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  1. I got the platinum and it isn't really that bad. take careful note of all the bins in town that give aluminium cans because you need a lot. do the third sheep trail for money, keep a quest that marks the blacksmith knight active so you can find him easily. YEAH BABY my playtime was 109 hours.
  2. I did that and the option to launch the ps4 version is in that menu. I assume it's there regardless of whether you've been using a trial account or not but who knows
  3. when you install both the ps4 version and ps5 version of the game onto your ps5 you can switch to the ps4 version by selecting the '...' that's to the right of 'play game' on the ps5 home menu
  4. missile doom ultravibration would be the useful ones for doing this. also I'm in the process of uploading an old 16 hour vod of me doing 1000 fates to youtube and will post it here as a reference for what I am even talking about. in case anyone wants to make a guide of sorts.
  5. any crafted collectables count so the custom delivery ones with vendor bought materials that you can max the progress of in 1 step would be the best way to grind it out. likewise any gathered collectables count, fastest way would be to use 1 action that raises collectability then collect for the rest and discard once your bag is full. not too much work but probably like 30 hours of pain, you can move discard to the top of the item subcommand menu to help reduce the nimber of button presses discarding things over and over will take.
  6. for anyone needing to do 3000 fates from scratch I'd recommend killing the two boss fates in the north of outer la noscea that loop into each other infinitely as a blue mage using spells with death effects. can easily do more than 60 an hour so 3000 is still bad but not as bad as it seems.
  7. In terms of killing it's probably lavisioth for obvious reasons and Uragaan because it just doesn't get knocked down often enough in this game making it legitimately harder than any of the elder dragons. In terms of crown hunting it was Barroth (did it before the event) couldn't tell the size of them to save myself and killed 130 odd looking for the gold crown biggest.
  8. Cry harder. If you were so desperate to get the plat you shouldn't be trying to play online, the time spent finding a room + the scaled up monsters + the random mission fails to bad players means it's not even worth playing online IF you are that desperate to finish.
  9. For elder dragons they don't need to be tempered and I find it hard to believe you ran out of just generic elder dragon investigations, the regular investigations are easy to maintain it's the tempered ones that are fucked.
  10. Ignore the OP of this post if that's what you've been following, it's useless as fuck.
  11. It just means there is more research levels for the ones that have both, you don't need to go back and do low rank quests or anything.
  12. It's the level in the monster field guide, anything that is high rank only has a lower research level than monsters that are in both, elders are capped at 4 as you say. Don't worry about this trophy, or the HR 100 trophy as you will hit both getting the crowns more than likely but I guess capturing them gets more points so you could do that if you needed to get specific ones up.
  13. Really doubt that matters. I got kush in forest, teo in wastes.
  14. it uses the attempt up if thats what you mean, the game saves every time you take on an investigation for this reason.
  15. yeah the info in the OP is worse than useless to be honest, should probably be edited or remade as it's just going to lead to lots of wasted time.