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  1. Love that Fallout tattoo...and the Game Over is very clever. And what? Far Cry 4 didn't even make your Love that Drive by Incubus is a go-to....nice. I visit the Flagged Game Disputes for the exact same reasons. And I can't imagine not having PSNP+...great interview.
  2. You can complete 5 of the 6 word mazes n exit to the menu. And come back n hit the 6th one for the trophy later.
  3. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this add-on @HusKy. I have a spreadsheet with every one of my PS3, PSV, PS4 and PS5 purchases on it. I was able to use my spreadsheet and your add-on to create a true backlog list. It took me a couple of days but now I know that I have 713 unstarted/uncompleted PS games thanks to creating a backlog list using PSNP+. Thanks for your hard work...
  4. amauripedrini, I bought the same digital 3 pack of games that you did for the PS4. And had no problem platting well as Black Flag and Unity. So sorry to hear about your troubles.
  5. See you got the I guess you figured it out. Nice work...
  6. We got stopped at 77% as well. We let the pg240x blow up and were able to complete the mission when it restarted. FyI, we knocked out the two helicopters last to finish the mission.
  7. Any idea how to include 'date' to your download list? With the new PSstore set up...the PSDLE works a little different. I'm getting a list for a spread has name and platform but no date. I am not sure how to go about including a date column. Thanks for any help...
  8. bad...I was looking at the top of page 2...didn't even realize there was a page 1. Duh. My apologies...
  9. Skull n Cross Bones avatar? Is your avatar one of the free ones from PS or did you have to buy it?  I thought that I would ask you first before scrolling through all the avatars.



  10. know that you have to catch 15 got two 7s listed in the video.
  11. How many ball 7s are there? lol
  12. This game is currently 90% discounted for a price of $1.49. But judging from the comments, even that is too much. I'll wait until it goes to 95% off. But I sure wish that I would've caught this on sale for a penny like Cravinovv
  13. As awful as it is to have to possibly buy the DLC to keep 100%, I'm going to dread re-downloading Conan Exiles. It took me two days to download the 90+ GB base game.
  14. Yeah Apple, it was a blast playing coop when servers were up. I played coop on R2 every day for several years until players starting hacking the games. But it was a good time while it lasted and I still have some good friends for those days of cooping...sure miss it. Always hoping that they would reboot or update the Resistance series...
  15. Thanks...what a pain! Well, at least you got it...