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  1. Terrible trophy images and platinum trophy name which is unsurprising from this studio. No multiplayer trophies too so at least this won't share GT5's fate.
  2. I'm going to quickly chip in before this gets closed: If you really are innocent, please go and get a cheap second hand copy of the game and show your in-game mask to MMDE because it's not nice to see someone's hard work on all those trophies go to waste through a false flag. If not, I don't think this will be getting lifted. Good luck.
  3. Then it's tough crap. He can go and buy the game super cheap second hand if the flag is bothering him so much. I can understand "he doesn't have the game anymore, why should he go and rebuy it?" being a valid point if the flag was for a ludicrous and tenuous reason but the flag is very reasonable at this stage.
  4. This is technically possible but very unlikely. He started the game nearly 2 years after the mask creator became inaccessible so the only thing he did before August 2012 was make a mask and import it to the game and then not touch it for 21 months after that. It's not hard to see why MMDE is having trouble believing this. What i'd suggest to do Gangsta_Loc: Follow B1rvine's advice and show evidence of when your EA Account was created and linked. Provide evidence of the mask you made in-game which will differ from the preset masks in the game and also from the masks on save files for the game that are in common usage for this particular game (which is why this case is made even more suspicious).
  5. They pop once fulfilled whilst in the Create mode. If they popped when you backed out you could get both at once and get a sub 4-5hr plat time but 23hrs 30 minutes is the fastest you can do it because of this. As you said: using 2 ps3s is necessary
  6. Yup, that is why you see hardly any games incorperate trophies for LB related stuff, only this and maybe PIX THE CAT and Modnation (but the latter 2 are on a weekly LB that gets wiped which is the sensible thing to do.
  7. Terribly boring. Ended up watching TV shows and what not during it. Found it to be quite an accomplishment by the development team to make a game quite this boring.
  8. 2 of my friends who did the glitch many times tested it with me and they are convinced it has been patched, so is reddit. They've added a super easter egg to the game where if you complete it...you will start off with all perks. They've probably patched it to stop people cheesing out the EEs to get this reward.
  9. Target to beat guys: 532 wins 😄 That is the record number i've seen from any posts i've seen on here, ps3t.org, Trueachievements and other forums. This trophy is an absolute nightmare and a glitched mess. Glad to have it at last.
  10. It's been patched. We tried it last night on Spaceland and Shaolin Shuffle. I also got confirmation from Zombies reddit.
  11. Now at 452 wins and no trophy. I'm now at the point of wondering if the damn thing will ever pop.
  12. A shame they are repeating the plat name again for a 3rd time because this studio makes real good trophy names, in fact some of the best trophy names I've ever seen are from 2k15, 16, 17 and 18 on the PS4; "Forever will it dominate your destiny", "Time is money, friend", "The measure of a man", "He's going rogue", "I'd buy that for a dollar" and "I'm going pro, capeesh?" to name but a few. That gold MyTEAM trophy is probably the deal breaker and since a series veteran in this thread has also commented on that specific trophy, it's one to watch. Hopefully doesn't require you to re-mortgage your house this time though!
  13. An unobtainable platinum waiting to happen because of those LIVE event trophies.
  14. Now at 280 wins and no trophy, getting majorly fucked off. The Infinity Ward games have gone to shit with Ghosts and Infinite Warfare; quickly frankly pathetic excuses for games, and the inability to code a simple 5 wins trophy clearly shows the level of braindead fool they have working over at the studio.
  15. Yup that's who I had in mind 😄