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  1. persona 4 golden
  2. platinum trophy Fallout 4
  3. I'm going for dragon age: origins; dragon age II and minecraft ps4 edition
  4. the main game all the minigames (conga zombies, mega conga 2, zombat + minigame in this (cost $2000 and you can play it in the bunker) , pacifist island, infection, cryo crisis) everything in extra (credit island (and the mini game in this, looks like an old arcade game) , sfx-player, looking at character, making a character, music player, looking at models (sorry if the names aren't the same a tried to translate it as good as I could ) maybe look at al of your scores??? maybe in the option menu press on statistics???? not sure of the last two but wouldn't hurt to try them some of these option (extra & minigames) you have to unlock by playing the main game and getting the the correct shiny stickers hope this helps
  5. ruben rainbow: you can find this guy near a stage: you need to be in a area that begins whit a short cut whit a lot of flowers and two rows of brains then comes a parking lot with to one side a big red package behind a big billboard. You exit this area through a gate with two guys with guns then you can go through the exit but there is a grassy area with a broken fence go through this fence and then your in an area with a stage and a few humans. some are ruben. You can check your progression in the extra menu with the fourth option: looking at a character or something like that (begin of stage) (after you leave parking lot) (near the end) through broken fence)
  6. try to finish minecraft
  7. try GTA V: the single player is that difficult, the collectables are easy if you use the map on the social club site of rockstar and the multiplayer will take a will but if you do the correct mission it will not be that difficult
  8. grand theft auto five