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  1. Where can I get the Epic Battle Trophy?
  2. Again a rebundle? Try harder plz
  3. Strange how they have it on PSNow and not on the store.
  4. TES Legends is really great. Even better than Gwent. It was announced at E3 last year for PS4 but since then, hardly any news. So, Gwent. You can try Hex: Card Clash on PS4 as well, it's not that known, but it ain't bad (and it's free).
  5. Around 800.
  6. Hi, I’m interested! Only need that Trophy for filling a chest with Cobblestone for the plat. Wouldn’t mind a few extra DLC Trophies, but mainly would like to get the plat. Lemme know.
  7. I’ve got 1448 unfinished games. And a few hundred unstarted. My backlog is bigger than yours. I can teach you, but PSN has to charge.
  8. Nice!
  9. Good luck. But I think i finally found someone with more unearned Trophies! It’s over 40.000!!!!??!!!
  10. I love it! The game that keeps on giving!
  11. Day 1 though I hate them for making us wait this long
  12. Yeah, it does play slow. I don’t really mind, it’s relaxing, especially with the excellent music. Can’t wait for the new game!
  13. I though it aged quite well. It’s very original and the 2D still looks fine.