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  1. I heard the trophy is not glitched. You need to do it in "one go". That means you cannot quit the game, or reload the save. I heard there were some count tracking troubles on PS4 so you need to make it in one playthrough in one go without quitting or reloading. Still haven't try this way though.
  2. Ok, I will try harder but it has been 2 hours that I'm trying... Got it on my first try on my second account though. Really weird 🤔 I hope so 😅 will give a try again in an hour or two *crossing fingers*
  3. I can't get the trophy where you need to splash your screen with champaigne on main account. I got it perfectly on my second account (2nd controller) but when I'm playing on my main I can't get it? Someone does have a clue about this? Edit : Finally got the trophy ! Once your spalshing the champaigne toward your screen do not move your controller, I was trying to reach every part of the screen with the champaigne but it was wrong. Hope it helps