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  1. With a game like BFBC2 it's really not logical to plat the WHOLE game again for the sake of 1 "legit looking" timestamp. @willmill97 just do the one trophy on a separate account. If your platinum looks illegitimate, who cares, at least you'll know it was done right.
  2. While I do agree, it's sad that people are slipping away from the point here. Remember when PS+ was optional on the PS3 and PSVita? Still is? Exactly. Those people are paying for + FOR the games which means they're not actually free. I'm fine taking on the whole "Pay to play online" business model they introduced with the PS4 but why does that mean the quality of games have to decline? They do give a good game here and there whether it be a AAA or a really good indie like Stealth Inc so it's not all bad and I'm just picking at an age old argument "Omg the games are crap this month. WAH." But the fact of the matter is, the games aren't free, you're renting them for a subscription price and it just annoys me that they're advertised as free when they're clearly not.
  3. Unlike previous Battlefields, you don't unlock actual weapons from battlepacks, they're weapon skins. You can apply them to their corresponding gun when editing your loadout. When you've chose a gun, press triangle in the loadout editing screen on the gun to change its skin if you have one for it.
  4. Anything the squad leader orders to do. Defend a captured flag or to take an enemy flag for example. It needs to show in green on the screen "Squad order complete" each time. 25 times and you're done but it wouldn't surprise me if that trophy is glitched along with the class rank trophies.
  5. Yep, same, just reached scout rank 2 and no trophy.
  6. I don't understand why this is shocking/bothering anyone. The PSVR is not a separate console, it needs the PS4 and these are PS4 games, not PSVR games. They just need a peripheral to play them. Sure a more expensive one than some like Guitar Hero or uDraw but still the same situation, nonetheless. Tagging it as anything other than a PS4 title would be more strange in my opinion.
  7. It says in the description on the Playstation Store "USB microphone required to play" Since the PS4 headset isn't USB then I'd assume no. I just bought the game though so I'll test it out and report back. Edit: Yep, the PS4 headset that comes with it works. I noticed some calibration trouble with it though that could make the game harder than it needs to be. Other than that it works fine.
  8. You can check how many times you've strummed in the main menu, press 3 to open Options and select trophies. It tracks progress on every trophy including that one.
  9. There's no proof of this other than someone saying so without anything to back it up. My point is I have achieved 100% with using cheats on the PS2 version multiple times, I used to speedrun it all the time. I highly doubt this has changed for the port as it would require actual game changes which they have no reason to do. People that did not achieve 100%, it's more likely they missed something simple like putting out 20 fires on each island - Something that doesn't show in statistics so they just blamed the fact they used cheats.
  10. Yeah in very small increments each time you cheat, it's hardly noticeable though. However, you can very easily get both criminal rating trophies right at the beginning of the game by using the Rhino tank spawn cheat and going on a rampage. It would take about 2 hours of constant carnage to get your criminal rating to 5000. I've been messing around with all the cheats to determine their effects on gameplay and trophies before I start my actual playthrough for the platinum and so far it's all perfectly do-able with whatever cheats you want to activate. It decreases the criminal rating not fully disables or freezes it.
  11. Since when? I used cheats on the PS2 version of GTA 3 and Vice City and 100%'d both just fine. I used health, armor, weapons and money cheats in both and never had a problem getting the 100% I don't see why this would be different for the PS4 version, it's just an up-scaled port. No cheats in GTA 3 disable trophies. I tried every cheat once for testing purposes then went to get a couple of the easy trophies to make sure. You're fine to use whatever cheats you want and still get trophies (Story and otherwise)
  12. I did have time, I got 3 platinums over fixture 9. Almost 1 in the previous fixtures but I didn't sync it. Black Ops is no overnight job so it took up all the previous fixtures. Ah well.
  13. Why was I actually added to fixture 9 then? Lol. But alright, fair enough.
  14. Why does mine say (N/A)? I got trophies during fixture 9. I did during fixture 8 too, I was doing Black Ops 1 but didn't sync the trophies because I was having trouble with 1 of the zombies trophies. So I suppose I got none but I wasn't inactive, I just gave up on the game I was working on