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  1. Completely forgot that was a thing. Thanks for the answer, cheers mate.
  2. How do we know details of the trophies if it looks like no one has synced them yet? (I feel like that sounds abrasive lol, I'm just genuinely curious, since no one is tracked on here yet). Regardless, didn't even realize this had released. Looking forward to playing it.
  3. @duffy017 just made a tweet that implies the patch is live an that it works. Can anyone confirm?
  4. Just letting you and anyone else know, it looks like the trophy list just went live, so it should sync fine now. I'm very glad, I was waiting for just this before I buy it.
  5. Not sure if it's glitchy, or if this actually isn't it, but it won't work for me. Fun with BB actually unlocks after night 6, but I also tried it after clearing night 7. I got "fun" just fine but "too bad" won't unlock for me. I'm curious if it's maybe for dying to every animatronic, and BB was just the last one you needed? Feel free to deny that, just trying to pin down what it could be haha
  6. I've played this game on Switch, but finally decided to double dip to get the Platinum. To my surprise, it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the PlayStation store anymore though. Does anyone know of why this is? I can't seem to find anything about the game being made unavailable, and yet it's nowhere to be found. The other possibility is that it was never available in North America to begin with, but I could've sworn I saw it before?
  7. Was wondering this myself recently and looked it up. Looks like it's basically confirmed, just who knows when exactly:
  8. Very glad to see this isn't dead. I was worried with the struggles PlayLink has had that it may have been in dev hell or something.
  9. This is old, but I figured I'd post here just in case anyone else wants to know in the future. I still couldn't find online what exactly had to be done to get this trophy, and it turns out it's very easy. It just requires you to get 100% map completion, and all the vitality fragments and ivory bugs. You don't even have to have fought the final boss. Cheers!
  10. Just in case anyone isn't aware, the standard edition of Cosmic Star Heroine is an open pre-order, so assuming you know about it in the first place there should be no issue getting a copy
  11. IIRC you have to talk to him, at which point he'll take you inside his house.
  12. Months later, it's currently available for $10 again on the PS store. Only until 2/7 though.
  13. I can confirm this is the same for me. Just got the platinum for Far Cry Primal and started Odin Sphere Leifthasir. The trophies appear on my PS4 and Vita but no matter how many times I update my profile, my profile isn't updated and they don't show up PSNP
  14. Jesus Christ I don't care what effing side either of you fall on or who I agree with, stop arguing on the internet like children. You guys are clearly not going to see eye to eye so just drop it please.
  15. I played F 2nd first and then the original f. I gotta say I am not a fan of most of the songs on the first f game, but I'm a huge huge huge fan of the second game's soundtrack. My top 5 are probably: 1. Two-Sided Lovers (50-60+ plays in the game and a hundred or so plays on itunes) 2. This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee 3. Kagerou Daze 4. Two Breaths Walking 5. Freely Tomorrow All of them are from F 2nd except for Freely Tomorrow. Honorable Mentions are Melt, Doubleganger, Envy Catwalk, Colorful X Melody, Meteor, among many many others. God it's so hard to pick just a few!