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  1. Because it's the company that released Resistance 2 and 3 digitally one day after the servers closed, that's why. Logic and thought processing isn't their forté over there.
  2. Most predictable unobtainable of all time, I said this would go unobtainable the moment the trophy list came out. Daily challenges + EA = unobtainable waiting to happen.
  3. Very uninspired and boring.
  4. I agree, but It's a Codemasters game so not being able to earn the platinum is all part of the experience. Trust me, people should think themselves lucky that the trophies got fixed at all.
  5. For anyone from the EU wondering if we'll be getting these: No, we won't. PlayStation EU are quite frankly useless and we never get these avatars, the same as when Star Wars Battlefront 2 got avatars in NA.
  6. Possible plots for this film being leaked, following the gripping tale of Lando's pansexuality: Rey's realisation that she is in fact lesbian. Luke Skywalker's insistence that he is non-binary, and his battle with his fellow Jedi given that they keep referring to him as "He". An outbreak of anger at the Jedi Headquarters when it is discovered that the women on the lightsaber production line are paid slightly less. Given that episode IX is likely nearly done, these may have to wait until episode X. Call me, Hollywood.
  7. Same thing for FEAR 2 Project Origin. One person has the Four Star General trophy (reach max rank) which takes 150+ hours of boosting, but they don't have the Five Star General trophy (unlock all multiplayer trophies), therefore they're missing presumably less than 30 minutes worth of easily boosted trophies despite having done a mind-numbing XP grind. I don't understand these people, lol.
  8. I have to agree (without meaning to offend anyone in specific in here such as Max). They charge everyone an extortionate amount per year for PS+, and yet they are shutting down servers at an exponentially faster rate than any other company. People are hanging onto this old mantra of "EA are the worst for closures". Sony are the worst for it by a mile. Take a look at the closures from 2016 onwards and the stats don't lie. A friend of mine linked me an article a few days back of a gaming website questioning whether we should be paying so much for PS+ given how fast Sony servers are closing. I have to agree with it. They make billions from PS+ and yet they are shutting down games that aren't even a year old. They even tried pulling a fast one in October by shutting 3 games with a 30 days warning instead of the 90 days warning they promise. You can't tell me they are THAT strapped for cash that they need to pull that stunt. They're a very greedy company. Also, I can confirm that the servers for Drawn to Death JP have been erased and have drawn to a close.
  9. No problem. As Pyramat has said: it is definitely PLAY, for the exact reason he stated.
  10. You'll want 1-2 partners for: Bug Stomper and Nuke 'em from Orbit (the co-op survival mode). You'll also need them for Selfless since this trophy requires 3 players and is virtually impossible against AI. You should absolutely do the Burn circuits before tackling the boost. The reason is: you'll get a lot of the medals naturally against AI in these. I got the 15 killstreak for Pale Horseman several times in this mode, as well as numerous Conqueror medals for StarBlood Champion . You'll also get a few others here and there. You'll need to boost the following medals: Early Bird, Blocker, Top Shot, Goalie, Shield, Specialist (some you may get legit from characters with overpowered specials like Tik Tak Toh), Survivor, Pyrotechnic, and Brawler. All of them can be done 1v1 except Shield medals. Feel free to message me on here if you need any advice with anything. I'll do my best.
  11. Couldn't have made a more boring looking list if they tried.
  12. Care to explain why? I'm looking forward to this. Hint: Your answer shouldn't include any confessions to fanboyism etc. I'm looking for an answer with a bit of substance
  13. It's a trophy hunting forum, not a Sony forum. You can like the console but dislike the company that made it. I like films about World War 2...doesn't mean I like the Nazis, despite them being an instrumental part of something I like.
  14. Looks like this website's Captcha system isn't working correctly, since we've got a bot from the Sony forums posting on here. That, or the world record holder for the least sensitive gag reflex is in our midst.
  15. They won't do that. They've already initiated his redemption arc by having him read the Law books in his cell. I REALLY hope they don't kill him off, I think he could be an awesome good guy and member of the group.