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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. I'm gonna go for it
  2. Hello, just like the title states, i would like to know if ALL the trophies can be earned single player for both the base game and it's DLCs? Is PS+ Required at all? Thank you
  3. No i'm not, i'm just guilty of having a hard time on more than one game in regards to difficulty related trophies and then getting slammed by people who have done it by saying to git good! or harden up and get over it. I guess i just wanted to back them up, if you are great at a game, percaviered through it, or struggle to the end don't trivialize it, a lot of effort goes into committing to a game, trophies and all. What i mean in the end is venting is the way i get through my games, talking mostly to friends about it, some people don't have friends who play games and this is their outlet, I Support That But maybe this wasn't the right outlet for my frustration...
  4. Yeah hey, not sure you read MY post from start to finish, i don't think it's right putting people down for having a hard time and posting about it. Don't quote my post if you don't understand the reason behind it, i'm not bad mouthing anyone, so read my post again SLOWLY and point out where the "hypocrisy" lies... It better not be about 'complaining about complainers complaining' cause it's not the same, mine is a stern request, not a complaint. So go ahead...
  5. YO!!! Stop bitch slapping the posters who vent their frustration on this forum, saying they are "pussyfied" or should just stop playing and leave it at that... They want the Trophy, really badly in most cases and it's really godamn hard from what i've seen/read. Leave them alone, if you have completed this run and still think they are all "whiners" then by all means tell them how the view looks from that one percent tower I say let them complain, if it stops people from smashing controllers and screaming just by venting then good, This is the place for it. Everyone else STFU!!!
  6. umm... It's gone, The quest is no longer there! Why? Pretty sure i should still have 4 days left to get it. Has this happened to anyone else? (NEVER MIND) It's back, i don't know what happened but the quest marker is back in Siwa.
  7. Mind... BLOWN!!!
  8. R.I.P. Chester Bennington.


    You will be missed.

  9. Add me to get the (Swap Meet) Trophy... No need for over the top items either, i just want the trophy PSN: ABBUemo
  10. Nope... It's good the way it is.
  11. 5500 Trophy Milestone has not appeared on my list.

    I now have around 5525 trophies but no Milestone???

    Why not?

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    2. MaximumOverdrive
    3. DamagingRob


      @ee28max I believe 225 is the last one. Then it becomes every 50th.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami


  12. You just disarmed me... I jabbed at you and you kept your reply clean and respectful... I got nothing
  13. Some of you get my post... Some don't, in any case i had no problem "beating" Akuma (getting his health to zero) The problem turned out being the Rage Art i'd been using for the Campaign, the input was R1, but by the time i'd gotten to the Bonus fight R1 had been changed to input Triangle/Circle. Once i realised this, i SCREAMED!!! I never got that mad before, i never changed it, why would i? i wouldn't. But i've done it, as soon as i changed it back, BAM! Thank you anyways Yea umm.. little biast there mate, you have around 40 fist fighting games on ur list, to drive my point home, all of your rarest trophies ARE for (fighting) games, so not a "scrub" << you're welcome. Not as easy for others though. As for your response, yep... I know, if you bothered to read any of the other posts before your 'helpful tips' you'd notice your post didn't really help at all. But you did succeed in making yourself look like a big shot.... Congrats???
  14. Yeah i've been beaten by his final move maybe 40 odd times... I can get to the end no problem, it's gotta be glitches for me somehow. I even have Kazuyas Rage Art hot keyed for R2. Nothing works.
  15. How? Just.... How? I've done everything more then 100 times by now and i'm getting the F%$K OVER IT!! Call me a pouty child, but when a pouty child is doing what he's told and still gets punished again and AGAIN!!! Is that fair? Every time i go to do my "RAGE F%$KING ART" at the end Akuma is like... NOPE!! Every damn time i spam the shit out of it... NOPE!! I wait until after his animation... NOPE!! I don't know what to do anymore. I started doing this at around 1:20am It's now 3:49am and i AM about to break my controller. Help!! ps: yes i've watched the damn YouTube Vids.