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  1. Just chipping in on my experience in case anyone (like I was) is on the fence about starting so late: I started getting Vendetta missions after doing the third mission (where you meet the friendly orc and you must protect him). I did NOT forge all towers, after forging a random one after completing the third mission it then said "Vendetta available". I died and it immediately gave me another Vendetta to avenge the same person (but a different location). Completed this and straight after it gave yet another vendetta. Took less than 2 hours to get it done. The game seems good so go ahead and do it before you cannot tomorrow.
  2. Yeah that spotting damage gave you the trophy for sure. This trophy is positively glitched in that you can die thankfully. "The Muscle" trophy is coded correctly though in that you really must survive, I know that as I died with the most damage in a Team Destruction match to one of the last two guys who rushed me whilst I was in artillery, then like 15 seconds later the match ended and we won. I was BEYOND pissed, absolutely furious. Team Destruction is so rare and when it does come up I keep getting 150-200 damage behind the first place. I had a 4500 damage game too so I was almost sure the trophy was gonna pop......nope, magically there's someone in there who gets 5400 damage. I'm sick and tired of that fucking trophy, I am cursed. I am surprised your light tank game didn't pop the trophy though. Maybe you have to use a premium now because of the silver nerf, that's surely the reason.
  3. @REAPER4536 I see you got the trophy, congratulations! Which tank did you use and did you manage to record the footage/take screenshots of the results screen? I'd be really interested to see how you did now seeming as the trophy has almost certainly gotten harder with the update, would love to see some screenshots if you can post them here at all? Once again, well done.
  4. That is an absolutely fantastic match, but the massive problem is: you're using a tank that has a 1x silver bonus (100%). You should be using a premium T8 tank that has a silver earn rate boost on it. This boost absolutely does count towards the trophy, Trueachievements verifies it. Such tanks include the Ragnarok (extra 75% silver on top) and the T26E4 Super Pershing (extra 57% silver). If you'd have been using the Ragnarok and achieved this game then it would be a conclusive result. It is possible that some of the silver earned in this match came from challenges etc. I am indeed worried myself that it is glitched but you should try and pull off a game of this standard in a T8 premium like the Ragnarok. https://console.worldoftanks.com/en/encyclopedia/vehicles/czech/Cz05_T34_100_LE2019/ Left hand side under "Battle earn rate" you'll see the silver earn rate boost i'm on about. Have a look through your tanks and see if you have any with a good silver boost on them as it does count towards Show me the money, unlike silver boost tokens etc. Please keep us updated in here EDIT: the reason I suggest this is because there have been 7-8 achievers of this achievement on XBOX since the update, so maybe if you pull off another game of that standard but in a T8 premium then it'd pop.
  5. Pretty sure it's glitched. Pretty much every other achievement has been earned after the update on the XBOX ONE (trueachievements) apart from Show Me The Money and Earning a Reputation (wouldn't be surprised if they glitched this one too because of the "Standing %" statistic being removed from the stats page.
  6. Yeah the HUD is absolute trash. Me and my friend suspect Show me the money may be glitched now. We both had a very good game in the SuperPershing (T8 Premium so it has a 157% silver bonus), survived and it didn't pop. 91k silver without premium, 139k with premium. Some screenshots on Trueachievements show way lesser results than this (79k without premium for instance, incase you were thinking "without premium" needed to show 100k). That, or it's just way harder now what with the removal of ribbons and such. They changed the trophy description slightly so I wouldn't put it past them that they glitched it with the update given how they messed just about everything up. Pretty much every loyal player has left the game. What is awful is now the post-match results are incredibly minimalist, you cannot see the detailed stats like you could before. Most importantly for this trophy, you can no longer see your base silver earned so it's guesswork if you did enough now. Just about every single change they made is awful, one of the worst updates i've ever seen. The HUD is awful when it used to be great, the crew changes are absolute trash. You cannot even customise the voice, appearance or name of your commander anymore and yet they call the system an "Upgrade"! Anyone who thinks it's an upgrade is on drugs.
  7. No ranks anymore. Distinguished service is a joke now, you'll need maybe 600-700k XP or something to unlock the fifth perk slot on a commander. Veteran at the helm has been changed to be a very long trophy though. They changed the PSN trophy requirements, they haven't been changed on here yet though.
  8. Veteran at the Helm is now a very long trophy. I was about 100,000 XP away from Rank 8 before the update and now i'm 1.5 million away, really bullshit. It'll take about 3.2 million crew XP to get an Elite Commander so that trophy and Distinguished Service have switched roles. Overall the game is much worse though, the new UI isn't good.
  9. That's a very sincere thing to say, thank you I echo your sentiments: invest in the person, not the account.
  10. Definitely.They're one of the companies who least care about trophies.
  11. Nope. Treyarch are scum and Activision are even bigger scum. I have virtually no faith. Still, I don't see the point in giving up. May as well keep trying incase the odds are defied, and if not then just to annoy them about it. The thing that gets me and others riled up is how it had no warning. That would have been completely fair, but of course Activision deems no warning necessary because they're a dogshit company.
  12. Warner Bros support literally do not have a clue what they are on about. A few examples: During the Gamespy shutdown they said that FEAR 2 would stay online, quote, "Because it's peer to peer". What happened on June 2nd 2014? FEAR 2 started giving an authentication error not letting you into the online anymore Said Max Max's trophies would be unaffected by the shutdown. What do you know? They were affected by the closure. A friend of a friend earned these trophies whilst signed out of PSN. They aren't affected. At this point, the rule of thumb is to do the opposite of what WB Support say.
  13. Precisely the attitude that means nothing ever gets done, and the attitude I ignored in 2015 when getting Battlefield Bad Company 1 fixed.
  14. No offence but you obviously have no idea how ridiculously hard and complicated this type of thing is if you're stating that the likelihood is that there's someone on this website who can do it. There's a reason hardly any closed games have been brought back: it requires a huge amount of computing knowledge and indeed luck. You need things such as standard dev kits to be leaked by people from studios/publishers who used them. Without such leaks you don't stand much of a chance, and even then not many people possess the skill to be able to use such leaks to their advantage. There are people out there who'd be able to do it but the trouble is finding them, and most of them wouldn't give a rat's ass about trophies, or indeed gaming in general.
  15. I'd like to extend an enormous thank you to both @Smzthyy and @EL_DIOS_JORGE for their help with this. Smithy has shown an incredible amount of dedication in rallying many groups together to get it done despite having the trophy himself, a very selfless act indeed. I echo the same sentiments to Jorge who has stayed and helped people for over 3 hours now, it must be a nerve wrecking process for him knowing that one mistake and he may have screwed the whole thing up. He's doing/has done a brilliant job. I hope to pay it forward by either appearing on the challenge wall myself so I can help others, or in another game in the future. Thanks once again to you both.