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  1. Please don't tell me you are naive enough to believe this. They have said this to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has submitted a ticket about this for nearly 1.5 years. It will never be fixed.
  2. WRC: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/614-wrc-fia-world-rally-championship/25-the-haunted-net This trophy means Gonespy won't help in its current state. WRC 2: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/1099-wrc-2/18-ghost-hunters Same consequence as above So no one need check these titles. They are screwed until someone finds a way to make a server for these or whatever it entails.
  3. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1411-mud
  4. MUD FIM possibly, but most of the SBKs no. Most of the SBK games other than SBK 08 had trophies for downloading ghosts from the LBs etc which wouldn't currently work. They also relied on matchmaking which currently doesn't work either.
  5. @ProfBambam55 You should add Jane's advanced strike fighters and Damage Inc Pacific Squadron WW2 to the "to be tested" list, these don't need ranked matches and likely will work.
  6. @Sergen thought of this, and I'm starting to believe it: All of the games that have worked so far have been on the Unreal Engine. Both confirmed non-workers (MCLA and FEAR 2) have not been on that engine, whilst the three resurrected are all on it. Maybe that's why this is not working for FEAR 2/MCLA? The coding might need changing to allow for non Unreal engine games? Should be interesting to see the result for Section 8 as that is on the Unreal engine. EDIT: just seen he already posted this, my bad. I'll keep it here anyway in support of the theory.
  7. I've tested FEAR 2 and it doesn't work with GoneSpy. It requires an external authentication service and leaderboards to keep track of stats.

    Sorry Potent, this may require more accurated reverse-engineering to make GoneSpy fully working with FEAR 2.

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    2. skateak


      I would be super happy if they got Ghostbusters to work. I never got to play the online but heard a lot of good stuff from my brother.

    3. Potent_Delusions


      Also, did you test Section 8 yet?

    4. LoStraniero91


      Ghostbusters was hosted by Quazal

  8. Wow, excellent! it appears that people are already getting to work on these servers. Hopefully someone does FEAR 2 really soon.
  9. Is it confirmed the server is functioning again? Because all Gamespy games are not magically fixed by Gonespy, someone needs to specifically 'make' a server for each game, and sof far I think Bulletstorm is the only one that has been done.
  10. Whilst Homefront would be an amazing game to be revived, I don't think Gonespy helps you with this. I believe only the stats server for Homefront was with Gamespy, the actual matchmaking server itself was with THQ. I could be wrong on that, but I believe it may be the case. The disc case for the game says "Powered by Gamespy" on the back.
  11. Maybe for a while, but maybe not forever. If the standard dev kit has been found for Gamespy...then maybe it will be found for Sony's games (although I can imagine it'd be a lot harder). My dream of FEAR 2 is luckily now considerably more of a reality, but it would be awesome for it to be possible for all games in the future.
  12. He has the Gamespy standard development kit, not the Sony one. This allows him to more easily revive Gamespy games i.e Bulletstorm, FEAR 2, Section 8 etc. It doesn't affect other games as far as I understand it as he doesn't have their standard development kits. (please correct me if i'm wrong Nem2k2).
  13. I honestly find it absolutely hilarious when people bring up the T&Cs in here, utterly laughable. I guess anyone in here who has boosted a trophy should be banned because that's against the in-game T&Cs for virtually every single game on PSN. It's "picking and choosing" at it's finest. Trophy boosting (T&Cs breach): fine This: not. 😄
  14. Enjoy, my friend. It'll feel good to see some trophies pop on your TV that we never thought would pop up on a television screen ever again! You sir, are a gentleman. We appreciate this more than words can express, I feel I speak for most of the community here. What games you got your eyes on doing once this becomes an established thing?
  15. I may have to play my first ever MLB game here, just because of that platinum name/image haha.