you liked the original this much you will like S;G 0 as well for sure so I'd say go for it. It basically tells the story of an alternate world line where Okarin gives up on saving Kurisu and the world is going towards ww3. I've only played virtue's last reward from zero escape but both that and clannad completely shits the bed at the end. Not to mention If you think S;G starts how about clannad's completely pointless 10s of hours of slice of life shit and repeated jokes with that idiot sunohara...
  8. #60 - Steins;Gate 0 I'm ashamed to admit that it took a big sale to get me to buy this despite the original S;G being one of my favourite VNs, and even then I wasn't that excited to read it. Luckily it turned out to be really good and has reignited my love for the franchise. I'm sure it would be fairly easy to find plot holes (like in just about any material about time travel and shit) but the whole thing was so enjoyable with both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments that you just don't even want to try. I gotta say though that the true ending and some other parts of the story were really confusing and not well explained imo. The new characters were mostly cool, Maho is amazing and even Kagari who at first I couldn't give the slightest fuck about became interesting during the story. Yuki I didn't really like or care for and Mayuri's other "new" friends were unimportant. I love that Okarin's lines are voice acted, I wish more VNs did this. It's so much more immersive than the "you are the protagonist" bullshit. I also wish more of the characters had a decent prepainted figurine aside from Kurisu cause I kinda want to buy one now. Faris is still best girl. El Psy Kongroo.
  9. I was using this as well and it seems the author has asked it to be unpublished for whatever reason https://psnprofiles.com/guide/5401-steinsgate-0-trophy-guide You can still access the google cached version though if u want to. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://psnprofiles.com/guide/5401-steinsgate-0-trophy-guide
  10. I can confirm that it works on ps4 as I got it not too long ago. It popped after the credits rolled though and not instantly after killing the throne so if that happens dont't worry.
  11. Thats great, thanks.
  12. Sorry if this has been answered before, but how does this game check the consecutiveness of the levels? For example if I died on lvl 20 a few times then did it and proceeded to do 1-19 w/o dying and not returning to the map or title ever, would the no death trophy pop or do I need to like reset the counter whenever I die by returning to the map/title or something? Another example if I did 1-10, died on 11, then did 11 does the counter start again there, so if I did 12-20 after that and went back and do 1-10 again would the trophy pop? So basically do I ever need to manually exit to the map or title or can I just play consecutively until I get the 20 in a row in whatever combination it happens without ever exiting?
  13. Sorry, I didn't think they would terminate the website but I shoud've put the images into the guide instead of links regardless. I tried to find the op ones again but I couldn't and the thing that's really rage inducing is that I have them in my contact list but I can't view there QR codes... Anyway here are some other op/strong characters as an alternative.
  14. Sorry, I should've been more clear. I don't mean seeing further in the fog of war, I mean literally viewing the whole map from farther above. You can see the difference in these two pics Yea torches help you see more but I don't think they zoom the camera out unless I'm completely blind and haven't noticed yet.
  15. ^ Ive seen videos where people were playing with the camera zoomed out far enough that you could see multiple rooms at once. I assume they were on pc but is there a way to do this on ps4? Looks pretty helpful but I can't seem to find anything related to it in the options.