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  1. Is the platinum easier in v.1.0 for Ark? im out of the loop and would love if someone or you could explain in it. i know that this a dev/admin console and i was with the idea that it still works on the latest patch
  2. It's still bugged I did more than triple that number, and I'm only counting those type of encounters. Example: saving someone from turning / save from renegades
  3. It's bugged for me It's bugged for me
  4. What the hell are these devs doing... They keep making things worse I have both municipal services and friends in need bugged. But those probably can get fixed in a new playthrough but this doesn't. Hope they fix all the trophies problems and revert this aswell
  5. Also bugged for me 😔
  6. Anyway we can get an option to provide a key/secret for Dropbox / one drive /sharepoint or any other cloud file system. So we don't have to manually export/import across devices. Or atmost press a sync button. It would be a really cool addition for people who use alot of desktop /mobile at the same time. Sorry if a solution or question like this was already asked.
  7. What is the best method if I have the retail version? I can delete all patches. If doing so allows to the an easier method
  8. Can't upgrade either and I'm from portugal
  9. Is there any save import like most of the games we see with ps4/ps5 versions or did they didn't bother to add that?
  10. I missed it. Anyway I have it installed now. So next time I will go for it. Even if it takes some time to showup
  11. Thank you guys! For the info. Gonna try to start the game now and do it.
  12. Can someone please explain me why this is usefull? Never played the game and it seems like a big deal. So I know if I should start it 😁
  13. Change in the computer. Select impostor.exe
  14. Does using the computer to spawn all tasks count aswell on freeplay? That way there's alot more tasks to do
  15. You should play the game in another difficulty if it's too hard to you. Once you do you can replay the game on crushing with cheats like infinite ammo, one shot kill and others. That makes those trophies a peace of cake.