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  1. I did it for her
  2. I got Yoimiya today in 80 wishes, but of course not before being trolled by Qiqi on the 50/50. Still two 5* in 80 pulls is hella lucky so I shouldn't complain. I won't bother with the weapon banner this time cause getting the one you want is basically guaranteed 3 pities and I need to save up for the shogun.
  3. I have never tried domains in coop because of the 10 year loading screens on PS4, but can the people who die not respawn at all?
  4. Imo the best way to play games like this is ignore the meta and build characters you like (aesthetics, moveset ...). He is for sure a better main dps than the traveler and ayaka is cryo & different weapon type so even if you get her it's not like they will use much of the same mats to lvl up, aside from the xp books and mora ofc. I personally like his playstyle but I don't use him too often anymore cause I also have hu tao who has way better gear. On topic I was pretty lucky with my rolls this time. I had 19k primos + bought 300$ worth and got C2 Ayaka, Keqing (->C2), Jean (-> C3), Skyward Harp, Skyward Spine, Mistsplitter. I still don't like that ayaka has the "mona" sprint. They made it smoother than before but it's still kind of ass for a main dps and it's actually a vital part of ayaka's playstyle :/ .
  5. It's been so long since I spent money on this game so I'm itching for some good old genshin whaling and the inazuma 5* charas and weapons definitely look worthy. I'm mostly looking forward to baal & ayaka though I'm a bit worried about ayaka having the mona dash which sounds absolutely horrible for a main dps and makes no sense to me on her. I'm also really hoping that they add new trophies since this is pretty much the onlyy game I play on PS nowdays.
  6. I just did the new abyss and I think it's easier to do than the previous. 12-2 and 12-3 seems annoying to max star but the rest are easy.
  7. I'm very surprised these winged cloud games are coming out on PS as I don't see why anyone would want to play them on PS over the "full" PC version. I do however understand wanting to buy the game just to have it on your profile but it's waay overpriced.
  8. The current abyss 12 is very hard so not the best time to get this trophy. But it will likely just get harder and harder for non active players as the power creep continues.
  9. The site owner has quite clearly lost all his passion for the project. Maybe if he opened up the repo and allow pull requests from a few users who have shown to be willing to implement features and improvements you would see changes but as it stands now it's absolutely useless to expect anything.
  10. Crazy how one of the main things that attracted me to PS, which is having all games under the same service instead of scattered across multiple like steam, epic etc, is what might ultimately push me away from it. I just can't trust sony anymore to not pull the carpet from under my feet shutting down PSN for vita and PS3 with very little heads up and no provided alternatives...
  11. I highly doubt it. You can probably count the amount of games that have furigana on one hand. The motivation to read more is what? Trophies? The games themselves? If it's not important to be on PS you're much better off playing on PC. There you have a fairly good chance to be able to extract the scenario scripts from the game data (at least for visual novels) which you can open in a browser and use an extension like Rikaichamp for mouseover translating. Ofc this also applies if the game is on both PS & PC. If it sounds like a hassle then you probably shouldn't bother because you will have to hit up the dictionary for every other word 🙃.
  12. None of these things ever get fixed or implemented regardless of the opinions because the site owner doesn't care.
  13. Ultra mutant is the 100% completion trophy not just all crowns and you know that getting all crowns on ALL chars can be glitched right? You only need to get each crown once (which the weekly can be helpful for) and then just have to abuse the random character glitch described in the "potential glitches ..." thread to unlock post loop crowns in L0.
  14. I don't care about the trophy but this game is absolute TRASH from a technical standpoint so I really hope the devs weren't seriously bragging.. Even disregarding the server issues, the menus are laggy as hell, why does it take a year to open up the invite screen and then another year for the invited person to actually appear in my lobby? How the FUCK can you not quit a game while it is transitioning between rounds and again the menu takes ages to come up... Multiple times my duo parter got into a game while i didn't when I didn't even get a server error as if the game just completely disregarded that we were in a party. I'm guessing the movement is intentionally clunky, but lets not even talk about the awful tail stealing minigames or anything that has to do with R2. Also how are there 0 statistics for the player to check in a game like this? I want to know which game I suck the most at, counters percentages etc.
  15. Shit like this should just stay on steam anyway