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  1. Thanks and that is fine with me. I've been trying to work on my completion % as well so that works out. Doubt I'll be able to raise mine much this month but we'll see what happens. Good luck.
  2. Sorry for not replying earlier. Any of those are fine with me or whatever else you want to do. I'll let you decide and I'll go ahead and accept it. @ShogunCroCop Apologize for not being active but haven't been around the forums much lately. Understand if you decide to remove me but if not I'll try responding in a more timely manner in the future.
  3. The rest of the finale was fine. Fairly predictable but decent enough. However, there are so many things wrong with that Maggie/Daryl/Jesus scene.... First off, why in the world is Jesus involved in this meeting? He is the last person in the entire show that would be involved in this conspiracy. This is the same person who spent the entire season preaching about not having to kill. He is the one who argued to spare the Saviors at the outpost and the reason Maggie imprisoned them instead. In this very episode he tried persuading Morgan to use the other end of the stick for the living and that killing wasn't the answer. So why would he all of a sudden be fine with killing Negan? Not only that but turning on Rick and Michonne in the progress? Especially considering Rick just did what Jesus has been preaching all season about sparing the Saviors. To be fair, we have to see how this actually plays out. Maybe Jesus refuses to go along and tries talking Maggie out of doing this. Or maybe he warns Rick of the plans. That would be more reasonable with his character. However, right now it makes no sense that he would be anywhere near this. Next up is Daryl. He used to be one of my favorite characters but I have become convinced that the writers just have absolutely no idea what to do with his character anymore. Again, his involvement just seems weird to me. His main nemesis in this arc has been Dwight. Sure he wants to kill Negan too and maybe they are 1a and 1b but his main target has been Dwight. Literally like two scenes before this meeting he decided to spare Dwight. Why, moments later, would he still be so determined to kill Negan. Not only to kill him, but to turn against some of his best friends and allies. Seems like a stretch and I kind of feel like they included Daryl because 1) they don't know what else to do with him and 2) to raise the stakes and make this a faction vs faction within the group and have Daryl vs. Rick. When I first saw the scene I thought and hoped they were just talking about killing Negan. That killing him was their main and only goal. Once that was accomplished it would be over and no hard feelings towards Rick. However, watching it again and it sure seems like they are turning against Rick and MIchonne and starting a full blown feud which seems ridiculous. Guess we'll see how it's handled but not sure I'll be around. About had enough of this show.
  4. My favorite game is Super Metroid.
  5. Yeah the race is still going. Just been slow and I haven't been on the forums much lately to update the thread. Speaking of, I have a few plats since the last update.... #200 The Evil Within 2 Rarity - 9.05% #203 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Rarity - 9.88% #204 Kingdom Hearts Rarity - 6.46% Current Score: MStalker58 - 185.79 HcG-_Clawz - 100.06
  6. #198 Downwell Rarity - 1.90% Current Score: MStalker58 - 181.18 HcG-_Clawz - 82.48
  7. Weeblympics #4 - Downwell Rarity - 1.90%
  8. Weeblympics #3 - The Evil Within Rarity: 3.81% Almost forgot this plat qualifies for the event. Wonder which of my plats is most weeb......Transformers, Deus Ex, or The Evil Wtihin
  9. Been a while since either of us scored any points but I finally got another qualifying plat. @HcG Clawz must have disappeared into that pile of VN's he's been playing. #196 The Evil Within Rarity - 3.81% MStalker58 - 173.08 HcG-_Clawz - 82.48
  10. Sign me up please
  11. CWC Final Results: BrutalLooter (57) vs. Jesaya815 (237) CWC Champion: @Jesaya815 A new champion has been crowned as Jesaya815 emerges victorious and adds to his Hall of Fame trophy cabinet. An impressive performance with 237 points and 4 plats to become the THL Season 21 champion. One of the highest scoring performances in CWC recently and a well deserved victory. Congrats to both of you for making it this far, to all the league winners and everyone for another successful season. Lucas will have more information about next season in the coming days. Until then, good luck hunting those trophies and that'll do it for this season.
  12. Congratulations to the all league winners and good luck in the CWC! Platinum League Champion: @ericperez18 Gold League Champion: @Toxi Silver League Champion: @BrutalLooter Bronze League Champion: @Jesaya815 CWC Round 1 Begins in: 1 hour and 50 minutes Fixture 9 Results: Platinum League (1) MStalker58 (61) v (95) ericperez18 (1) Jarethgeason (45) v (100) Psy-Tychist (2) (1) xZoneHunter (36) v (0) bladesoframen HcG-_Clawz (0) v (2) Tsundere-Tenshi (1) Wdog-999 (118) v (1) Whyfire Gold League omar280792 (5) v (0) NIALLERMANBUZ Boooda56 (65) v (23) LucasV9991 (1) Obscure_Ale (0) v (49) Tearraven VASORAT13 (15) v (32) RalphyLDN (1) ReimiSaionji9742 (34) v (52) ToxiKirby (1) Silver League Fredoline05 (37) - (0) man_with_wdjat Enma8910 (0) - (0) Ichiban-Hybrid (1) BrutalLooter (103) - (70) Dragon-Archon (1) HcG-_Terror (8) - (12) gameoncomrade ihate_ray (15) - (33) ganryu_pl Bronze League GTA_Darren (48) - (177) stupid0089 (2) Derpy_Herpy_902 (17) - (4) soultaker655 (2) HeavensLightfire (127) - (59) Dessane (1) (1) Jesaya815 (153) - (26) theshywaterguy XShadowYakuzaX (0) - (23) Articuno2001
  13. #187 MLB The Show 17 Rarity - 5.75% MStalker58 - 166.89 HcG-_Clawz - 82.48
  14. #184 LittleBigPlanet 3 Rarity - 2.49% #185 Dungeon Punks Rarity - 5.92% MStalker58 - 162.64 HcG-_Clawz - 76.88
  15. This happened to me as well. I didn't even realize there were supposed to be cutscenes until the characters started referencing major events that I had no knowledge of. Had to watch them on YouTube to see what I missed. I would just get a loading screen and it would skip the entire scene. It was quite funny at times like how the game just ends out of nowhere at the final battle. I never found a solution to this problem or what causes it to happen. I tried deleting the game and re-installing but it kept doing the same thing. You are the first person I've heard that had similar issues. Seems to work fine for most people so I have no idea.