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  1. #221 - Strike Vector EX Rarity - 2.59% Time - 20 Hours
  2. #219 - Cosmic Star Heroine Rarity - 29.88% Time - 15 Hours #220 - Teslagrad Rarity - 29.08% Time - 4 Hours
  3. #218 - Nex Machina Rarity - 3.47% Time - There is no PSNP guide so we'll say 100 hours right? Seriously though the guide on that other site says 15-35 hours Easily my favorite Housemarque game and probably their most difficult platinum. There is little story, no tutorial, instructions or hand holding. The game just dumps you straight into the action. And that action is intense, non-stop and fun from the beginning until the very end. Even when you are getting your ass kicked the game remains a blast to play and never felt repetitive despite playing each world numerous times. And I definitely got my ass kicked quite a bit (looking at you Architect on Veteran difficulty ). That boss took me a couple days of practice and there were times I was cursing @Wdjat Prinny Doods for recommending me this game. However, the game has that one more try quality that keeps you coming back for more and it's such a great feeling when you are finally victorious. My only complaint about the game (and it's rather small) is how they handle deaths and continues. Once you run out of lives and use a continue you lose all of your powerups and abilities. This is fine in some cases but it's basically impossible to beat certain bosses with just your basic gear. As a result, you basically have to 1CC the higher difficulties. What's the point in giving you 10 continues on Veteran if they are useless. Thankfully, Housemarque took it easy on trophy hunters. The platinum is challenging at times and Veteran mode can be frustrating but the plat could have been a lot worse. Luckily we don't have to beat Master or Hero difficulty, beat Nex Machina boss, perform all feats or get all gold medals in the arena. I would never get the plat if some of those things were required. They look like pure insanity to me. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of twin stick shooter or bullet hell games or just fun arcade greatness. Playing this made me sad that Housemarque is no longer making arcade games but at least they made a classic before giving up on the genre.
  4. @zajac9999 trying to be modest? What has happened to you? This isn't the zajac I know or remember @Dragon-Archon My estimate would probably be 20-25 hours maybe 30 if you ran into glitches or issues. I thought @Mesopithecus estimate of 50 was a little generous but then again it probably felt like 50 hours playing this damn game . Also agree with what Danny said concerning skill. There are a couple of buffs available that break the game and you honestly would have to try to die with them equipped so it's not really a game where skill factors into the time. More to do with grinds or running into issues like the online not working with 4 players (like in my case which is why I don't have the plat) or the kill trophies glitching which happened to Mesopithecus. Then again I have tried to erase all traces of this game from my memory so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. And in the past couple of days you have brought up P4AU and now Super Dungeon Bros when mentioning me. What in the world did I do to you to deserve this? Damn Dragon
  5. #217 - Oceanhorn Rarity - 36.58% Time - 11 hours @Dragon-Archon So I need some clarification on these 2x games. We can use any previous games but starting now do we have to announce ahead of time if we want to use a future game? Or for example could someone wait until later in the event and then pick which games they want to use from all their plats?
  6. Has there ever been a game that was in both lineups during the same month? I don't recall that happening but I don't pay much attention to Games with Gold so not sure.
  7. #216 - Doom Rarity - 12.85% Time - 25 Hours
  8. #215 - The Swords of Ditto Rarity - 5.95% Time - 35 hours Dope game and one of my favorites of the year so far. Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys classic Zelda type games. The art style is absolutely charming. It's hard not be in a good mood when playing the game due to the graphics and soundtrack. A patch has fixed the issues that were mentioned around here on launch. I never experienced losing my gold or glitched trophies, etc. Another change in the patch is that you now carry over all of your equipment if you beat Mormo (the boss) so that makes the game easier. The combat is fun but if you aren't a huge fan of the old school Zelda formula then it might get a little repetitive since the plat requires at least 6 complete runs. However, I had a blast playing it until the end. Overall, it might not beat out 3D Dot Game Heroes on my list of favorite Zelda-inspired games but it's in that tier and definitely worth checking out.
  9. #214 - Gran Turismo 6 Rarity - 7.10% Time - 45 hours
  10. Sounds like you are trying to justify your snitchin to me. Should have just been happy for a friend's good fortune instead of being a hater. Word of warning to what you say around this dood
  11. @Wdjat Prinny Doods is that kid in school that runs to the teacher and tells them that they graded a question on the exam wrong and gave everyone more credit than they deserved...thus ruining it for everyone. Never would have guessed you were a snitch dood
  12. #213 - Fallout 3 Rarity - 14.06% Time - 120 hours Finally decided to stop being lazy and get another plat. Still have some DLC to finish but wanted to go ahead and post here since @Wdjat Prinny Doods has been posting a disgusting amount of plats lately. I thought you were supposed to be the master of laziness dood?
  13. Quote #3 Mr. Zurkon has so many great quotes that it was hard choosing just one for yesterday so I'll post another one for today. "I shall let you live little alien.....psych! Mr. Zurkon lives only to kill." - Mr. Zurkon from Ratchet & Clank
  14. Quote #2: "Mr. Zurkon does not need bolts. His currency is pain!" - Mr. Zurkon from Ratchet & Clank
  15. "Mess with the best, die like the rest" - Duke Nukem