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  1. I mean....is the EU store even getting this? I know the EU sales are absolutely fucking pathetic beyond belief but are we even getting anything here other than those 3 weekend sales that contain about 12 games each weekend with abominable price drops like £54.99 --> £39.99 (big fucking woo) for shit games. Honestly, if I met the team behind the EU sales at Sony, i'd spit in their faces. MKX: XL edition is in the US store for $4.99 (£3.99), exact same product in the UK store: £10.99. Who the fuck is making these conversions?
  2. Good point, you got lucky that feature is coming. Yeah, wait for that to come in today's update (presumably) and get the bowie to max.
  3. You're going to have to Fresh start and do it all again. The only way to get the trophy to pop is to reach max level with another gun, so if they're all already completely max'd...you're out of luck.
  4. I'm starting to get the feeling that this trophy is not retroactive. I have 27 guns prestiged and it refuses to pop. Same for my friend. However, a guy who was on 24 guns prestiged got it.
  5. The music in the trailer was diabolical, absolutely diabolical. Sounds like they were trying to tap into the "wannabe COD youtuber/NBA 2K fanboy" demographic with it. The trailer itself though is superb and I'll be pre-ordering.
  6. To anyone wondering: Save the chemical energy in your fingers by not even bothering to click on the link. The sale is an embarrassment.
  7. The list looks fun. The platinum name is awful, as is this whole tacky "Chicken dinner" shit, but the list is good for a Battle Royale game.
  8. Yeah, the I Ching Coins are now stupidly rare. They used to be the most common item in the green caches by far, now they are the rarest by far. Me and my friends play everyday for hours for fun and we didn't see them once. It's always the Stained white T-shirt or Juneau's tags (ironic because this used to be the rarest item by a landslide before about 3 weeks ago).
  9. Trophy has been fixed with the start of the new season. Someone already earned it a few moments ago too. Great news, I was dearly hoping this one would get fixed, as were many other people.
  10. Most likely won't be fixed either. This series is the least likely in the whole of gaming to get a trophy fix.
  11. Yes, LA Noire was absolute magnificence. One of only four games i've ever played that i've been seriously anticipating getting back to the PS3/PS4 to play whilst out of the house.
  12. I'm going to shock you all so much here and possibly make 1 or 2 of you faint: it did NOT fix the trophy! I know, i'm as shocked as you are.
  13. Unfortunately so.
  14. No, the servers shut 4.5yrs ago as part of the Gamespy closure.