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  1. Currently £9.59 on the UK store
  2. Looks like the PS4 version doesn't have any trophies unlike the Xbox/Steam equivalents.
  3. Pretty sure reading the trophy guides will spoil them more
  4. they could have at least made the edges transparent 🤦‍♂️
  5. Another thing not available at launch. I was already considering cancelling my preorder due to not being able to upgrade the storage because of the NVME slot being locked. Honestly just thinking it may be worth waiting until you can actually use all the features before purchasing.
  6. Well, I'm all about story and atmosphere, so I'll give it a go! Thanks, appreciate it.
  7. Was thinking about playing this, would you recommend trying it?
  8. Witcher 3 (Main game) -> 100-6+72-10.97= 155.03 FF7 Remake -> 100+70-22.3 = 147.7 Horizon:Zero Dawn NG+ DLC -> 50+3-21.81 = 31.19
  9. Yep, all looks fine
  10. If you haven’t completed enough yet you will see the earlier levels of the challenge. It starts with 5 then 13 then 18 then on to 191 (total of 227 all together)
  11. As soon as you can go to the location in this thread and check the container isn't glitched. Also, I completed all of Jeet's territory really early and completed all projects. It's now really useful being able to fast travel there and instantly get full water/fuel/ammo etc whenever I need it.
  12. Bit of an update. Been absent for a few months, due to RL/Corona/Work things. Havent managed to play anything recently, but i forgot to update on some i did a few months back. As follows: Cat Quest - 92.28 points (100+69-76.72 with x1 multiplier) South Park (Fractured But Whole) - 334.52 points (100+67-24.74 with x2 multiplier) + 25 beast mode Burly Men At Sea - 104.32 points (100+68-63.68 with x1 multiplier) Nier: Automata - 138.68 points (100+70-31.37 with x1 multiplier)
  13. Well managed to squeeze it in just in time before the end of the event! Had to change a few from my original ideas due to time contraints, but here's the final list: Lose the Weight - South Park: The Stick Of Truth Focus on Family - Severed Update Relationship Status - Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice Go to the Gym - Burly Men At Sea Find Time For Yourself - Nier Automata Get a Better Job - The Wolf Among Us Finish Your Masterpiece - Life is Strange: Before The Storm Volunteer More - Cat Quest Do Better in School - Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Make More Money - South Park: The Fractured But Whole Thanks for running this event, it was a lot of fun! (Oh also I think I forgot to mention previously that I will be opting out of the prizes, congrats to the lucky winners!)
  14. Bloodborne. I've owned it for so long but still somehow haven't found the time to start it up.