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  1. Thanks for tagging me. I'll add this to the guide today. EDIT: added it, describing what is needed for the 10 points and i've added a list of all of the maps in the game alongside which mode(s) they are found on. A lot of these awards are buggy/don't even have the correct requirements in game so I do rely on community feedback for some of them, so thank you for posting this.
  2. It was all a business move, nothing more. Of course, people who did rush to buy things are not in the wrong as there was no way of knowing for certain that they'd backpedal and it was quite possible that things would start to get delisted prematurely. It's a free way for them to get a load of people on side. Announce that the stores are shutting, rake in an absolute truckload of cash, then announce they're reverting the decision. They make a fortune and they look good doing it.
  3. Trophy list tile (the image you see when scrolling through your general trophy list) and the trophy images themselves are excellent. Platinum will undoubtedly be very rare too, I think fans of the original will be pleased with this.
  4. There's no solution, they're lost. You're lucky that they didn't all pop again and you synched them as that would get you flagged on this website. You'll have to fulfill the requirements again. You may need to revert to an older save so that your timestamps are not out of order e.g. if you continued now and unlocked a later story mission trophy before a trophy tied to an earlier story mission.
  5. Shame it has no platinum. Game looks fun, i'll likely do it at some point.
  6. You're welcome.
  7. Far Cry 2 is announced to shut on PC (but it's advised to do it on PS3 anyway) Ghost Recon Future Soldier is announced to be shutting on PS3 at a unspecified date. It's really not rocket science.
  8. Ubisoft have always been monumentally bad at announcing closures. They shut Pure Football without warning in April 2012 and then announced it would shut in August 2014 despite it already having been down for over 2 years. It also took them the best part of 3 years to note that Heroes Over Europe had been shut down in April 2013, once again without warning.
  9. You always force your opinions on other people and if they disagree with you they are "absurd" or any synonym of it. Completely closed to any opinion other than your own. Some people prefer PS3 or PS4 trophy lists, me included. I'm friends with other people who feel similarly. It's not at all "absurd" to think anything other than the PS5 has the best list. The PS5 trophy list is very visually unappealing, far worse than ps3 or ps4. The PS3 had the slowest trophy list but the best looking one in my opinion.
  10. One word: Codemasters.
  11. It's true. Me and a friend got an email.
  12. God I hope not. I sincerely hope it's just a free weekend.
  13. Pope marked you

    1. Potent_Delusions


      *Blows myself up with a grenade*


      I think this villain group has the potential to be the most badass one yet. A group of crazy former military who hunt survivors for fun, not stopping until anyone who is marked is dead. Very Dead Rising-esque and very exciting. What about you? 

    2. Lucas


      I'm definitely interested in this new group. Don't think they'll be able to flesh them out as much as some of the other villains though. I'm guessing this group will be kinda similar to the Wolves. 

    3. Potent_Delusions


      I hope they do last a while as they're great. Not as long as The Saviors but longer than some of the others. The Wolves were good too but the most criminally underused villains were The Claimers. Looking forward to seeing Robert Patrick as presumably another Reaper. 

  14. @Arcesius I won't be dropping out. I completely agree with your response. I personally wasn't campaigning for a change, just agreeing with Baker at how random my trophy hunting tendencies are! It's a great event and at the end of the day it is a very generous amount of money you guys are pledging, I can understand the rule as it helps to extend the duration of the event given most people are not going to just do their tier list games consecutively. A bit more wriggle room like Baker suggested would be helpful but I'm neither her nor there, I think it's a fair event either way Also, I hope you guys enjoy Vermintide 1. It's also excellent, like Vermintide 2.
  15. I have to agree with Baker in that the event rules really do not suit my style either. I'm completely sporadic with what I start. I just signed up because my friend encouraged me to and it's for a good cause. I will donate some money to both charities at the end of the year if I feel that my contribution to the fund is inadequate. Hell, I'm such a dunce. I recently started and finished The Division 2 (which isn't in my tier 1) only to later realise that it would have counted on here since a DLC trophy is ultra rare and the overall 100% completion is strongly ultra rare Any way I can have this added to my tier 1 @Copanele? (I strongly presume not!).