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  1. Fantastic month. Fantastically bad, that is.
  2. I think i'm just going to do the PS4 version; better graphics, pretty much the same trophies, better general performance (the PS3 can barely handle the game and notoriously freezes the console a lot).
  3. 150+ hours for the last treasure?
  4. Reminds me of a time on FIFA Street where I was going for a trophy that requires you to win 4 games in a row online. Paired up with my 4th opponent and asked him politely if he'd let me win for the trophy, i'd appreciate it a lot etc. He replied saying he was down and that he'd let me win. As soon as the match loaded in and I could no longer back out to retain my win streak, he messages "Only joking" and starts playing legit. It was my first ever non-boosted match of FIFA and I beat the guy something like 5-2. Get shiiiiiit on. Moral of the story: I wouldn't trust most members of the FIFA community as far as I could throw them. Their win/loss ratio is probably the paragon of their gaming existence.
  5. Is this even a surprise anymore? At this point, there should be threads made only when PSN is fully functional.
  6. The only unobtainable trophy is Instant Artist If you have that, you can. If not then you cannot.
  7. Never seen this before. I believe this is a first in trophies, certainly on this scale. A shame companies like EA can't take note of this procedure for when a feature in their game breaks 1 year after launch, or Activi$ion with their bullshit league play trophy in BO2. As for this game: the platinum is considerably harder now. Reaching Gold league and 5 flawless ranked wins are wayyy harder than any of the trophies that got replaced.
  8. Absolutely, couldn't agree more. These platinums are only realistic for big fans of the sport.
  9. I know you can, I don't doubt it, I could do the same with NBA 2K. I'm just saying: I haven't even played NBA 2K19 so I can't be trash at it. And didn't everyone who platinumed NBA 2K14 and 2K15 ps4 spend thousands of dollars to get all the MyTEAM cards? Multiple people spent thousands of dollars on it since the MT earn rate was nerfed into the ground.
  10. How can I be trash in it when i've never played it? You were trash at BO3 zombies, i'd probably be trash at this. That's hardly the sole possible reason someone doesn't like a game or series: 2K are a trash company, the games are the same thing year in, year out with a few new jerseys and a new mode. The games encourage hundreds of $s of real money spent to get the platinum which is a scummy business practice. People spend 100s of $s to get a good team only for the servers to shut 2 years after launch. But I don't need to tell you this since you're more than familiar with the series.
  11. 0 interest in the game because it's trash, but it's still the best pricing deal i've ever seen on any store.
  12. and GoW Ascension. That is it I think.
  13. Sony usually shut things in batches, just like Resistance 2+3. Resistance 3 had only been up for 3 years. The same thing will happen with the LittleBigPlanet games: 1,2, and 3 will all close at the same time.
  14. Ahhh, so it wasn't just my group whose ps3's got wiped out by this god awful game. My main PS3 stopped reading discs after hard crashing. The same thing happened to 2 others in my group, only 1 guy didn't get affected. To anyone thinking anout starting this game: don't bother. Myself and a friend always said that it's not worth it, and it's true. It's 350hrs of mindless grinding, on a game that will more than likely cost you a PS3, for a 1.25% platinum. I know most people value their games by enjoyment rather than rarity, which probably is the right way to go about it, but this game is junk. That applies to the campaign too.
  15. I too hope it has the online for two reasons: a) The 'authentic' platinum experience: it allows people who never played the original to platinum the game as if it were the original, making the server closure of the original more negligible. Also, it'd allow people who were casualties of the original to at least platinum the game in some capacity. b ) It just looks fun.