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  1. The moderating team does not handle cheater reports. There is a separate team who handles these.
  2. There's a bomb strapped to my left eyelid and if my average plat count per year drops below 30, it explodes
  3. Ehh.. there's also Kevin
  4. Clearly you underestimate Sly's skill set, Doc. He has had so much Spanish Fly, that he's practically Spanish himself.. Spanish is no different from any other language. If PSNP were to allow Spanish guides, it would need to allow guides in every language, which is just a ridiculously bad idea. Most people are able to read / write English, for those who aren't, tough luck. Guides must be accessible for the main audience. Creating trophy guides for what... 2% ( this is an estimate, don't carry on on this figure) is pointless.
  5. You're not flagged for that game
  6. W3Z3 4HP9. Skeleton Key Seed for Vita, should you still need it. Start as Isaac, don't kill enemies yet. The secret room is 1 room down from the start and then on the left side. Without killing the enemies there, destroy the left wall and reroll the item. That gave me a 99 Bombs item. Then kill enemies in all rooms so you have another full thingy and reroll into Skeleton Key.

  7. Just start over on a new account. You'll be a lvl 20 with a 100% again before this will get fixed.
  8. Thank you for organizing this cheater report festival, dragon. Thanks to this there'll be a bunch of dummies who report others with reason "durrr look at his profile, he unlocked 10 platinums same day, impossibruuuu". Looking forward to it
  9. Happy birthday, old man. Gave up on the chat too?

    1. Leo Leopold Leon III

      Leo Leopold Leon III

      thank you hun :3

      nah I was at practice for 2 weeks for archaeology, it was really fun but it was hard work, I'm back now though ;)

  10. Ugh i used to play with this guy named maliksen. He will always fuck me over with any elevator he sees in a game by going up/down by himself, so that I can't enter it... or basically with anything of which he knows it'll annoy me. Then he starts singing "they see me trolling, they hating". He's a dick, I love him for it and I still play games with him to this day Other than that, I don't really come across trolls on playstation, mostly because I only play coop MP with people I know and hardly play comp. MP... This site on the other hand... it's full of trolls A new one enters the chat every day
  11. Does this depict the end of the guide team? Stay tuned for more.... PSNP Forums
  12. The only 2 approved languages are English and Dutch. This has been decided by the great eburkulosis during his reign and has been upheld throughout time. Please do not create Japanese threads. Down with the dictator! All hail eburkulosis!
  13. I think I will not ever grow to like you