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  1. Good luck. But I think i finally found someone with more unearned Trophies! It’s over 40.000!!!!??!!!
  2. I love it! The game that keeps on giving!
  3. Day 1 though I hate them for making us wait this long
  4. Yeah, it does play slow. I don’t really mind, it’s relaxing, especially with the excellent music. Can’t wait for the new game!
  5. I though it aged quite well. It’s very original and the 2D still looks fine.
  6. Guardian Heroes yes, that’s right, a Sega Saturn game I mean it. So jealous.
  7. Yeah, they used to mention 4 player coop. Dunno whether that was online/offline, but fir now only 2 player offline coop looks to be a certainty.
  8. You can get a golden Shotgun in the ubistore if you finishes FC5. Thats it I guess
  9. Go get one now, it’s a great handheld. I doubt Sony will make a true successor. They might make some soort of streaming handheld/accesory to accompany the PS5, but I doubt they’ll do more than that. I’d love a Vita 2 though.
  10. 27895 Still going strong
  11. If you really can’t find a solution and want to give up, you could get your account banned. So at least the other guy is screwed.
  12. Mother Russia Bleeds 2 Final Fight 4