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  1. I happened to stumble upon a glitch that gives you free AP ammo. I was playing the APB mission before captain cooper and just kept dying , then this happened “I can’t load video at the moment but will load it as soon as I get a chance “
  2. I will add everyone on the list and play their levels if they could return the favor and play 2 of mine that would be great
  3. I can confirm this as well, it says 527 days until event closes
  4. Any update in this?
  5. Not sure if this helps, but i have had like 6 differnt ps3s in my lifetime, and i have also logged in to several of my friends ps3s and played there. When i was younger i used to travel alot and i would play fifa and COD MW2 a lot on their ps3s. I just dont want to block my trophy list just because 1 person thought it would be fun to report ppl lol, you can see me here setting up sessions all the time and looking for boost partners
  6. LAGalaxy23b FIFA 09 I dont really understand why im getting flagged on a trophy that I earned 8 years ago, all I remember is the leagues were open until mid june, I remember i kept trying and trying to get my trophy after winning over 17 matches and then just gave up , i came back and played an online ranked match a few days later and won and it popped so I didn't think much of it , I was just happy i got my trophy and called it a day lol, I also remember I deleted my saves plenty of times because someone mention it might help but other than that i don't remember much like i said that was like 8 years ago