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  1. Yakuza 0 is harder on legend since you cant do it in new game plus, still i find it quite easy Clímax battle also harder in 0, in kiwami it took me a couple of hours to complete but in 0 there some really Hard ones that got me stuck, also 0 has more minigames and more story time so i would say it could take double the time of kiwami to platinum
  2. The right order to play yakuza right now is 0,kiwami,kiwami 2, 3/4/5 remaster if they come to the West and then 6
  3. How can i use 4 microphones on the ps4? The app seems to not be avaiable anymore
  4. Method one worked for me! Quick note: make sure you switch ip adress of the proxy some may not work for you (there's a few ones to pick) as well as the port because it can be in use already
  5. Yakuza 0 Where It All Began
  6. i used this guide https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/241144-yakuza-0/faqs/74451/climax-battles and watched some of dantedevil videos on youtube , some of those have specific tricks to it . I can help you out with it if you want and you could help me with mahjong
  7. any helpful tips for a newbie? i cant seem to understand the game .....
  8. Is this a physical release only?
  9. Everyone has the same questions are there missables?
  10. im on the 49 match and i keep winning and reloading and until now nothing ....no 5 star team offer always below it
  11. Yeah i know just wondering if you should focus more one a specific skill to get more chance from a 5 start team . but i guess its all random
  12. and skills level? do i need to be fully upgraded by then?
  13. gonna test it
  14. There's testing with the game pre patched and still crashing in the exact same spot . i just find it weird all the people who have it dont even say anything and Its even stranger the number 2 guy in the world has it.... sure he was not gonna risk to hack it . if there's a fix atleast tell the others otherwise i dont see a way to be possible to achieve it
  15. the fact that 8 people have it doesnt mean anything either , how can you tell if all of those are legit? I got a reply from one of the guys that has the platinum and he says doesn't know how he got it There's a lot of handball fans that play this game hardcore since launch and dont have it either you can check the communities on ps4