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  1. Is that photo really the "credible evidence" for which the flag was lifted after almost half a year? Someone in the other thread said that trophy screenshots on ps4 don't count as evidence because of how easily they are forged but how is this any different? What even took him so long to provide this "evidence" lol.
  2. Yes you are right in both that it's actually 10 games and that it could be adjusted, but that in the log run would take so much more effort and attention than properly re implementig the tip feature with letting the community moderate itself. I think it would be much cleaner and user friendly.
  3. You conveniently ignored the other person's point, that different regions have different forum topics, as well as only 5 topics show up there and for the rest of them you would have to look at the full list and hope that people even named the thread trophy tips or whatever. The best tips for the game Nuclear Throne are in a topic called Potential glitches and unobtainable trophies but you would never realized that if you didnt open it...
  4. Forum threads just become too convoluted. I'm not tryna look through a game's topics to find tips for a trophy... I just want to click on the trophy and see the tips there. I actually don't understand how can anyone be against this. imo the site is losing so much valuable knowledge because people who may be literally experts on a specific trophy but can't be fucked to write a whole guide just don't have a clean way to put the info anywhere.
  5. VA-11 Hall-A Jill of all trades A decent VN but I was ultimately quite disappointed with it. I never really became invested in any of the chaarcter stories and I especially disliked the mc and couldn't care less about her drama. The premise and setting are awesome but the stories just kinda went nowhere. Even for characters I somewhat cared about I quickly realized I shouldn't expect anything substantial. I really liked the gameplay , it's chill and the balance between the text and gameplay is spot on. Also the game has tons of funny and clever references. Problem is for a vn (and such a small game) it is surprisingly unstable. I often had massive lag spikes that slowed everything on screen into a crawl for tens of minutes which combined with not being able to save whenever I want made me loathe the game when I was trying to finsh up the last trophies and just left a sour taste in my mouth.
  6. Well ideally you would look at your opponents' discards and try to guess what suit they are focusing on / what hand they are going for so that you don't paly into their hands, but if you don't really know then just discard one at random. Of course if someone has called riichi you should pay more attention to what you discard but usually honor (wind, dragon) and terminal (1,9) tiles are your safest bet.
  7. I used to think the same, but now with the auto sync basically turned off for non premium members the sample size is just too small and inaccurate, because even if a user is counted as a game owner, their trophies won't be updated unless they manually sync... I can somewhat understand the site owner not giving a flying fuck about new (highly requested) features, but this is one of the key functionalities and it's basically screwed now for any new game.
  8. Hmm yea I completely forgot about the fandiscs. Photonflowers and photonmelodies are only collections of sidestories afaik, as well as photonmelodies containing Altered Fable which is basically Extra 2 (exactly what I needed after alternative!). I've played Yuuhi's route in Altered Fable because I liked her, but that vn although fun, really is 100% fanservice. I don't really know anything about the sidestories, but I wouldn't expect the same level of quality so I'd say pick it up when it's on sale or something (that's what I plan to do at least now that you've reminded me of their existence . Another highly rated vn on my radar that has a kinda similar setting is Baldr Sky 1 and 2. These just received official translations too! I haven't read them so I can't recommend them with 100% certainty just thought maybe it's something that might interest you too
  9. Muv luv was one of the first vn's I've ever read and alternative is the one that really got me into vn's so I'm always happy to see others who liked it. Lots of people are put off by extra I guess, but honestly I enjoyed it and thought it was funny. Unlimited was starting to get interesting and then yeah Alternative just blew me away. It might not be my favourite vn anymore, but i'll always remember reading it for the 1st time as one of the best vn experiences I've ever had. It is still the highest rated vn on vndb after all these years and not without reason..
  10. Yes both daily and weekly are still available
  11. It's pretty hard to find info on this game so I wanna write down some things that might be helpful for others who want to plat this (tho I doubt there would be many here lol) before I forget it. There are only 2 difficult / time consuming trophies, the rest are easy assuming u know how to play mahjong. I did the vast majority of things with these two characters: Oohoshi Awai [大星 淡] and Shibuya Takami [渋谷 尭深] (both from Shiraitodai HS [白糸台高校]) If you are unfamiliar with the anime / manga, Awai's special abilities are: the other players having shitty starting hands. double riichi on demand basically, but no other yaku in hand. call concealed kan before the last corner of the wall, and you will get the tsumo on the next draw + the kan dora will boost your points so only having the double riichi is not a problem. Takami's ability (which makes her the biggest asset for getting a win with each yaku) is that in south 3 and 4 she will draw all of her first discards until that round. So basically you can completely set up your final hand if you manage to draw out the match to 14 rounds. Something to be wary of while doing this is that some characters' special abilities can overwrite yours, thus your last hand might not be what you had set up beforhand. Some of these charas are: Usuzumi Hatsumi [薄墨 初美] when she is in the north seat, she will draw the south and west tiles to herself. Iwato Kasumi [石戸 霞] after she activates her special power and goes offensive, she will draw almost all of the tiles of one of the suits, so if you were setting up a hand with that suit you are shit out of luck. Matsumi Yuu [松実 宥] probably the same / similar to Kasumi, but I'm not entirely sure her ability overwrites yours (for the other two I'm 100% sure). Lets start with the easier of the 2 trophies, きちゃいましたー, for which you have to get all cards in the game. This would take ridiculously long, but luckily we can abuse the fact that the game only autosaves the cards you obtained when you return to the menu from the shop. So gather 150-200 coins or however many u want to and keep buying the senbei packages. Whenever you get a new card return to the menu. If you dont get any new cards just quit the game via the psvita menu and try again. If you need to farm money for this, the fastest way for me was by playing 通信対局's as Oohoshi Awai and with these rules. I highlighted the important parts: Hanchan so you get 50 coins / match Akapai enabled so you can sometimes get lucky with more doras -> more points, eliminating an opponent fatser. Dobon enabled so you can end the match quickly by eliminating one of the opponents. Awai is great for this (and everything else <3) cause with her special power you dont have to pay attention and still win pretty much every round. Special powers enabled for obvious resons. The stat upgrades enabled, though not too important. Doing this you can get 50 coins / ~5 minutes. I tried playing team matches which give 250 coin per match, but my problem with it was that I couldn't eliminate an opponent before Awai's power runs out and after that I would actually have to pay attention and put in effort to win. Now for the hard part 超すばらです which needs you to win a hand with each yaku. Sounds brutally difficult, but ironically by far the biggest blocker is a measly 1 han yaku, chankan [搶槓] but more about that later. You can check your progress with the yaku from the main menu. Most of these are best done playing as Takami with the following rules: 2. 3. So you have time to set up your final hand. Try to always win when you are the dealer, if you aren't the dealer, with these rules the seats only change when someone wins the round so furiten and tenpai are fine. 4. Disable dobon so players can go into minus points without ending the game and you only have to worry about completing your final hand. 5. 6. For obvious reasons. Nagashi mangan is NOT needed for this trophy. The list of yaku's needed: The yaku that are worth a mention are: 海底撈月 - haitei raoyue : win on the last draw - this is Amae Koromo [天江 衣] 's specialty. As long as you she draws the last tile and she is in tenpai, she will win off it. I also got this yaku a lot with Awai, when the last corner is close to the dead wall. 河底撈魚 - houtei raoyui : win on the last discard - I don't think any character has a special power for this, but it will happen while going for the other yaku's, just keep an eye for it. 嶺上開花 - rinshan kaihou : win on a draw from the dead wall after calling kan. - this is Miyanaga Saki [宮永 咲] 's specialty. She will always start with a concealed kan in hand, so just build your hand until you would be in tenpai after calling kan. Declare the kan and Saki's ability wil activate, drawing you the winning tile. I also got this yaku a lot with Awai, because of all the kan's she is calling while already in tenpai, you're just bound to get it every now and then. 搶槓 - chankan : win on another player's open (!) kan. - Technically this can be done solo, but there are so many factors that tbh it's just not gonna happen. I was trying to do this solo by playing against 3 Saki's but they always call closed kan's and basically never open so it doesn't work. The best way to do it would be with 4 player coop but unless you live in japan that's not realistic at all. In the end I bought another copy of the game and did it playing alone with two ps vitas but even that way it was very luck dependant. I was playing as Takami on both vita's setting up for the final round on both. On my main account I was aiming to set up a win condition with as many waits as possible, while on the side acc I was gathering pairs or 3 of a kinds of the possible winning tiles of the main account. The two ways you can declare open Kan are if you have 3 of a kind, and someone discards the 4th tile, call Pon and not Kan, and then you can call Kan whenever you want to with the one tile still in your hand. The other way is having a pair and calling Pon on a discard, then drawing the 4th tile and call Kan when you so desire. So on the side account focus on getting the possible Kan candidates, and on the main account set up a legal hand. Sadly furiten can't be turned off in the rules, so drawing the winning tile on your main account and discarding it for your other account to call Pon will lock your hand into furiten for that wait. Once you get this out of the way you are basically golden as the other ones are nowhere near as luck based. 九連宝燈 - chuuren poutou : 1-1-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9-9 of the same suit, plus any one more tile from the suit (closed only) - This is Miyanaga Teru [宮永 照] 's specialty, but I did this with Takami. With Teru after winning 8 times in a row with a tsumo, her 9th hand will be chuuren, but I personally haven't tried it cause winning 8 times in a row with tsumo seems pretty hard, tho I'm sure after Teru starts the streak she is a beast. Mind that this hand is closed only, so you can't steal any tiles for it. 天和 , 地和 - tenhou, chihou : winning starting hand (tenhou for dealer and chihou for non-dealer) - If you've leveled up Takami's special power you can actually do both of these in one match. Restart the game until you will be the dealer in south 3 and draw out the game until you have the 14 tiles set for a legal winning starting hand. In south 3 you can instantly win by tenhou, then deliberately lose the next round so it goes to south 4, where you can instantly win by chihou saving you the trouble of having to set up a winning starting hand twice. The rest of them (and these last 2 as well for that matter) are pretty straightforward to set up with Takami, just as an ending note I actually got kokushi musou once with Awai after forgetting to active her ability at the start which was pretty crazy considering I had to try quite a few times to get it with Takami 😅.
  12. That's what I'm thinking too and I suppose it's not really an issue since this is an english speaking forum. I just noticed it now cuz I wanted write tips for 2 trophies and hoped that I'm just blind and there is an option somewhere to start a topic.
  13. Yea it's咲-saki-全国編 but looking at this it's basically every game that doesn't start with the 0-9a-zA-Z.
  14. Apologies if this has been answered before, but why do some games not have an auto generated forum thread? Can't the forum handle games where the title doesn't start with a roman alphabet letter lol? And even if there is no auto generated one why can't we at least force create it by making a topic for that game. I wouldn't mind if it's ???-Saki-???? , for example, as long as the topic would appear at the side panel when checking the trophy list so it can easily be found by ppl looking at the list.
  15. Darkest Dungeon is an amazing game but be prepared to get tilted out of your fucking mind by the rng. Literally everything during combat is based on percentages and random numbers ...