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  1. Thats great, thanks.
  2. Sorry if this has been answered before, but how does this game check the consecutiveness of the levels? For example if I died on lvl 20 a few times then did it and proceeded to do 1-19 w/o dying and not returning to the map or title ever, would the no death trophy pop or do I need to like reset the counter whenever I die by returning to the map/title or something? Another example if I did 1-10, died on 11, then did 11 does the counter start again there, so if I did 12-20 after that and went back and do 1-10 again would the trophy pop? So basically do I ever need to manually exit to the map or title or can I just play consecutively until I get the 20 in a row in whatever combination it happens without ever exiting?
  3. Sorry, I didn't think they would terminate the website but I shoud've put the images into the guide instead of links regardless. I tried to find the op ones again but I couldn't and the thing that's really rage inducing is that I have them in my contact list but I can't view there QR codes... Anyway here are some other op/strong characters as an alternative.
  4. Sorry, I should've been more clear. I don't mean seeing further in the fog of war, I mean literally viewing the whole map from farther above. You can see the difference in these two pics Yea torches help you see more but I don't think they zoom the camera out unless I'm completely blind and haven't noticed yet.
  5. ^ Ive seen videos where people were playing with the camera zoomed out far enough that you could see multiple rooms at once. I assume they were on pc but is there a way to do this on ps4? Looks pretty helpful but I can't seem to find anything related to it in the options.
  6. Apparently if you import someones skater that has a custom graphic on you can still get the trophy. I have a friend who I know has made a logo back when the servers were fine, but since I only played the game after the online was shut down his skater just showed up as the basic blank t-shirt one in my list. Hopefully now that the srevers are back up it will actually show up normally now. Gonna check it out tomorrow if I have time.
  7. #54 - Trackmania Turbo Hell yeah baby I did it! This is by far my hardest platinum yet and I don’t think that will change for a while. I used to play trackmania a lot on PC, but I didn’t even know there was a game on PS4 so I was really happy when this came on PS+. The game was pretty much what I expected it to be, my only gripe is that there are a bit too many off-road tracks, especially towards the end, which to me feels like a cheap way to make the game more difficult. The worst offender imo was lagoon which is a shame cause the actual rollercoaster maps were my favourites. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make you drive that twitchy car on grass/sand/wood in 70% of the tracks ought to floss with my pubes. In my opinion the hardest maps were 175, 178, 180 and 190. Black valley is basically the make or break point of this platinum, but the game is just trial and error with little to no element of luck, so if you try it enough times you’re bound to get it right eventually. The ones I thought were the easiest and got my trackmasters on are these: I would recommend this game to anyone who likes driving games even just a little bit. It’s easy to pick up and hard to master, as its slogan says. Can get frustrating at times and make you tilt pretty hard, but the satisfaction after getting those gold’s is worth it and it's a lot of fun especially in short bursts.
  8. Have you tried turning up the brightness and contrast of your tv? Once you can actually see the road that track ain't so bad imo 😄
  9. You also earned the meta-trophy Everyday Hero before earning most of the individual trophies required.
  10. I’d like to nominate Undead_Wolf_N7 ‘s Yakuza 0 guide. It’s a great example of how a guide should be. The format is neat and easy to navigate, there a re tips for everything that might pose a challenge, lists and maps for nearly all collectibles and even an entire new guide for the friendships and side quests. It’s hard to criticize anything, though the thing that would make It perfect imo is if it had the list of weapons and equipment and the way to obtain them, cause that CP was the biggest pita for me. Definitely a guide worthy of attention and prai
  11. I hope this is the case cause Euron always being in the right place at the right time needs a real explanation instead of "oh hes the best captain of the seven seas" or whatnot. My thoughts on the episode is that can Bran just die already please? I hate that actor so much and Bran's character is so boring. His scene with Sansa made no sense to me, he should have so much things to say and instead he just reminds Sansa of Ramsey and acts like an edgy little shit. And I'm sure he's gonna be an important character and won't die at all nooo. I remember reading some theories that he will become a time traveler of some sort and he was the Brand the Builder that built the Wall and also he drove the Mad King crazy. I hope none of this is true though. Also if Dany starts using her dragons I wonder if Euron has that dragon horn thing he found during his journeys cause I don't remember the show ever mentioning it and that would just straight up destroy Dany.
  12. Well they already did it once wtih Cersei blowing up the Tyrells which strangely no one seemed to care about other than Olenna obviously. Like really someone just blew up the centre of your religion and no one had anything to say about it. Of course I'm exaggerating and probably nitpicking too but I just can't help it cause the GRR Martin obviously can't be fucked to finish it so now this is the canon. I don't care about Lady Stoneheart either, and she didn't really have any important part in the books yet so I'm not surprised they couldn't be bothered with her. Yea those few conversations were good, but overall I still think they fucked up Arya's story. You can't be both Arya Stark and a nameless man, she shouldn't have the power to take others' appearances and just go on a killing spree. I hope at least she will have to pay somehow for all those lives she's taken from the many faced God cause this just goes against everything the nameless men has been about until now. Also the way Jaquen killed those people in S2 was awful. That's not how a professional assassin kills. They also ruined Stannis' character and killed him off such a stupid way... Well whatever I don't think the show sucks. I'm pretty hype about it actually but more and more things are explained or done poorly imho.
  13. That skinny ass ballista looked so lame what the hell 😂. I really hope they'll figure out something better than that cause I doubt they can even hit a target more than a few hundred meters away let alone pierce the scales of a dragon. But yeah I have to agree that the passage of time is portrayed terribly. Tbh I'm really worried that the show creators aren't good enough writers to finish a huge story like this. Every time they strayed from the books it turned out stupid and they don't have the source material to work from now. The whole thing has been so Dany biased for a while now...
  14. #47 - Enter The Gungeon Dat Plat This was an extremely fun and addictive little game. Aaand a bit frustrating too because of how big the luck factor is. The same thing can be nigh impossible or laughably easy solely based on what items and guns you got, but that also means that no two runs are the same and I guess that’s one of the main appeals of the game for some. The game has couch co-op which is awesome, but I don’t like how only the “host” gets trophy credit even if both of us are logged in on our accounts. Also most of the game actually feels harder in co-op (probably because of how the camera works) so from a trophy perspective it’s ultimately rather pointless, and trophies were the only thing I cared about after a certain point. The trophy list is decent, you always have something to work towards and none of the trophies are obnoxious except one. Yup, the God damn fucking Frifle quests… I’m not even surprised it’s the rarest trophy by a fair margin even though there are quite a few more difficult ones. Goes to show how people feel about pointless fucking grinds. That one made me a bit salty but yeah otherwise great game.
  15. Gungeon Master Clear the Sixth Chamber. FINALLY. After so many runs ruined by 1 or 2 unlucky rooms or me fucking up at the boss, had I failed this one too, I’d have been through with this game I think. The boss fight was so intense oh my God, I played the second phase terribly as usual and was left with not much HP and shitty guns for the third phase. I was starting to pretty much give up, I only had half a heart left and the boss still had around 1/4th of its HP bar so I checked my guns and saw the alien engine. My invincibility item had just come off cd so I said fuck it, activated it pulled out the alien engine and went balls to the wall for the kill, rolling into the boss’s ass trying to roast it before my item expired. I always hated that gun and pretty much never used it but it saved my ass so hard this time as it was doing massive dmg allowing me to barely take down the boss in time, and now I don’t have to see Bullet Hell ever again 😌.