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  1. Did they fix the Heart of Deimos achievements on Steam? They had the same problem on Steam. I hope we get some new Trophies soon. i stopped playing after my 100%.
  2. That should be the case
  3. Didn't Sony say you can stilll buy crossbuy games through the PS4-store/webstore & then have access to them on the Vita?
  4. It will be linked to your PSN account. No worries.
  5. Here is another one for a delisted/dead game (well the Chinese version is delisted/dead): https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4087-warframe
  6. I wonder how they will do that. To my knowledge there isn't a single PS5 disc that gives you acces to the PS4 version.
  7. DL or install the PS4 version
  8. Very nice! But why do they present Thumper as VR only?
  9. Nice. This game should have a rerelease on PS4 and PS5. Pure fun.
  10. Yes, this one!
  11. Only downside of the PS4 version is that you have to download the PS5 version and don't have a PS5 box.
  12. By then it's almost a year...
  13. Well, a lot of us will, but there are people who don't have Plus you know.