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  1. And of course I didn't....so I'm going to have to phone them up about it (which is likely exactly what they wanted).
  2. Someone else. I'm merely a part of a consortium of backups. You mean your discord group thinks that. I wonder why that is? Mhmmm, would have nothing to do with the fact that most of its members have a cat in hells chance at being helped, would it? (Well, the ones I know of anyway).
  3. Hahaha, so you're still demanding these belts 3 years later, Pradeep. The chances are low for most people, but for you: they're even lower. Way lower.
  4. I remember this when it was coming out. I remember all those cardboard promo displays in the store. I was only 12 at the time too. I can't decide whether I feel like this was only yesterday or does indeed feel 10 years ago.
  5. That profile pic never fails to humor me.

    1. journaltalk


      And if you've seen his profile, you know its not just a costume. Definitely my hero 😍 @Quink666 Puts a smile on my face too. 


  6. 100% completion is the most overrated statistic in trophy hunting, by far. Honestly, I can name way more trash-mediocre accounts that have 100%/the ability to get 100% completion than I can name accounts with 100% potential that are actually decent.
  7. Looks sublime, as is conventional with Rockstar titles.
  8. Chill brother, Peace.

  9. They just had a weekend limited challenge for a gun where you had to place top 20....and they had to specify that you need over 30 people in the match for it to count. If they need to specify that for a game that has a lobby size of well over 100 people....then does that not send alarm bells ringing?
  10. That'd explain why it's going to shit then.
  11. Yeah, this dev team personifies incompetence. A good friend of mine informs me that they've managed to botch up the game so much on PC that everyone has jumped ship and it's dying. My excitement and anticipation for this has been killed tbh.
  12. Good. Was wondering about this. Surprised they're openly offering them instead of making you wait for 3 hours on the phone to get one.
  13. This game was made before the SJW plague, that's why.
  14. 10yrs is an awesome milestone. Not a big fan of milestones myself but 10yrs, 100th plat, and 1000th plat are cool ones for sure.