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  1. Wish they'd do this for BO2 now. They're just so lazy. It'd probably take them less than a week to do a small patch that changes the trophy requirement to 5 pre-season wins. Small note: the trophy community of about 50 complaining members did not get this result. The zombies reddit community of 5000+ people did. If only the trophy was glitched, you'd be waiting until the end of time for it to be fixed. It got fixed because this bug made an £11.99 product broken and did not allow you to experience the narrative the map has to offer, which has become a fundamental part of these zombies DLCs.
  2. Funny you should say that, because that is the game I had in mind when I went to make the post, got distracted, then forgot to add it as an example 😂 But yeah, I have it done already but i'll send a ticket in too to try and help you guys out.
  3. You keep saying that you don't see a company shutting down one particular part of an online experience, but there's: Dirt 2: only the Dirtnet tournaments are shut down, the online itself remains up to this day. Pretty much any daily/weekly challenge/tournament feature in an EA Sports game Need for Speed The Run's autolog feature GTA5 ps3's Bounty feature BO2's league play feature. All features of an online that were shut down deliberately. I obviously don't know if this problem with MK:X is deliberate or unintended, but don't let the idea of "a specific feature of the online can't be discontinued seperately" fool you. These features are viewed as much less of a priority than the main server and so when player numbers dwindle/a new installment comes out, the infrastructure behind them will become less maintained. Sucks but this has been a thing since 2008 at least, with NBA College Hoops 2K8 on XBOX.
  4. Must be a mistake of some kind, because that's actually a decent lineup.
  5. Good lineup. Wanted both.
  6. I think i'm going to get in contact with PlayStation EU and give them the idea of calling the EU store sales "The sale". Not "Summer sale" or "Autumn sale" etc, just simply "The Sale". Because it's the same fucking shite in the sale month after month after month. No variation, the exact same games without fail. You're basically looking at the Christmas sale right here. Absolutely fucking useless.
  7. I'm just waiting for the day this starts to happen on PS4, where you can't delete the user since the trophies synch the millisecond you earn them, and the site basically starts telling you what games you are banned from playing online.
  8. I saw you posted that you'd given up on it given the announcement but I see you've soldiered on and you're 2 trophies away, good stuff. You'll get there for sure. Are you playing with different people? As in: different trophy hunters who also are also going for the treasures? I really cannot stress enough how much I think this helps. All of my last 5 treasures were each gained from a unique person in a 2-3 day span, after a 3-4 day standstill with my dedicated partner. I know there's a stupid amount of luck to it, but that's the one 'theory' I believe in.
  9. Was this just a single game you played? Because i've had games of HA where I didn't get a single treasure across both of my killing rounds.
  10. That's how it is, the game is a troll. In every single person I've spoke to...their boosting partner always got the treasures they need, and vice versa. My partner just needs the Lion Nepal treasure from the Bronze animals set, yet I received that particular treasure no less than 15 times whilst grinding with him. I'm very certain in saying that upon loading up the game for the first time, the game literally just randomly assigns your account a few treasures that will be super rare for your particular account, and it won't give them out unless you put in the work. Most of the theories made about the treasures are complete garbage IMHO, but the one that I do believe in is: PLAY WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I'd be boosting in long stretches with my partner and after a while, it'd just go round on a loop, giving the same 6-7 treasures over and over again for hours on end. I'd then play with someone else and it'd start giving new treasures. New duplicates, but they'd be new nonetheless. Each of my last 3 treasures were acquired from killing different people. Several people I spoke with also said i was giving them new treasures after playing with them for the first time. I know you do a lot of hunting with your wife, but you should both try some new partners out and see how it goes.
  11. It's completely random. It will drop when the game decides to give it to you. For rare treasures (which your 1 is), you should be playing Hunter Arena, and the treasures are completely and uttelry random in that mode.
  12. My first ever status on here: Just got my last treasure on Uncharted 3: the Gold Incan Cup! This grind was truly vile, quite possibly the worst i've ever done. It's really demoralising to play for 6hrs straight to not get a single new treasure, effectively having done nothing in that whole session. The most tortorous part though is definitely how you don't know how long you'll be grinding for: could you be done in 1 hour, or will it take 1000 hours?

    I'd like to sincerely thank everyone I've grinded with on this journey. I've boosted with multiple people and every single one was a pleasure to grind with. A big shoutout goes to @Smashero who I met on this game. He kept me company for many long hours on this seemingly eternal boost (and kept me entertained when I may have been disgruntled after getting the Fibula Thogchag treasure for the 10,000th time!). 

    I'll look forward to Uncharted 4 in the future.

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    2. Evertonian


      congrats matey

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice. I really don't look forward to that; RNG is my archnemesis..

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  13. Couldn't have said it better myself. 100% agree. I'd rather do Inversion twice than this shit. The element of "I could be done in 1hr or 1000hrs" with the treasures is torture. As for the Incan treasures; yeah, just voting Village when it comes up. I'll keep Plaza in mind too. Thanks.
  14. I have a feeling this is going to be my last one too. Was there anything unusual when you got it? Like playing with a new person, on a specific map etc?
  15. I hope the game frees me from this grind very soon. It is hell. You are done when the game decides you are done.