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  1. i used this guide https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/241144-yakuza-0/faqs/74451/climax-battles and watched some of dantedevil videos on youtube , some of those have specific tricks to it . I can help you out with it if you want and you could help me with mahjong
  2. any helpful tips for a newbie? i cant seem to understand the game .....
  3. Is this a physical release only?
  4. Everyone has the same questions are there missables?
  5. im on the 49 match and i keep winning and reloading and until now nothing ....no 5 star team offer always below it
  6. Yeah i know just wondering if you should focus more one a specific skill to get more chance from a 5 start team . but i guess its all random
  7. and skills level? do i need to be fully upgraded by then?
  8. gonna test it
  9. There's testing with the game pre patched and still crashing in the exact same spot . i just find it weird all the people who have it dont even say anything and Its even stranger the number 2 guy in the world has it.... sure he was not gonna risk to hack it . if there's a fix atleast tell the others otherwise i dont see a way to be possible to achieve it
  10. the fact that 8 people have it doesnt mean anything either , how can you tell if all of those are legit? I got a reply from one of the guys that has the platinum and he says doesn't know how he got it There's a lot of handball fans that play this game hardcore since launch and dont have it either you can check the communities on ps4
  11. The game crashes after the last game of carrer mode. Is there a way to fix ? Because if not all the people that have it probably cheated
  12. Can confirm server region trick works. Got it in japanese servers Just play several games sometimes even with host been japonose you can get in european servers so just keep trying until you feel like your lagging
  13. its impossible to checkout it says : You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s): You have not purchased LittleBigPlanet™ Karting Pre-Order
  14. So my time went back when i used remote play . Dont know if its related but just an heads up. Keep in mind that going back didn't affect the game in anyway for me (ps: lucky? )
  15. Option A - Portugal. doubt it we can win two times in a row...but lets see