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  1. I read on the forums that the final boss has a glitch, that you can switch the difficulty level and overcome it. But my bug does not work in the Asian version. I looked at the list of those who received trophies, and I saw that people received trophies for complexity with a difference of several minutes. It turns out the bug works?
  2. Thank you
  3. I'm looking for an Asian version of the game but I do not know what kind of cover it should have.
  4. passed the third world defeated the boss but the trophy is not given. is it a buggy?
  5. I understand it every day, take away 50k experience
  6. today dropped 50k
  7. I agree that experience and rank can be reduced
  8. errors very often appear loaded for a very long time and gives an error 20004 and progress does not always save.
  9. How to speed up getting gold ? are there options?
  10. No platinum no purchase
  11. Developers apparently scoff, released retro games and without platinum? It's just like in MegaMan Legeacy
  12. Hello I want to know is there a way to pass this tower?
  13. thanks for the answer how to do this trophy? Lucky GuySurvive the attack 7 times. Achieved 7 times
  14. We play with a friend and did not understand how to get these trophies. Legendary Key MasterAttain kill by Masterkey. Achieved 50 kill Even Sliding By Can KillKill by shooting right forearm. Achieved 100 kill who received the email trophies
  15. https://mobile.twitter.com/IntiCreatesEN write here about the patch that makes it easy challenge 36 support me