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  1. The Wabbajack from TES: Oblivion. The staff has the power to transform its target into a completely random creature. This can be helpful to the wielder, turning a fearsome opponent into a docile animal; similarly, it can be detrimental, transforming a relatively weak enemy into a powerful monster. The staff can produce other effects, such as damaging, healing, turning to stone, or instantly killing the target. I'd love to have some fun with it transforming people into completely random creatures.
  2. 👍
  3. Title says: "Doub This Weekend"...
  4. Is this available anywhere? Looks like they’ve f’ed up on their releasedate twice already...
  5. Oblivion of course
  6. Fingers crossed for General Chaos.
  7. Tx for the answers
  8. I finished Pavrati’s quest but the Trophy for finishing a companion’s quest did not pop. Tried reloading my save and finishing it again to no avail. It’s under my completed quest now, so I clearly finished it.
  9. You are right
  10. 83
  11. That sure is one promise you didn't keep.
  12. A Fallout in space game by Obsidian done right? Of course I am interested!
  13. A full fledged Vita 2 is unlikely. Maybe some sort of complimentary streaming device that can remote play your PS5 & stream PS Now?
  14. It’s been free since release over 6 years ago...🙄