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  1. ATTENTION !! RS added parashute race!!! https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/jobs?dateRange=last7&missiontype=parachuting&platform=ps4&sort=likes&title=gtav
  2. So. Not added yet parashut race 😡 https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/jobs/?dateRange=last7&missiontype=parachuting&platform=ps4&sort=likes&title=gtav
  3. So. Anybody have a news? Parasshuting not added yet.😡
  4. Ответ от Cristian G.: Hello U4oloG, Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. We appreciate that you took the time to report this issue. We inform you that our developers are aware of this problem and they are currently working on a solution. We currently do not have an estimated time to know when it will be fixed, unfortunately. We appreciate your patience. We recommend staying tuned to our official communication sites for any updates: https://www.rockstargames.com/es/newswire https://twitter.com/rockstargames?lang=es Best regards, Cristian G. Rockstar Support
  5. Any news from Rockstar?
  6. Dude i started playing last year in GTA5 on PS4
  7. Let's keep pounding their tech support.
  8. This is the true face of rockstar
  9. Ответ от Emmanuel O.: Hello U4oloG, Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. Please consider that since the trophies are provided by PlayStation, we recommend reaching out to PlayStation Network Support https://support.us.playstation.com/ We are here to help, so if you have any further questions, or if you ever need assistance in the future, please feel free to contact us. Have a nice day and stay safe! Best regards, Emmanuel O. Rockstar Support Are they kidding?
  10. They are laughing? They removed the parachute races themselves and ask what are your problems with? Bravo
  11. So. Yesterday my friend RussianAgent_005 advised me to try one thing. You need to log into the Rockstar social club on PC using your PS4 account. And add this race to your playlist. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/playlists/playlist/0xTnRzken0agSVm7NLe4lA Then turn on GTA5 on PS4, go online, in the game menu, then the cases, notice the saved ones. Attention! You will have an anchor icon on the map and you can quickly play and win with any friend! If you have this last event then get a trophy! But unfortunately it doesn't work with parachute racing. They cannot be added - there will be an error. And in the parachutism game menu, you cannot press the cross and on the right of the screen there is simply the inscription loading. I confirm - yesterday I was able to win on the water and it is now in the statistics! If you have it last before the trophy, run faster to do it. Well, I'll continue, like everyone else, wait for the parachute races to open
  12. Already. My ticket #21067318
  13. So what are we going to do? I already wrote in support, but I'm afraid they just read the letter and will not do anything. You need to bomb your English-speaking users on their twitter and support. I didn't get the trophy in time and my ass is burning with anger now
  14. Они там совсем охуели что ли в край? Has anyone already written in support?
  15. I agree with you. Sony has lost its reputation in my eyes.