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  1. They know they have their "Omg u had 6yrs to do dat game m8 its ur fault u didnt do it yet dats nt their fault, there r lots of great exclusives to play on ps4 lol" fanboys to fall back on. On a technical note: The LBs and Botzone working is a good sign. The servers for this are notoriously diabolical. It's happened before. We'll see. A BBB complaint can be made for it seeming as Sony are obligated to give a warning in their policy. They tried pulling some bullshit in 2018 with giving Warhawk and Twisted Metal a mere 30 days of notice, but as soon as multiple famed gaming websites like Kotaku reported it on, they coincidentally upped it to 90 days. I'm inclined to think it's another temporary outage.
  2. If it's not back within a week then i'm filing a complaint with the BBB. Please don't file BBB complaints now guys as if the game does come back up in a few days, it'll increase the chances of the BBB ignoring future requests of a similar nature.
  3. It definitely was. They were trying to ride the trend of Animal Crossing being really popular, that's why we had that abysmal May offering. But with such a good month in June, they'll find it hard to exceed expectations in July, the lineup is almost guaranteed to be a letdown for most people since they can't/won't keep up June's standard for very long.
  4. Indeed, i've done both already so the month offers nothing for me! I do sense that next month's offerings will be a bit iffy to restore the equilibrium though. That's how it has worked in the past anyway.
  5. WW2 and Battlefront 2 is an exceptional offering, but I feel like most people already own one of them, and a lot would own both. Still a very high quality month though.
  6. It's PSN. It's down, I've been signed out of PS3 and can't get back on.
  7. If you joined me on this whilst boosting, you'd have two options: leave wait me out in the lobby, i've got all day, and if the match starts by other randoms joining then me and my boost partner would back out to fuck up the match for you all. Trying to force your way into a boost session by being a nuisance, I wouldn't be having any of that.
  8. Yeah it's 100hrs long, that's why no one has 100%'d it in 10 months and people in both here and the respective threads for the game have said it's 1000+ hours.
  9. Seems like a sensible plan. I think people could live with not being on the recent achievers etc, as long as they don't have to hide it and it counts towards personal statistics (personal trophy type counts, rarity counts etc). People may disagree but I think it's a fair compromise given how unprecedented this area is. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Thanks for bringing this up. However, how would the whitelist work ideally in your opinion?
  11. Just earn another trophy and synch it up then you should be good to go. It's a frequently reported bug on the site.
  12. Can you elaborate on how this works please? I've never heard of it before.
  13. It's hypocrisy to have a whole section of the site dedicated to "Boosting sessions" which is against the ToS for pretty much every game and indeed PSN as a whole, yet this game isn't allowed. I'm not having a go at the cheat team who do a good job in a thankless role. @B1rvine What is your personal opinion on that concept where people get the SP/Zombies done legitimately then go for the MP last to minimise the amount of autopopped trophies?
  14. It absolutely should be white listed, the fact that anyone who wants to play this multiplayer for fun has to delete their user every time they play is ridiculous. I'm just waiitng for this to happen on a PS4 game where you can't delete the user to prevent synching and thus the site efectively tells you what you can and cannot play. "You can delete the user" is just a stupid 'solution'. Is the situation ideal? No. If the team want to maintain as much legitimacy as possible then it should be allowed that you do all of the zombies and story content first, synch it with legitimate timestamps, and then you do your best on the multiplayer.
  15. I may have just discovered a fix for the save file glitch, or I may have just been blessed by the heavens. Who Knows? My PS3 froze at 89%. I load back up and can't get back into the campaign. My backup turns out to be corrupted too. Here's the thing: I was playing on version 1.00 . I backed up this corrupted save onto another local user on the PS3 then deleted it on the main user. I upgraded to version 1.02 and also installed DLC 2 (the trophy DLC). I then retrieved the save file from the other user and copied it back to my main user. I loaded up again and now it let me back in. I nearly fainted. If you want to try and recreate this as a potential rescue plan, do the following: Play on version 1.00 Don't have the DLC installed Then should you get locked out, install the DLC and upgrade to 1.02. Maybe it'll work for you too. I haven't seen this posted anywhere else so thought i'd share it with everyone since if it saves at least 1 other person from having to restart, it will have been worth posting. As I say, maybe I just got stupidly lucky, but maybe (and indeed hopefully) it's a reliable fix.