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  1. The dollar store attempt at retaliation. A studio that is the shell of its former self, and Sony seem to have a hard-on for discontinuing any shooter it's associated with. Not a good combination at all. Waste of money as a few others said.
  2. Let's remember that virtually any suggestions in here are strictly hypothetical. Sony are poverty stricken compared to Microsoft. They couldn't buy any massive companies even if they wanted to.
  3. “Runnin’ Down a Dream” - Tom Petty “Woman to Woman” - Joe Crocker Those two being gone is a tragedy. Everyone who played this game back in the day has memories of "Runnin' down a dream" playing whilst flying a plane. They're also great songs. "Japanese Boy" by Aneka is also a sad one. It could have been much worse though. I'm honestly incredibly surprised that the Scarface music made it to GTA3. You'd think that would have licensing problems but apparently not. Thankfully not, it's a great station.
  4. Never seen a roadmap so bereft of content in all of my life. New perks and attachments to weapons that have been out for months counting as major new content that is meant to revitalise the game? Come on now. The future for this game really does look bleak.
  5. The advice by DaivRules is the best way to go about this. You are absolutely and categorically wasting your time tweeting former CEOs of Sony, Present CEO's of Sony, etc etc. They are not interested and they received one million and one tweets and emails every day. The only hope is bombarding PlayStation Support (which doesn't seem to be working since they're giving cookie cutter replies rather than "we've passed it on") or to find someone in the Hardware Rivals credits who has fond memories of the game and wants their work to go out with dignity and still works under Sony. Preferably someone with some authority like a producer or lead designer. None of them would have the authority or means to get the servers back up, you'd have to hope they cared enough to pass it on to a big wig.
  6. Agree with everything you said. MW 2019 is indeed the worst ever, the campaign was good but the rest was the dictionary definition of junk. Thank god for the GTA Trilogy indeed. The money I usually spend on COD is going on GTA instead.
  7. This series is absolute dogshit and I seriously mean that as someone who adored it from 2008-2018. The games are pure junk: skill based matchmaking killed the fun in multiplayer for pretty much anyone who is of decent standard or above, the zombies has become supremely unimaginative and boring since Jason Blundell left (many reused maps, complete lack of story, the new maps they do make are very very very forgettable), hell...they even managed to make the fan favourite Spec Ops mode a complete bore fest. There is literally no hype for this game. It's as if it comes out in 8 months, not 8 days. Warzone (which is a horrible mode in itself) means that the games it is part of get hardly any support (Cold war is a good example, the multiplayer was all but abandoned after a few months, and the zombies barely gets any added content either). It will be the same with Vanguard.
  8. Oh wow, very nice. Best of luck then, update us if you get any response please
  9. Who do you have contact with may I ask? Is it MintoVimto? Direct contact with someone who works there is probably the only way this stands a chance of getting fixed.
  10. PS5: Eyes Peeled PS4: Eyes Peeled, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Gun for Hire, Check's in the Mail, Journey Begun, New Story Wheels, Story Teller, Story Master, Better Together, Special Guest Star!, Payday. No base game trophies unobtainable in either version.
  11. They've removed "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (play 5 ranked battles) from the Tank Heroes DLC which is quite worrying for those who didn't acquire this trophy on PS4 as it would suggest that the mode is not coming back in that capacity. Instead of bringing back the Mercenaries DLC with just the "Payday" war story trophy missing, they've elected to remove the whole thing which means it isn't looking good for the currently unobtainable mercenary contracts either ("Gun for Hire" and "Check's in the mail" on PS4). They've removed the entirely unobtainable War Stories DLC too. Whilst it's a great game, this studio is so inept that it's not even funny. Me and a friend predicted this very scenario, except we went as far as to say that the entire War Story DLC would be included. Their reasoning for this apparent deliberate inclusion of Eyes Peeled is beyond stupid. Don't expect ribbons to come back...they were very popular with fans and still got removed. The developer insists that they are not returning. I have no idea why they were removed as they were an excellent way to track how you were doing during the match.
  12. Trust me, it won't! This is one of the easiest FPS hardest modes out there. You can stealth through a lot of it and the mode is very forgiving even when you do get shot. It's a very very easy platinum.
  13. These PS4 stacks are a mess. Many people saying a plethora of different trophies/achievements have glitched on them on here, ps3t, and trueachievements combined. A PSA to people who are yet to do/are doing the game: If you get the corruption message when you're meant to earn a trophy, it won't pop because the game is very late to save when this happens, often freezing up and taking forever to do anything, finally saving at the main menu instead of after the match, and so you need to redo the action again e.g. if it happens for Ultimate Battler then you must redo the battle, if it happens upon reaching a Rank threshold then you must do another match that yields XP such as STAR Labs or an online match, the 100 online wins/200 online matches played then play another match etc.
  14. It really is a disappointment. It doesn't feel like a new console at all, it feels more like the PS4.25 or PS4.5 at best. Loading older games faster is a good thing but it's not exactly a huge WOW factor in my opinion...loading games that were already out and a lot of people already played on the old console. The XMB is horrendous on PS5 too. The lack of exclusive games is an issue that will be fixed in due course.
  15. Don't think that matters. All of the code needs to be open source. Warhawk is closed source and the people who have brought it back have great power: they can ban anyone they want, they could theoretically make the XP earn rate 50x permanently if they wanted. I don't know how the SOCOM project is though. I hope it's open source as i'd really like to do this game myself.