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  1. its ok, i have they trophy thanks
  2. Hello, For the guardians I follow this guide for the moment , but I already have 2 guardians who are not at the location. The 13 and 10 for example. Any ideas?
  3. this does not work, I have up 3 since the patch and no trophy, I'm at 73% (2 new weapons don't count at all for the % they are bugged, the player's score doesn't go up either with these weapons, the assault rifle and the machine gun)
  4. this glitch dont work with the patch ?
  5. I had the same problem... Playing in local co-op with my girlfriend, and at the next level I realized I didn't get the 10 eggs trophy... So I did the trick and made a new game just for the trophy. I'm going to leave the console in UK all along the game, anyway the game sucks, the camera is horrible. I just hope I don't get a bug with 10 eggs in another level because it's depressing to have to redo the level...
  6. be careful because pvp xp still, and if you exceed lvl 49 during PVP you will be ejected from the server and you will not be ranked anymore. You should also know that when you go in PVP campaign, don't forget to make this campaign your mother campaign, otherwise your points won't count. Do not despair during the campaign, insisted again and again and it should pass
  7. Hello, Good luck I platinized the PS4 version and did the 100% of the 2 trophy lists in a little more than 2 months (I continued to play a little after, I'm at 900 hours of play I think) Just focus on the trophies, and try to do 1 DLC by 1, because then you get lost, but focus directly on the trophies that require several days of tracking, with weekly achievements like the : FLAWLESS SACRAMENT DLC Dark Brotherhood Go up in lvl in the thieves guild in the DLC Thieves Guild to have access to each side quest for a trophy HONOR AMONG THIEVES if I remember well. I advise you to use the "true achievement" site for all the DLC trophies, there are little guides for each trophy. I did in the beginning the emperor trophy on the -50 campaign, it resets on tuesday it seems, as soon as you reset, you spend 2 days without sleep repairing castles and trying to take them, and you should be emperor. (try to go in a PVP guild it could help I think, I did it without, just with a friend) I strongly advise you to go in a guild of mutual aid, with good players, for the dungeons in vet, and the raid. Good luck for the fishing trophy, it's a bit boring, I advise you to start it when you'll be 450 champion it seems, to put your points in the increase of chance on fishing. Ask your guild for baits, because the farm of baits is boring, and in sale the prices are "WTF". Take care of the vateshraan and maelstrom trophies when you will be well equipped, I did it quite quickly, being equipped quickly for the veteran Maelstrom and it's really difficult Advance from the beginning in the "traits" for the crafts, the more you have and the more it is long in the duration "IRL" to finish a trait, that will help you to optimize your equipment, look on the sites which trait you need for your class and the spells to be mounted according to the style (stamina or magic) in which you wish to play your character. I advise you to make a DPS to make easier the quests etc, if you make a tank or a healer it can be long, and the arenas vateshraan and maelstrom will seem infinite.
  8. Guide for all trophy
  9. Hello, There is an error in the description of the trophy : The Court is Clear Complete all missions in chapter 6 Chapter 6 is useless, this trophy pop when you finish chapter 7, when you unlock the chapters also for the trophy : Going Home Unlock Chapter 6 It is in chapter 7 that this one pops With the number of stars you will have, you can totally skip chapter 6 to play chapter 7. WARNING : For the trophies which requires to unlock the chapters, if you are in online co-op game, you will have to go solo in each chapter to drop the trophies, you will have already unlocked them, you will just have to go solo in the chapter to make the trophy pop, (the unlocking of the chapters is done when you win enough star to unlock them)
  10. I solved my problem, by deleting the game my backup of the basic game and I left in the DLC directly with no backup of the game. If some of you have the concern, think about doing the same as me. thanks anyway for answering
  11. Hello, I have a problem with the DLC Surf 'n' Turf of overcooked 2. I just started the DLC, at the first order already I thought there was a problem. I deliver the first order, I have the trophy to deliver all the types of orders that fall... I finish the level in 3 stars, I get the trophy to finish all the levels of the DLC in 3 stars and all those of the world 1 in 3 stars. I tell myself that I had a bug in the game, so I finish all the levels of world 1 with only 1 star, to take back the 3 stars on world 2. When I unlock the mission 2-1, it is impossible to launch it even if I restart the game... I tried all of them. Did you find out how to fix the problem ? ...
  12. Thanks Dude, I'll soon have the trophy, Insanity 5 92 orbs by restarting the game! Too long without this boost method! You are my hero 25 hours of play (to quickly boost the Lvl I did trial 3 in loop with the karma boost at the maximum, I took 50 lvl in 2h30. Once lvl 91 I did your boost method!
  13. Hello, I'd like to do this game co-operatively, but I haven't seen anyone get the platinum at the same time. So could you tell me if all the trophies can be done in coop? history and other trophies? I can't find anything on the internet about that, and if it's not possible the game won't interest me, so I'd like to get an opinion from people who have already played this game before I get involved. Thank you in advance for your feedback!
  14. he stays in S, but I went ahead anyway. After one person said he didn't get the trophy because he passed the cutscene, maybe try without the skip cutscene ??
  15. Which college did you take? I took furano for this trophy. Did you continue to take Carlos even when you were already in S?