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  1. Well if I really like a game or the LE is good I buy it from Japan and play it here... its a good way of seeing if I want to support the English release too, also sometimes the game won't be ever localised and sometimes it will nearly a year later if I enjoy it its okay to support ether way. I don't feel its a waste unless they came out right after each other but the stuff I buy basically doesn't do that. I tend to try and get everything as cheap as possible too, so it doesn't feel like a rip off.
  2. Thank you for this, I'll certainly use this once I get the chance to play on DAL.
  3. I recommend the Neptunia titles most are fast and quite simple to complete. Also Death End;Request is quite quick. Tbh most CH games are. Shining Resonance Refrain is quite quick too and Akiba's Beat, they aren't that good though lol.
  4. Yeah I've been having issues with the crashing, it seems to be when you go back to the character select screen, its never happened anywhere else. I'm glad I seen this topic before playing Canaan's Scenario. Btw do you think this is an issue with European copies?
  5. Yep its confirmed. https://gematsu.com/2019/03/nurse-love-syndrome-coming-west-for-ps-vita-pc-in-april
  6. Hi could someone help me with 10/29 Natsume? I put a link to the bit I'm stuck on aswell. I've gone through so many routes and things, I can't work out how to unlock it...
  7. I'm surprised no one has done a PC guide. I can only find the Japanese Guide, I think I'll use that though there's a chance someone could post one on Gamefaqs but it won't be for awhile I'm guessing.
  8. Yep you just need to be logged into your own account with the ability to sync it.
  9. It depends for me, I import games I think ether won't be released here or have really good limited editions, or just extras that I think again won't be localised. Like Mary Skelter two is gonna come with a dating sim thing and I'm not sure we'll get it. I don't trust localisers..... But basically I buy those new. In regards to stuff in the west, it depends on if I've bought the Japanese version, if I have I'll wait even if I'm a fan of it I'll wait until the price is low though I buy niche games their prices don't generally get as cheap as AAA. If its like a passing interest like I like the idea of the game again I'll wait until the price is cheap, like really cheap ether on sales or if the physical somehow drops really low which it sometimes does if you stalk websites. I do also buy the odd game new if I feel it needs supporting like VN's or Digimon because I do worry their sales will drop off and I'd rather not give Bamco the excuse personally. Also sometimes some games prices don't really justify the waiting like their price won't drop it'll rise, I buy those new. I just have a normal PS4 aswell nothing fancy, 4k as you said is useless without the fancy television to go with it and my old one works fine. I still have my PS3 aswell though I've played almost all the games I bought for it, though I have got some second hand ones from Japan I need to finish eventually.
  10. Just wondering since I can't find any info if the PS4 version is any different. Is it atleast less glitchy as that seems a common complaint.
  11. It always feels like much longer than 6 months before they even announce localisation, it seems to take nearly a year to actually have the game in the west. I expect they will localise though it doesn't have content that would be censored in the west and they've risked much worse games like OQ.
  12. I'd say NISA, they butcher translations of games like Ar Tonelico is an exillent example, leave them buggy and to some degrees unplayable. Again a Ar Tonelico and Hundred Knight. Then they decide to lock some physical editions to their LE's for Vita, next is the fact they decided to luck us Europeans out of their store. They did this so they could create a Euro one where all the prices were effectively double at the time. Now the currency has fallen its slightly more even but even so the US people get more things sometimes. Like Touhou Genso Wanderer, the US people get two physical games and we get changed £5 for having a digital version of one of the games (these are all in the LE) and on top of that charged for shipping. I hate them so much, luckily lots of companies are dropping out working with them like CH, Atlus and possibly KT now.