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  1. So my time went back when i used remote play . Dont know if its related but just an heads up. Keep in mind that going back didn't affect the game in anyway for me (ps: lucky? )
  2. Option A - Portugal. doubt it we can win two times in a row...but lets see
  3. Can anyone confirm if the black diablos event gives gold crowns?
  4. The trophy pops even without Internet connection . When they coded they made the trophy pop as soon as you click to upload. So this plat is still obtainable
  5. Not free in portugal @maiathewinners change tittle to spain only
  6. Don't overplay the game just wait for event quest to come up with Increase crown rates. The best to play and not get bored. Good luck with the hunting. 😀
  7. After reading the other thread i can say this was a genius response 😂 Here's my entry : https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7276-little-adventure-on-the-prairie/leandroxpto Thanks for this
  8. Does this week special arena event quest with Radobaan and and odogaron has higher crown spawns? Thanks in advance
  9. No , i didnt pay much attention to it . i got those crowns back to back guess i got lucky
  10. I got one giant and one small gold crown from this investigations Giant Gold Crown KULA-YA-KU https://imgur.com/a/uBQiF https://imgur.com/a/FPkNP Small Gold Crown Great Jagras https://imgur.com/a/YiFM4 https://imgur.com/a/Gndo8
  11. Thanks for the help man. Just sad you couldn't get it Special thanks to HK_KIKAS my man and Fiti67 who was the guy that help me with the 30 seconds one. The savior of my plat
  12. Anyone wants to go for the trophies before server shutdown in need of partners ! Thanks in advance
  13. the price is up now here! . didnt they say that would be a special bundle for people who had jak TPL already?
  14. is not even avaiable to me yet.... wtf it shows no price
  15. @AxelEra can you give some japanse guy that might help me? dont know anyone