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  1. he stays in S, but I went ahead anyway. After one person said he didn't get the trophy because he passed the cutscene, maybe try without the skip cutscene ??
  2. Which college did you take? I took furano for this trophy. Did you continue to take Carlos even when you were already in S?
  3. in my opinion you have not scored enough goals with your custom player. For this trophy i have only goals with my custom player
  4. Hello, following a private message from someone who asked me how I did it because he had the same problem as you, Here's what I told him that worked for him I took the college Furano, in the 5 starting players at the time of the national, it is necessary to put alberto and carlos bara. In the choices of the call groups, always take Carlos Bara and Alberto. I had both in friendship S. It is necessary from the beginning to the end to put goals only with your personalized player to become better world player at the end of the story. It is also necessary to do the challenge that Carlos Bara will propose to you in the final, that is to say to achieve an A score with his shot in the match against Brazil (shot of the Sagittarius it seems to me). That's how I got the trophy. On my custom player, I only turned up the Physics in the stats, so that the goalies lose a lot of endurance. rank S with Carlos and albterto, and after rank S continue to take Carlos in the choice of call groups He have test my technique and he have got a trophy
  5. Hello, I just got platinum. In my experience, open all star packs early to get all the cards. Once the trophy all the friend cards obtained, take small Attacker pack (carlos, albertot, ryan, blake, schneider, heine) once these 6 people at friendship level 3, do not spend your points at all keep the points , save as much as possible points. Once a lot of points put your save on a USB stick, open 10 packs attacker and try to see if you often obtained the same card, if not recover your save and redo the operation, you must try to light up only one card quickly to level 6 Sorry for my bad english ^^
  6. trophy have pop when i have got 11 drawings in my second charactere...
  7. I had the same problem the trophy didn't appear. when you have the problem, you have to put the points, validate and if the trophy doesn't pop, you have to close the game and restart it, it should appear within 5 minutes after a reconnection to the server.
  8. Hello, I'm having a problem with this trophy "CRAFTY COLLECTOR" I've made more than 30 drawings and the trophy doesn't appear, I've already had a lot of trophy bugs on the game since I went to new york I had to start another character again to get the trophies. Has anyone had a problem with this trophy recently? Thanks to you guys.
  9. Thanks for coming back, I'm not the only one with bugs. The game is excellent, I made it entirely in local coop, too bad that the trophies seem to be buggy at times...
  10. hello, The 111% trophy is a bit glitchy? I got the trophy before I finished my last 3 challenges, I was at 109%? as far as the trophy of all objectives is concerned, this one seems glitchy to me too. I had all the objectives to finish 90/90 and the trophy did not POP. I restarted the final boss with a bonus challenge and this one has POP. So if you're in the same case as me, you're going to remake the final boss with at least 1 challenge and the trophy should fall. Hopefully that will help people
  11. hello, i have all platinum medals in solo game but i have missed 2 signature smash, if on guys have signature smash 7 and 11 he can attach photo please. If you want all other headlines say me, i join photo.