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  1. Shut them all. That is what they'll be doing.
  2. It really is true, virtually every company in this industry sucks, the worst offenders easily being EA, Activision, and Sony. (Yes Sony fanboys who will defend those scammers ;til the death, Sony, that wasn't a typo). I used to think Rockstar were saints but they are big offenders now too.
  3. Did this get fixed, POEman, or indeed anyone else who can test it? @TrophyDad, could you possibly test to see if this is working now? Would be appreciated.
  4. It's really not a tragedy, nor will it affect their sales figures very much. Treyarch announced that 90% of BO3 purchasers played the MP only without even completing the SP. There are indeed COD SP fans, but they are heavily outweighed by people who just buy the games for the MP; by over 9x if Treyarch's stats are correct. They are going to cater to the 90%, not the 10%. I wouldn't have minded an SP but I think they are right to focus on the MP with such figures. Most people who buy the COD games would be in favor of a Battle Royale mode rather than a SP (which I highly suspect took the development time away from the SP).
  5. The multiplayer genuinely takes about 30-45 minutes. I've just done it and it was super quick. If you're very short of time and can only game for an hour or two a day...don't let this serve as a reason to not do it.
  6. The reveal live stream. No, I'm not rewatching it to provide a timestamp.
  7. Well Treyarch released the figures. 90%....yes NINETY, played only the MP in BO3. I don't blame them for focusing on the MP with those kinds of stats. They're not going to spend years developing a SP for 10% of the community. They're going to spend that time furthering the MP, in this case, Battle Royale, which has a 1000x more replayability than a SP.
  8. This site should have a disclaimer banner on the home page warning of the dangers of playing with a cousin.
  9. I support it fully personally. Probably over 80% of the COD fanbase could not care less about a campaign, i'm one of those people personally. I'd much rather them focus the development time on a superb multiplayer and zombies experience (which again, over 80-85% of people buy the game to indulge in) than worsening the quality of these to have a SP. Battle Royale is coming this year and that will require MASSIVE dev time and resources to make, so we are not getting less this year, we're just getting the campaign dev time put into MP instead. I'm very glad to see the roadmap for BO4 and cannot wait to try Battle Royale, and zombies on the Titanic.
  10. It still is true. It's typically only MMO games, EA games, 2K games, and THQ games that are affected on xbox. I think the number of people who care about the PES games shutting could be counted on one hand. Most meaningful PS3 shutdowns are still up and running on XBOX. It's undeniable that XBOX is less affected in terms of meaningful unobtainables than Playstation. Microsoft also haven't shut any of their own games. Same can't be said for Sony. In fact, Sony are by far the biggest server closers on PSN now.
  11. EA being the company that is really against their removal. There's the surprise of the century. They are a complete lost cause of a company, same with Activision. I like loot crates in MP as long as the items are cosmetic only and are not game-changing and don't contain pay-to-win items. I think COD WW2 does it perfectly: cosmetic weapon variants that make your gun look awesome. They are not game-changing in any way but they're very fun to go for and are satisfying to obtain.
  12. Any businessman of that level could have any unobtainable or server closure fixed by the end of the year with ease. It's just a shame that no children of people who are this rich trophy hunt it seems, or care about unobtainables at least. It is a pretty niche interest though.
  13. I thought the GTA4 soundtrack was trash personally. My favourite was The Boggs, can't even think of 3 more songs I liked on it. The San Andreas soundtrack however was absolutely amazing, I could list you 25+ excellent songs from that within a flash: Johnny Harris - Odyssey America - Horse with no name Dazz Band - Let it whip Ronnie Hudson - West coast poplock Billy Idol - White wedding Heart - Barracuda Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus Booker T & the MGs - Green Onions to name but a few. As the king of soundtracks, I find it much more of a tragedy that San Andreas received this song culling IMHO.
  14. I will create a petition for this game and alongside a series of angel investors, sink thousands of £s into dispersing it across change.org. There won't be a soul from here to Calcutta who has not heard of it by the time i'm done, be assured of that. As the human collective we can achieve anything. Come join your fellow hunters and sign it; as our signature count grows at an astronomical rate, we may stand from afar and observe our handiwork in the knowledge that Ubisoft are most likely making the necessary reparations. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this is especially true for Endwar. Gone are the days where budding strategists eagerly awaited the start of the next phase of Theater of War, plotting and devising their next move in an intense and exhilarating virtual war to see which nation would reign supreme over the others. This experience certainly had your adrenal glands working overtime, let me tell you. Also gone are the days of the the platinum trophy being possible for newcomers; the Napoleon inspired "The War to end all wars". Mozart may have retracted his tribute to Napoleon in his Eroica symphony, following the invasion of Germany, but it would appear that Ubisoft and Mozart may be at loggerheads over this one. Instead, the former choose to immortalise him in the best way they could: through the medium of a platinum trophy. If you too are a unfeigned admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte and his campaigns, or indeed just want to unlock the platinum, be sure to sign this petition when it is made.
  15. The song that comes straight to my mind when I think of this game didn't get removed: The Boggs - Arm in Arm.