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  1. Agreed. Your truth. It is necessary that someone else confirmed this information.
  2. Yes. It is the creation of an account in the second half of 2015 (not the launch of the game and create an account). I know it sounds weird, but it really is. It so happened that with the boost of online trophies, some members of the team did not retain statistics and, accordingly, did not rise the level. Began to understand. It turned out that the statistics did not remain with the guys who created their accounts not earlier than 2015 (that is, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018, 2019). All who created accounts before 2015, easy to get the trophies. I don't know why that is. But really nonsense. We tested Russian accounts. That's trouble. How things are with American accounts, we do not know. Can be on the American accounts so there is no error. So I'm just warning you about possible trouble. Thanks.
  3. Hi, friends. I hasten to warn those who created their psn account after July 2015. In the process of online trophies boost, it turned out that the players who created their account after July 2015 - not saved statistics!!! Therefore, part of the online trophies is not be available, and at the same time platinum. Tester: PSN ID SnakeSolid4ever "So: all accounts until mid - ' 2015 allowed to play - they have the stat will remain all accounts since the second half of 2015 years - it is better not to run the game! there is a 99% chance that in the game you will not have a stat Evidence - accounts 4 of 5 tested did not retain the article - I believe well! I would only warn that all "newcomers", who created the accounts after 2015 years and will want to beat this game platinum able to deal with unsaved stats! Thx SnakeSolid4ever for info P.S. NOT TESTET ON US ACCAUNTS
  4. To fix the problem they need 5 minutes of programmer work. But they just don't want to do it. Only one conclusion - they do not care about the players. They need to make another 100 parts of the assassins.
  5. Tryig every days. No day & week challenge in menu 😒
  6. In fact, I don’t understand what the UBI was given by this disabling feature when the servers are running. There are always players in team shortcuts. Online is not dead. We must annoy them with letters and tweets.
  7. Still unpleasant. Someone just started to play and does not suspect that platinum is not available.
  8. It is strange that they did not warn. Chopped off and all. Usually they write about such things in advance. And so it turns out Ubi do not care about the players. Just to stamp their assassins.
  9. I personally checked everyday from November 12 - 16. Challenge are not available in the "shadownet" menu
  10. Hello friends. Unfortunately, platinum in the game is no longer achievable. Support has been discontinued. Daily and weekly challenges are no longer available.
  11. BlindMango Thx for info
  12. Hello everybody. Tell me please, what does this inscription mean after the gaming session? If I understand correctly, this is an indicator of the "adequacy" of the player. How a person manifested himself in the gaming session: he came / did not come, helped others / did not help, merged the game, left the game, etc. Where can I see this rating? Will there be any ribbon on the avatar of the player? So that all participants saw that a good player will play in the session? Thank you.
  13. Friends, do not be frightened of this trophy. It's simple. 1) Do not leave this trophy at the end before platinum - only aggravate the already hassle. 2) It's easy to get on the slot machine in the second location - the speed of the game on the machine seemed to me slower than on the TV in the first location. 3) Always lower the screen to hide the score on the screen. Believe me, it only distracts. And finally - the main advice When holding the joystick in your hand, move the small thumb of the right thumb to the button , and hold your finger on -, more precisely, put it directly on it, will allow you to press briefly in an instant that it will support the goat at the same level. A little stronger push - the goat will jump higher. Good luck! PS Sorry for Google translate