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  1. Oh lovely. New controller features. Perhaps they could add those nice lights in the DS5 that make the battery life sit at a conservative estimate of around 17 minutes. Speakers again in the controller: pointless. Battery drainer.
  2. I miss the early days of trophies, where getting a platinum trophy meant you had done everything on the game: you'd completed the campaign on the hardest setting, you'd earned all challenges/awards online, you'd reached the max rank online, you'd gotten all collectibles etc. Nowadays it's just complete handouts: complete 50% of the online awards, reach the 2nd rank online, all at the behest of whiners who don't want platinums going over 40 hours in length. I've got a great idea: if you aren't up to the task...don't get the platinum. Simple as that. I always have been and always will be someone who believes the platinum trophy should be given for doing most, if not all, of the notable feats in the game.
  3. Warhawk: arguably the king of them all. This one is induspitably brilliant. SOCOM 4: Hand drawn images are always an excellent touch. This game has some of the best trophy images out there in my opinion. FEAR 2: Project Origin Medal of Honor Frontline Need for Speed Shift Just for fun: The worst platinum trophy image: Call of Duty Classic: So bad that it's beyond description. I'd be interested to meet anyone who'd give this image above a 1/10
  4. The servers for this god awful game are now down. You'll get an authorization error when trying to log in. All trophies are unobtainable.
  5. Should have posted that instead of all the Ubisoft forum screenshots then. I wasn't meaning to target YOU per se, but rather the fact that the Ubisoft forums had nothing to do with the fix.
  6. I'm not being a debbie downer here or an asshole but: Kamal didn't get this fixed. Whoever sent in the BBB letters (i.e. Lyrikk et al) got this fixed. You'd have still been sat there in 2025 waiting for the challenges to come back if you'd just gone through Ubisoft's utterly useless forum staff.
  7. You'd just have to synch every time you earn a trophy, do the single player and zombies first, and if you get 'hacked' then delete the user and continue as normal.
  8. Ok, we really need to contact the BBB about BO2's Big Leagues at this point.
  9. Whoever told you that is either a wind-up merchant, thick, or both. Splinter cell is a Ubisoft published series, Mortal Kombat is a Warner Bros published series. Not only that, but the features broke over 9 months apart from one another. John Cena broke into the server farm and body slammed the server unit would honestly have been a more viable theory.
  10. On the contrary, there are some people out there who believe that PSN is interlinked between PS3, Vita, PS4, PSP, etc, which would kind of describe why the PSP PSN has not been shut down. Surely by now that would be shut down if it was possible to shut a specific console? Also, shutting PSN for PS3 would render everyone's download list on the PS3 inaccessible which is in many people's case thousands of pounds/dollars of investment. If PS3 does get shut though, it'd likely get a 6 month warning at minimum.
  11. Fantastically terrible, then again that's not a surprise since it's an EU sale.
  12. You won't have them I believe. I owned the season pass and had everything included in that unlocked in-game but those two free DLC's had a lock over them until I went into the store and downloaded them.
  13. One day early. Sony probably found out that they had to pay 15 pence more for the licenses until the 31st so they just axed it today.
  14. I always love these suggestions of turning on the servers for a weekend, as if the server unit is just sitting there ready to go and all that needs to be done is the power switch flicked on at the wall.