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  1. Lol at all the dreamers thinking of massive studios that Sony could buy in retaliation. Sony are small fry compared to Microsoft. A $7 billion dollar purchase would be a considerable chunk of Sony's net worth, to Microsoft such a purchase is nothing.
  2. PS2: GTA San Andreas PS3: Homefront or Max Payne 3 PS4: Black Ops 4
  3. Comparing SSF4 to MK9 in terms of difficulty is like comparing a V2 jet to a pedalo in terms of speed.
  4. £24.99? hahahahaha. Alright, that's one of the best jokes i've heard in a while.
  5. "Four Star General" from FEAR 2 Project Origin: this required 1,000,000 XP in the online and would take well over 1000 hours to earn legitimately seeming as you get 7 XP for a kill. Even boosted with the absolute optimum method it took most people 150 hours. From a developer standpoint whereby they weight the trophies with people doing them legitimately in mind, this is one of the worst bronzes on PSN in my honest opinion. "I am Bad Company" from Battlefield Bad Company: many, many, many hundreds of hours worth of awards. There's an award for 50 boat roadkills and most of the top 100 players on the leaderboard haven't even done this because of how stupid the requirement is. Most of the maps have no opportunity to do this as water is just at the edge of the map and no one goes in the water. There's only one map:mode combination that is remotely feasible for it. "Entitled" from Super Street Fighter 4: requires you to do pretty much everything on the game including all 840 combo trials, arcade on the hardest setting with all 35 characters, and miscellaneous online stuff. Almost a platinum within a platinum yet it's bronze and there are silver trophies on the game that are exponentially easier. "Gold Plated" from Need for Speed: I haven't done it myself but it's reputation precedes it. "Mein Leben" from Wolfenstein II: the whole campaign on the hardest difficulty setting in one life, full of action packed gameplay and stealth sections where the AI act unpredictably so you must improvise. "Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic" from Grand Theft Auto IV: a win on every mode:map combination in the online, over 100 combinations. Gold worthy yet it's a bronze. Not the hardest trophy but it'd certainly take a while.
  6. No they don't. You can't self-boost both games by using one copy of each game. You need 2 of each game.
  7. The servers on this game are beyond dogshit. Plenty of times i'm about to go into the final and get a connection error. It's a disgrace for a game of this popularity.
  8. Wouldn't happen to be another piss easy 20hr platinum would it? Surely not in 2020.
  9. Hopefully SOCOM 4 can be fixed later down the line too to make 1) the series fully obtainable, and 2 ) those excellent hand drawn trophy images earnable again.
  10. Hex is RNG in that it depends if you are harassed or not by the 12yr old squeekers who think the optimal strategy is to run around the whole time. It is probably the most skill based final though. Jump Showdown is only pure skill if the final 2 platforms are together. If they are not then it is still highly RNG because it becomes a matter of the winner being determined by whose platform doesn't get the 2 sweepers to align on it first. I detest this final. Can't say i've had any problems with starting in the 2nd row on Fall Mountain. I've only ever been in the front row like 2x and I still win a lot of them. By the time we've reached the first spinner it's as if I started in the front row. Royal Fumble I agree with though. The only issue there is the bad servers and people who are 1 metre away on your screen grabbing your tail. Other than that it is completely down to you avoid and trick the other players.
  11. Third person perspective and first person perspective.
  12. Probably like 15. Message me on here or PSN if you're good at the game, speak good english verbally and have decent time on your hands. Looking to form a 4man squad. Makes this trophy a lot easier.
  13. I swear every month I think is trash people love, and every month I think is good other people hate. I plan to do both of these games. That SFV plat rarity is about to go down.
  14. Companies often have problems developing fixes for methods involving quitting. Just look at GTA5: you can still exploit the Criminal mastermind challenges by quitting to the XMB to this day. That and this being nowhere near top priority of a fix for such a popular game.
  15. These kinds of fixes are not detailed in patch notes. They aren't going to say "Fixed an exploit which made the Infallible trophy easier". It remains a high possibility that it will be stealth patched. Games often make stealth changes that aren't detailed in patch notes when changing things some players may not want changed, or when it's perceived to be a detail not many players would care about. The infallible exploit falls under both of these conditions.