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  1. Very glad to see this isn't dead. I was worried with the struggles PlayLink has had that it may have been in dev hell or something.
  2. This is old, but I figured I'd post here just in case anyone else wants to know in the future. I still couldn't find online what exactly had to be done to get this trophy, and it turns out it's very easy. It just requires you to get 100% map completion, and all the vitality fragments and ivory bugs. You don't even have to have fought the final boss. Cheers!
  3. Just in case anyone isn't aware, the standard edition of Cosmic Star Heroine is an open pre-order, so assuming you know about it in the first place there should be no issue getting a copy
  4. IIRC you have to talk to him, at which point he'll take you inside his house.
  5. Months later, it's currently available for $10 again on the PS store. Only until 2/7 though.
  6. I can confirm this is the same for me. Just got the platinum for Far Cry Primal and started Odin Sphere Leifthasir. The trophies appear on my PS4 and Vita but no matter how many times I update my profile, my profile isn't updated and they don't show up PSNP
  7. Jesus Christ I don't care what effing side either of you fall on or who I agree with, stop arguing on the internet like children. You guys are clearly not going to see eye to eye so just drop it please.
  8. I played F 2nd first and then the original f. I gotta say I am not a fan of most of the songs on the first f game, but I'm a huge huge huge fan of the second game's soundtrack. My top 5 are probably: 1. Two-Sided Lovers (50-60+ plays in the game and a hundred or so plays on itunes) 2. This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee 3. Kagerou Daze 4. Two Breaths Walking 5. Freely Tomorrow All of them are from F 2nd except for Freely Tomorrow. Honorable Mentions are Melt, Doubleganger, Envy Catwalk, Colorful X Melody, Meteor, among many many others. God it's so hard to pick just a few!
  9. Wow, way less than everyone else so far. I grew up with Nintendo and only played my 360 a lot for like, 9 months before I got a PS3 and switched over. I only really played Assassin's Creed 1-3 on 360 along with a few miscellaneous games. I think I had about 3750G.
  10. If it weren't for the Vita, I wouldn't of ever played my favorite game of all time: Persona 4 Golden. Honestly the amount of love I have for that game makes it worth it alone.
  11. Yeah, I care a bit. I'm replaying Assassin's Creed II-III (only have Revelations left) to get the trophies (originally played them on 360 before switching over to PlayStation for AC4), but I don't mind because I love playing the games. It annoys me that AC1 is the only one without trophies. It's actually the reason I've played through plenty of games that have better versions. I'd rather play the original Tomb Raider than the Definitive Edition because I'd either want to play the original or both of them. If I like the original I'll play through the definitive edition too (I play through games multiple times very often so it's not a big deal to me to buy the definitive edition and get more trophies if I want to play through it again). I'm also playing through the original Hyperdimension Neptunia instead of Re:Birth 1 for this same reason (and I don't hate it like a lot seem to. If this is the worst in the series I should be in for a treat).
  12. I preordered the Disco Fever Edition from Amazon.com as soon as it became available. Can't wait! Oh my god, the remix of Specialist at 1:30 in that video is amazing! I can't believe they can turn such a normal song into something so jazzy! I love it! I don't know if it's been confirmed or not, but I really hope we can turn off those clapping noise sound effects for when you hit a note. That always draws me out of the game, so I was really glad when you could turn them off in the Hatsune Miku Games. I also hope you can turn off their voices saying stuff during the song.
  13. To everyone saying "It's pathetic if you care about other people's trophy lists" or whatever, calm down. I don't think anyone here looks at another person's list, sees what they were talking about and gets pissed. I'm pretty sure it's more of a "I don't really like this but whatever" thing. It kind of annoys me when people get platinums for either (A) games that have easy platinums but are bad games, like Terminator Salvation, or (B.) do that thing where you autopop three platinums, like Sound Shapes. I don't like A because as someone above explained, gaming is about the fun, not the trophies. You are hurting the gaming industry by shelling out money for crappy games just because you want another little icon that apparently means you achieved something, although it's hardly an achievement if it's that easy. I don't like B because I kind of think it's cheating. I mean, not REALLY cheating, but just kind of stupid, or like a shortcut. I have 14 platinums, and I can honestly say I remember getting every single one and the "journey" of getting them. They were all from games that I personally enjoy so much I spent hours of my time to get the platinum. It's not something I do for most games, and the games I actually decide to do it for are really special to me. I guess it doesn't make sense to me why other people wouldn't want that with each of their platinums. If I got 3 platinums from sound shapes it certainly wouldn't feel like I truly deserved them. I didn't go out of my way like I did with every other one, I don't have a story about them, I don't remember a journey of any kind. I wouldn't want my "Fastest Platinum" to be on this site to be Sound Shapes with 45 seconds as opposed to something I actually platinumed fast because I liked the game that much. I don't know, I think it defeats the purpose of getting platinums. But all that said, do I truly care? No. Other people can do whatever they want, it doesn't matter if I understand it. Keep doing what makes you happy, don't let me interfere and I won't try to, nor even want to. Why? Because the way I play games is different than the way others play games, so again, it doesn't matter if I understand it.
  14. Was really hoping for Persona 5 and/or Gravity Rush 2 (or at least the PS4 remake of Gravity Rush 1). Either way, that was one of if not the best E3 conferences I think I've ever seen.
  15. The trophy in Dust: An Elysian Tail where you have to beat the game on tough difficulty. It's not hard, it's just that my first playthrough was on normal and I'm really not enjoying my second playthrough of it at all. I'll get it eventually, as it's the last one I need for the platinum, but damn.