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  1. Finally! How any kind of online store doesn't automatically come with this is beyond me.
  2. From a trophy completionist perspective, am I right in thinking that PS Now doesnt include DLC? If so there will be no way to purchase it to 100% these games.
  3. I feel the same mate. Was looking to purchase a PS5 once they were back in stock but I'm seriously considering not bothering now. My biggest concern is I have such a big purchase library would I just be cutting off my nose to spite my face. I guess a Series X and game pass would give me a pretty good library for not much outlay. Lots to think about here.
  4. Looks like it could be interesting. I haven't played LIS2 yet, sounds like its quite a divisive game judging by this thread. Before The Storm was great all the way through and LIS1 up until until the end. I often think I missed the point with the ending of LIS1. I just felt like the option between everybody dies or none of it ever happened was pretty shitty.
  5. If it isn't too late, I'd like to join please. A good excuse to clear something out of the backlog and a very interesting looking event. I'll choose Worms Battlegrounds as my first game, currently at 20% Thanks for organising.
  6. Didn’t make my goal in 2020 so going for it again in 2021. Starting at 80.5% Aiming for 90%
  7. Currently £9.59 on the UK store
  8. Looks like the PS4 version doesn't have any trophies unlike the Xbox/Steam equivalents.
  9. Pretty sure reading the trophy guides will spoil them more
  10. they could have at least made the edges transparent 🤦‍♂️
  11. Another thing not available at launch. I was already considering cancelling my preorder due to not being able to upgrade the storage because of the NVME slot being locked. Honestly just thinking it may be worth waiting until you can actually use all the features before purchasing.
  12. Well, I'm all about story and atmosphere, so I'll give it a go! Thanks, appreciate it.
  13. Was thinking about playing this, would you recommend trying it?
  14. Witcher 3 (Main game) -> 100-6+72-10.97= 155.03 FF7 Remake -> 100+70-22.3 = 147.7 Horizon:Zero Dawn NG+ DLC -> 50+3-21.81 = 31.19