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  1. Agreed. Every game should have a platinum. We need a Trophy tracker and a cabinet of some sorts would be great. Maybe some Trophy awards or a Trophy Shop where you can use your earned Trophies or Trophy points to buy digital things (avatars/themes/in game items). They should make a Trophy app that integrates some of these things. Something like PlayStation Home but for Trophies. You could show your achievements and buy or earn stuff with your Trophy points/Trophies.
  2. Mother Russia Bleeds. On a very good sale right now. It's Streets of Rage meets Hotline Miami.
  3. Codes stack, no reason to wait.
  4. He is not wrong: DCUO does not let you earn a single Trophy without paying. It's an exception though; almost every FTP game let's you get all the Trophies without paying.
  5. That's it.
  6. Super cheap in US as well
  7. With the renewed interest in beat 'm ups: This is a great one & super cheap right now (in EU at least)!
  8. Well back then videogames were st. for geeks only. Now everyone is a gamer.
  9. It's strange how it looks like Shiva and Max (& even Estelle) appear in the story as if they should have been unlockable. They all side with you after defeating them. I kinda expected them to be unlocked at that moment.
  10. I heard st about hitting an arcade machine with a stun gun (the electric charged weapon)?
  11. Over a hundred games have been delisted. Apparently in stores that use Euro.
  12. Nice post 👍
  13. I'm just sad they haven't added a few easy Trophies lately. I've played this game on & off (level 80), but the hours (weeks rather) you'd put in for a 100%? Good lord!
  14. Very strange: I can't buy a lot of these games: when I click on the link I come on their page and there is no option to buy or download, only the wishlist option. They don't show up when i search them either. This goes for Streets of Rogue, Toejam & Earl, the Ratalaika games,...