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  1. Have you tried using regular stone blocks? Also, could try making the tower wider, 5x5 or something.
  2. Is there something added in a patch that stops you getting the height trophy? I did it over a year ago so not sure if anythings changed, but I did it just by building up a giant tower from wooden blocks
  3. If you haven't got the player kills trophies out of the way using the trader glitch, I would do that before updating. Although not mentioned in the patch notes, it's possible they've removed it.
  4. Just 2 more plays to trophy!
  5. Early better get in there quick in case they run out of digital copies... 🤔
  6. "Digital Deluxe edition includes the full game, an exclusive avatar, five exclusive weapons to use in-game and a season pass with three pieces of DLC content containing extra missions and story." So probably not worth it unless you like the extra fluff
  7. ITT: "I don't use it therefore it's terrible"
  8. Yup, its up in EU at least. Have it downloaded ready for when i get home.
  9. Didn't even know this was happening! Guessing it will be based on the Windows and iOS port that was released a couple of years ago (like they did with FF7). It's up on UK store for £16.99 reduced to £13.59 for PS Plus members. EDIT: Just bought it and did a remote download to PS4, queued up 8 avatars and a theme in addition to the game.
  12. Came here to post a similar strat. This is how I did it: Summon Zodiark > immediately Final Eclipse > Immediately elixir the caster to refresh Mist power > Summon Zodiark again. Rinse and repeat until you kill Ghis and Bergan and there's 3 left. Key thing is to ensure you are carrying out these actions immediately otherwise they can heal. So make sure you use a different character to elixir the Zodiark caster to prevent queueing of actions. Also make sure you cast Final Eclipse before Zodiark starts doing auto actions again to prevent queueing. Nihopalaoa a remedy onto Judge Drace so she will be diseased and can't be healed and just attack her until she dies. Its worth constantly throwing the remedies at her to ensure it doesn't wear off. Nihopalaoa a Chronos Tear or use Sleep magic on Zargabaath to keep him out of action while you kill Gabranth, they seem to heal each other but not themselves. Again keep doing the tear/sleep over and over again so it can't wear off. When there's just one left it's a piece of cake. Pretty sure I got Zargabaath and Gabranth the right way of them is sleepable and the other isn't. If not, try the other one It's worth a nico>remedy on both anyway as the other will be slowed so won't be hitting you as hard.
  13. Mick Foley in all his different guises
  14. Cheers for that. Just been on and got them. No idea what it is or if it's any good, but hey, I wont turn down a freebie
  15. Yeah, it's way off. Apparently i played 183 hours in Final Fantasy 14 (online only) but only got 101 hours played online.