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  1. Those should have been here in August 2020. Really don’t know what the problem is.
  2. The Antarctic ice fish has antifreeze in its blood and lives in water that's -1°C.
  3. I don't know about this one, but I could not get a free upgrade for Neon Chrome. All the others from 10tons gave me a free upgrade.
  4. I recently got one of the Story trophies on PS5. It popped when I started Save The World on PS4.
  5. Other 10ton HAVE been cross buy. Sparkle 2, Sparkle Unleashed, King Odball and Jydge were all cross buy for me (I had those on PS4 and got the PS5 version for free). Neon Chrome wasn’t though. That’s why I ask it for this one.
  6. Will this be cross buy?
  7. So it looks like this game is, contrary to several previous 10Ton games, not PS4/PS5 cross buy?
  8. You could play it on the go on the Switch now. I love playing SoR4 on my Switch.
  9. No plat, but I just 100%ed Warframe (on PS4 and PS5).
  10. I have 34194 unearned Trophies right now. Winning!
  11. World of Warships Legends (think that was confirmed) Rogue Company (also confirmed?) Rocket League
  12. I want MOAr TrophIEs😀
  13. How much gold does one need to fill up the shrine?