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  1. #169 Lumo Rarity - 0.65% Enjoyed the game more than I expected. Old School was a challenge but it felt good to finally do it. Took me at least 4-5 tries because I kept making dumb mistakes and running out of lives. Managed to finish my successful run with 8 lives remaining so it just took some practice. My rarest plat of the event so far. Current Score: MStalker58 - 73.55 HcG-_Clawz - 53.18
  2. CWC Round 2 results: pureproteinman (18) - xZoneHunter (23) - voodoo_eyes (52) CWC Final Round: xZoneHunter vs. voodoo_eyes Only two trophy hunters remain. Who will win their first CWC title? Find out in less than 24 hours. I better go enjoy my final few hours with the championship belt before I have to hand it over to the new champion. Good luck to you both! Approximate starting time: 2 hours and 13 minutes ago
  3. #168 Magicka 2 @HcG Clawz Our first plat we have in common during the event. Though I'm guessing that I had to boost more friend kills than you did. Thanks to @Mesopithecus and @xZoneHunter for helping with the challenges/trials and friend kills/revives. Current Score: MStalker58 - 64.20 HcG-_Clawz - 43.91
  4. Apologize for the delay but here are the scores for Fixture 8: Platinum League Mah2C (11) v (43) Mstalker58 (1) ReimiSaionji9742 (41) v (119) Cjshaitan Whyfire (31) v (214) Pureproteinman (3) LucasV9991 (0) v (85) Zajac9999 Psy-Tychist (31) v (58) HcG-_Clawz (1) Gold League Tsundere-Tenshi (14) v (3) RalphyLDN Omar280792 (24) v (103) Jarethgeason (1) (3) Kent10201 (243) v (352) xZonehunter (5) Enma8910 (18) v (54) Wdog-999 ToxiKirby (0) v (8) woop94 Silver League HcG-_Terror (4) v (111) ericperez18 (2) Vasorat13 (71) v (63) Revvie11 freddie1989 (0) v (0) RainstormIII NIALLERMANBUZ (15) v (40) man_with_wdjat (1) Bladesoframen (38) v (0) Tearraven Bronze League voodoo_eyes (38) v (0) XShadowYakuzaX Ganryu_Pl (23) v (61) Exhaseo Boooda56 (10) v (33) Obscure_Ale me3lingual (10) v (6) X18JELLO18X (1) Dragon-Archon (77) v (1) Ichiban-Hybrid Manganese League gr1mydawg (2) v (17) RingUnlimited (1) FredolIne05 (32) v (0) Official-ME- (2) ratchet2425 (63) v (0) Walter_Breit Hertzfeldt (0) v (99) BrutalLooter (1) Jiaho24 (19) v (18) soultaker655
  5. #167 Gauntlet 16 Points Current Score: 52 Points Thanks to @xZoneHunter for helping beat the final boss and reaching Floor 50 in co-op. To all the rest of you who said that they were interested in boosting this game but didn't bother even starting it, all I have to say is....scrubs.
  6. I saw some notifications and thought maybe @HcG Clawz had finally scored some points but nope it just looks like more empty promises and threats. Anyways...... #167 Gauntlet Rarity - 2.32% Current Score: MStalker58 - 54.98 HcG-_Clawz - 26.70
  7. Wait a second.......I was the one eliminated so shouldn't I be the one blowing up the thread? Hope it stays this interesting until the finals. Anyways, good luck to you all. P.S. Damn I had some bad luck with ties this week. P.S.S. Now that I'm officially on the jury, I'd like to remind everyone that I'm open to bribes. Just saying
  8. Fixture 6 match-ups: Platinum League Pureproteinman v Mstalker58 Cjshaitan v Zajac9999 Mah2C v HcG-_Clawz ReimiSaionji9742 v Psy-Tychist Whyfire v LucasV9991 Gold League xZonehunter v RalphyLDN Jarethgeason v Wdog-999 Tsundere-Tenshi v woop94 Omar280792 v ToxiKirby Kent10201 v Enma8910 Silver League RainstormIII v ericperez18 Revvie11 v man_with_wdjat HcG-_Terror v Tearraven Vasorat13 v Bladesoframen freddie1989 v NIALLERMANBUZ Bronze League Obscure_Ale v XShadowYakuzaX Exhaseo v X18JELLO18X voodoo_eyes v Ichiban-Hybrid Ganryu_Pl v Dragon-Archon Boooda56 v me3lingual Manganese League Walter_Breit v RingUnlimited Official-ME- BrutalLooter gr1mydawg soultaker655 FredolIne05 v Jiaho24 ratchet2425 v Hertzfeldt Fixture starts: 1 min ago
  9. Got a couple of plats since my last update... #165 Unravel 4 Points #166 Red Faction 16 Points Current Score: 36 Points
  10. #166 Red Faction Rarity - 3.81% Current Score: MStalker58 - 47.30 HcG-_Clawz - 26.70
  11. Couldn't beat that time anyways but guess I'll make it official and forfeit.
  12. Fixture 3 match-ups: Platinum League Mstalker58 v Psy-Tychist LucasV9991 v HcG-_Clawz Whyfire v Zajac999 ReimiSaionji9742 v Pureproteinman Mah2C v Cjshaitan Gold League RalphyLDN v ToxiKirby Enma8910 v woop94 Kent10201 v Wdog-999 Omar280792 vxZonehunter Tsundere-Tenshin v Jarethgeason Silver League ericperez18 v Bladesoframen NIALLERMANBUZ v Tearraven freddie1989 v man_with_wdjat Vasorat13 v RainstormIII HcG-_Terror v Revvie11 Bronze League XShadowYakuzaX v Dragon-Archon me3lingual v Ichiban-Hybrid Boooda56 v X18JELLO18X Ganryu_Pl v Obscure_Ale voodoo_eyes v Exhaseo Manganese League RingUnlimited v Jiaho24 Hertzfeldt v soultaker655 ratchet2425 v BrutalLooter FredolIne05 v Walter_Breit gr1mydawg v Official-ME- Fixture 3 Starts: 1 minute ago
  13. #164 Transformers Devastation Rarity - 1.21% Ultra Rare - 16 points Got my first plat of the event. Still a ways to go before I can catch up with some of you all but at least it earned me enough points to avoid elimination for another month.
  14. #164 Transformers Devastation Rarity - 1.21% Current Score: MStalker58 - 41.11 HcG-_Clawz - 26.70
  15. Think you left someone off that list. You know.....someone who beat you last season, won the Gold League (ending your streak of league titles), and won that little thing known as the CWC.