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  1. Didn't improve the graphics? The game now is a lot better, i played them back to back. Picked up a dlc trophy on ps3 after i got 100% on the ps4 pro. However the games lifecycle is gone for me after i got my platinium. Still a great game i think, 8 /10 when its on sale.
  2. A soon as you can effort it buy a supercar rallycross car. Upgrade it while driving before starting RXWC. I got the ford fiesta, great car, with no tuning i won all events and heat sessions. Tip. There's a trophy for entering first in the final event. Once you have that trophy you had a perfect start, repeat it every race forward and take the joker lap asap.
  3. If you log on to racenet via your ps4 and then log in with your smartphone on dirt rally the leaderboards are available. Also the secret wager events. The ps4 pro may be a capable gaming device, the browser is a snail. And i have a ethernet connection.
  4. After playing pc3 and owning pc2 for more than a year i played them back to back. I rememberd the handling in the low tier events being weird compared to gt sport so i let it be. But after pc3 i tried it again with the difficulty 0 and aggression 0. Like playing against a todler. I spinned almost every car on every track but wanted lo level up to get better cars and not rage quitting. I leveled up but didn't change the ai. After breezing from tier 6 to 1 with different classes i did the 2nd tier 1 event (endurance world championship). 6 rounds, the first 4 events are only 30 min, but the 5th at spa takes a min. of 2h and the 6th at le mans also 2h. I managed to do 44 laps in a 488 GTE on spa and 27 at le mans. After 4 laps you're lapping the ai at spa and 3/4 of the race is in the rain . It only effects your pride and not your trophies. So more than 80% of the trophies are only time consuming and are 1/10 difficulty. That 1 point is for the effort.
  5. Custum race, Indianapolis oval 200 laps, 0 opponent and pick the indycar oval. After doing the first stint myself (30 laps). Go change the pit strategy to change driver and fill the fuel tank to max. Now the ai driver is in control change settings to no driver change. The ai will now finish the race and you get the trophy. I did the lap in 43s average but the ai does 1min for a lap. So the race takes more than 3 hours to complete on this method. Played some ps3 while he was racing. Also don't mess with other settings to make him (ai) faster. Doing the 200 laps yourself is about 2h30 min.
  6. Buy the jesko fully upgraded (trophy) for about 400.000cr. Do a custum event, Indianapolis - 10 laps - 1 ANY opponent - 34 % xp boost. If your opponent is a jesko (to hard) or a 500 pir (lower xp) then quit the race and restart. When facing a 700 - 800 pir opponent your xp will be 405.891xp for 7min 15s of racing. And at level 22 myself it gives you 170.000 cr. and 15.000 cr. more each time you level up. Done this method for the 20 challenge career achievements where you have to buy a P4, P3, group 5 and formula B car for 250.000 cr. each.
  7. Use the porsche cayenne in time attack on lumber mill in Alaska. Don't do it with a wrc car, tried 2 hours and it always jumped somewhere. With the cayenne after 3 tries i got it. Finally. With no tuning.
  8. I did that time trial yesterday, got distiction barely after a crash. 1m 57.96. You need 1m 58.00 .
  9. Looking at the lobby screen now, 17 players online devided over 5 lobbies. Game will be dead within a year. Shame, shame,... If you ever want to grind for the "arround the world trophy". cusom race, oval, 99 laps and a fast car.
  10. Just looked at your profile 😮😮😮. Tought i was a collector 😆😆😆. Any tips 😂😂😂. Nice job, if you need help boosting let me know...

  11. i think so. The Jesko has a slightly higher topspeed of 475 km/h, but in the bends it drops to 370 km/h. The 917 tops at 460 km/h and drops a little to 420 km/h in the bends but superstable to drive.
  12. Just tried free play, oval 99 laps. Retired after 30 laps😖, but got the kilometers😎. Now level 81 at 3000 km. Only 37500 to go💀💀💀
  13. Are you playing with a wheel? I do, i only tune the car when it spins out every time with little input. Base setup is fine in my opinion (medium AI). The ford gt40 was a nightmare, tuned it a bit and every assist at max. Barely won. Normally abs 1, tc 0, sc 0.
  14. Now level 52, done 1600 km. After 4 days. The hypercars do the oval (4.2)km under 45s. 45s x 99 laps= 4455 s or 75 min. for 415.8 km. Its a grind, reminds me of my cod ghost excintion grind for the double class. 1000 teeth at about 13 teeth each 45 min. after having everything from the armory. ( not a trophy ).
  15. Its not an easy game, i completed the campaign on hurt me plenty. Reviewers said that the campaign takes about 15 hours. I probebly did it in 30 or more. After a couple of hours i was drained from concentration. So played the game in 2h sessions more or less.
  16. I got a ps4 pro and extra HDD of 2tb, i think every gamer with a decent library comes to a point to get that extra space. Hopefully the ps5 comes with a 2tb HDD, and 4 usb 3.0 ports.
  17. I gonna buy the disc for 56,95 € at the gamestore. Psn base game is 69,99€ but you get some goodies like tactical knife and xkr weapon pack.
  18. The 12 takedowns are try and error if done solo. At the first chicane you must have at least 4 takedowns and some luck off course. Just post a note on the forum and some players will help you. I did it solo after 10 retries
  19. Two weeks ago i bought gt sport on psn for 15.99€, after 1 race i knew i had to buy a wheel so i did. T300 rs gt . When you start playing with a wheel all the mission challenges, circuit mastering are not that difficult (some are). And after completing with a gold result you get a car, after 2 weeks of playing i already got 75% of that car list for free, there also the daily workout (40km) you get a car, already have doubles in my gift car collection. Don't pay for the extra cars, you'l get them twice for sure
  20. Best way for gold in heatwave is that you don't boost. May ruin your place on the leaderbord but at least you don't crash every time when you get up to speed. It will work believe me. Hardest medal for me was the shakedown F1. 1min 57 is the gold time, constant boost no crashes and a lot of luck. Took me 400 miles to complete. At the end of the shakedown at 1 min 30 you can release the boost in a few corners but the final straight you must boost again and maybe it will work.. Also use 1 person view for better view on the road. Overall a mediocere game
  21. I played it last year, and i had a lot of fun. Grinded to XXV-100. Took me 2 weeks to get to level 2. There also a community that is good but i did all the missions with random players. Exept for shadow raid and meltdown those i did solo on deathwish. Goat simulator on deathwish is impossible solo. Snipers, dozers, heavy damage no real help from ai and a big map. The stealth missions are possible solo on deatwish but not on your first try. Great game but your only as good as your team. On overkill i carried the team way too many. Also play deatwish when your level 100 for the skillpoints if you struggle. My guns of choice where the m308 rifle and the commando rocket laucher for tricky situations. The rifle is a 1 shot kill (headshot) and you aim so fast compared to a sniper rifle. Damage is 170 with 88 bullits and a 25 round mag. Shotguns are only good on overkill difficulty because of the lack of range.
  22. I also got a charging dock, on main current. I have a ps4 pro so only have 3 ports. 1 for vr, 1 for headset and 1 for wireless keybord to search on you tube or whatever. A usb hub on your ps4 is only good for charging so no HDD, headset, vr, wireless keybord or other devices and only charges with the right settings in standby mode and in "on" mode of course.
  23. In vr mode its the particles that do the effect all around you, combined with a suround system or headset its really cool. You really are in the game, out of this world. VR Doesn't make you a better player unlike wipeout where VR puts you in the cockpit but its the experience. After 30 years they reinvented tetris again. Sad that its only singleplayer, theres off course a leaderbord and a cool orbit mode with special avatars from other players. Sadly my time in sprint mode is 1.52 after many tries. B rank so i won't go for the platinum. I 'm good but not a superfast teris player. Seen you tube videos of sprint sessions and WOW, superfast.Unbelieveble . After all its still a great game even for 40 € becaese of vr. Also vr sesions are easy to last long without motion sickness or any discomfort. 9/10 my review
  24. COD was indeed a sales monster. But you can not denie that the "hype" is over. I remember the the release of MW2 (2009), it even had a "game premier". Check you tube if you don't believe me. It was my first cod after i heard that modern warfare was so good. Those were the days that cod ruled the charts. 2010 Black ops, again a home run, 2011 MW3 homerun, 2012 BO2 homerun. 2013 COD Ghost homerun if you look at the sales. But then for me i had enough of cod. Bought in 2014 cod ghost for a discount and grinded the hell out of extincion. Then in dec 2016 i bought the ps4 pro with cod infinite warfare & mw remastered. Only played mwr. So now in 2019 i missed advanced warfare, BO3, WWII, and BO4. The bigger they are the harder they fall. It will never have such an impact as 10 years ago. Activision won't show player count in online lobbies. Thats a huge indicator, and the player count on psn profiles is a good example of a franchise going rusty.
  25. Great work developers Now when you start a ranked game you can see how many people are waiting and join lower ranking tournaments. Im gold so i can choose between bronze, silver or gold. Good thing because there is not a great playerbase online. Owned the game now for a year and i still play it. Not everyday but i still collect my daily cut. Now level 285 and my daily cut is 9150. After a month you have 273K. A year 3000K. Ok almost impossible to collect your daily cut everyday but still its easy money. After 5 days a low level player collects 7K. After a month 210K. I did it pretty well if i talk about my bankroll 8350K after a year. I must confess that i bought for 20€ in the beginning (325K). After hitting rock bottem not sky high but still a couple of millions to spare. My account now is worth more than 200€ if you buy the chips in ps store. 100€ buys you 3500K chips Could even got more if i was a better poker player (bad beats) but also got Lucky. Still a great game in the genre if you remind that its a free game. And now there is even a billionnaire under the ps4 players. Looked at his profile and was missing 2 easy/medium trophies. Thats strange because i got those 2 with eese / LUCK. If you have won the lottery for real and spent 28600€ in ps store your also a billionnaire. Or he's the best player in the world or the luckiest. Hopefully i don't go all in with him he can miss it i don't.