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  1. Streets of Rage 2 (PS3) 7/12 38% Love that game. PSN Card USA please!
  2. Streets of Rage 2 (PS3) 7/12 38% Love that game. PSN Card USA please!
  3. Not only for the Trophy, but also because this makes this rather hard game easier: let’s try to get all the locations of the severer lives. I have found one so far: the elevator stage (stage 3) has a secret life at the entrance of the elevator (behind the first pole).
  4. I bought the PS4 version in the Japanese PSN store, but can’t seem to get the PS5 version for free. The US\EU version is cross buy, is this one different en not cross buy?
  5. Doesn’t look like there is a PS5 version. Dotemu doesn’t do PS5 for now. I do hope one day they will and give us this and SoR 4 on PS5.
  6. Works for PS4 and Switch too!
  7. Worked for me. Tx!
  8. Yup. Uncool how they just reuse the same games in the SF Anniversary Collection, the Capcom Beat’m up C and CFC and the Capcom Arcade Stadiums.
  9. You should get that Trophy after a new win.
  10. You are right, but now you know the patterns and stuff. Btw did you have the plus version?
  11. Same problem. No free PS5 version.
  12. Streets of Rage 4. Great local coop game. Excellent gameplay. Probably the best beat’m up out there.
  13. You can only buy these games in the PS3 store. Not on the website. No chance of buying the wrong one.