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  1. I wish someone had filmed the panic meeting at Microsoft where they decided this, I bet that would have been hilarious too see. Nevertheless I could care less what Microsoft are up too, for all we know this is a good thing, maybe now the twelve year olds won't switch over and thereby relieving us of the horror of having to deal with them. In my opinion the ones we have are quite enough. However I was always going to buy the PS4 anyways, I've always played on the playstation and I've never really payed any mind to the xbox (quite frankly I don't really know a lot about it even) because I am more than happy with what Sony does and I have no reason whatsoever to change, i never have.
  2. I think your right with the player problem, they never did play as well as they could've (obviously). i think the problem was though that they kinda took this season for granted, as if because of their huge investments in players was guaranteed to keep them in the league and when they finally realized that that wasn't the case it was too late. They gambled on a lot of their players (Park, Bosingwa, Samba). I think they where to naive when it came to those guys, they just hoped they had some of the old spark left, which they really didn't. And with Granero for example they never really knew if he was good enough, they only knew that he had played for Real Madrid, which in itself sounds good but it's no guarantee. In the end it turned into the Taarabt show, which was quite ridiculous to watch at times, he would literally try to dribble from the half way line, although he did suceed at times it was still crazy even trying. I could go on and on listing reasons as to why QPR where relegated but I'm not going to, no one wants to read all of that
  3. Considering the form of both teams I'd say that it's quite even, United have had a hard time scoring for a few games. You never know though, games like these are not like others and players can play completely differently. Like you said, Mancini is already making up excuses and that just makes it seem like they've already given up. You never know though, we all remember what happened last time the noisy neighbours came for a visit...
  4. Never played the original Thief but this sounds just absolutely brilliant. Hopefully this will be a VERY stealth oriented game like Dishonored, not like what the Assassins Creed games have become where you pretty much only assassinate the main guys and then after that it has more or less nothing to do with stealth. Also, this for the Ps4, bring it on!
  5. If they don't step up their game here and make this AC as good as AC2 then this series will be officialy run to the ground, although I don't see that happening, not for me at least. I really hated the ship missions in AC3, I thought they were all just utter rubbish and just there to lengthen the game but honestly, they just made it worse. Let's see if Ubisoft have an ace up their sleeve here. I sure hope they do.
  6. I've checked through my download list thoroughly four times and it's not there. I've emailed EA and haven't gotten an answer yet, we'll see what happens. If they can't fix it I'll try to get in contact with Sony.
  7. So yesterday me and a friend decided to pop this beauty back in. Previously I had played this for almost 400 hours and everything went fine, but now when i started the game back up it said that I didn't have a VIP code (which I do because i got the Limited Edition on the release day). This is the problem, it appears as if the VIP code has dissapeared from my download list in the PSN store (I don't know if it's supposed to be there in the first place but everything else I've downloaded for BC2 is there) and in the in-game store it doesn't say that I have it. Has this happened to anyone of you and do you know how to fix this? Because I'm not paying for another code, that just isn't going to happen. You'd think that DICE would know that I have the code since, like I said, I almost have 400 playhours in this game. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Yeah RvP is definitely the signing of the season by far. Consistensy if definitely the word that describes United this season, although I don't think that City or any other top team for that matter really have been poor, it's just that United have just been destroying team after team leaving nothing behind. I think it was Vincent Kompany that said in an interview that this season is so different because one little slip up can cost so much because the entire top of the table will always be ready to use that mistake to their advantage.
  9. Hello everyone! I just thought that I can't possibly be the only one around here that watches Premier League football so I thought I'd create a thread about it. I myself am a Manchester United fan, always have been, always will be. I'm absolutelly thrilled about how the season is going so far and I think it's one of the most exciting seasons in a long time. How do you feel about the season so far? Has your team been performing or underperforming perhaps? Feel free to discuss it here!
  10. Been following you for a long, long time. Glad you came back from your hiatus or whatever the hell it was
  11. Did you check every level to see that there where no bodies found? I don't know if that matters but if it does then that might have been the problem. Luckily for me this problem ever occured, I can't imagine having to play through the game again having to be that careful. Edit: Just read your post again, it seams like you must've accidentally killed someone. Did you kill the assassins in the intro? Because those count you know. Also, have you checked that you didn't acidentally make someone walk into a trap or something?
  12. I'd say GTA first, because if you play that before you play RDR the contrasts will be huge and you will enjoy RDR even more once you play it
  13. [media=] [/media] Excelent song!
  14. So much new stuff, I've been gone a long time. Time to return perhaps? :)

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