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  1. The site has been down for as little as 24 hours and already i'm besides myself with worry. I'm told that the servers have been involved in a power outage in Los Angeles, correct?. I've got a right mind to head down to LA city hall first thing on Monday morning with a strongly worded letter for whomever it may concern. Have we got the best electricians on the job working to get the electricity back on? Perhaps they should be informed that ps3trophies.org is down to emphasize the necessity of the speed of their work. I'm over here shaking like an alcoholic, i've been up half the night in hot and cold sweats. One moment it felt like I was in the tropics of the Congo, the next it felt like i'd just touched down in Alaska. How well did I sleep last night? Don't get me started. I've had better sleeps on long haul flights in economy class, and this was in the comfort of my own home. It just so happens to be our luck that the power outage struck the place where the PS3trophies.org servers are housed. Please can someone let me know the millisecond that the servers are back up so I may resume normality. Thank you.
  2. Was your disc copy new or preowned? You may have to get a brand new sealed disc copy (if you find out that the physical does come with the online pass), or you may have to find someone to gameshare it to you digitally.
  3. I'd edit your original post because it's very clickbaity/false information. I honestly don't think these servers are coming back: it's been nearly a year, they were making virtually no money off of the ps3 version of the game, and the real nail in the coffin is: the game just came out on PS4 so they're not going to come back to the ps3 version. It sucks but I think the outlook is grim.
  4. No it doesn't. Every person who posted in there is not a staff member or anything to do with the game, it's a few people speculating/saying the servers won't be back up.
  5. I have a tip for anyone looking to farm reputation on this site: sort your life out.
  6. Worst i've ever seen. No question.
  7. I wouldn't be. It'd be very rich coming from me to complain about micros since i've bought COD points in the past for cosmetics. I have no problem with cosmetics whatsoever, only pay to win stuff. This game's micros is cosmetics right now.
  8. Because I can. Let's not make out that this game is a philanthropic gesture, they're aiming to make a shit load of money out of the microtransactions and it's looking like it will. The game is being received very well, all the major BR streamers are playing it and indeed loving it. "It's free" is a very weak argument for me personally. It is stupid that Sony charges for the addition of a plat trophy, but this game could have afforded it.
  9. Who the fuck writes dates like that?
  10. Boring list, very very boring trophies that are about as generic as they come. No inspiration. The game looks nice and they could have made a good list out of this. No platinum definitely is a big letdown. Why? Because the publisher is EA who have more than enough money to fund one. Excusable for an indie company but not EA.
  11. The only reason I had a glimmer of hope was because a few months back, I wrote a hand written letter to Activision asking them to either reinstate BO2's league play for a short while, or release a patch for the game allowing Big Leagues to pop upon loading into the MP or after winning 5 preseason matches. This was delivered by a good friend of mine who lives near to them. The game has 11,000 players on it right now. That is insanely good for a 6.5yrs old game. The only reason they won't do it is because they'd be terrified it'd get people away from Black Ops 4. They're still releasing patches for the older games, Ghosts got a patch a few months back.
  12. EDIT: It doesn't work, says it's preseason. You know what, i'm fucking bored of these thick people going on this game, being able to enter League Play at all, and going on websites posting that it works despite it still being in preseason (not you, Afro_Gear). I've seen this 5+ times now. Let me guess, they brought it back for 1 day whilst these guys earned their trophy, then it miraculously went back to preseason.
  13. I'd be more surprised if someone said they're still running them than saying they've stopped running them.
  14. rip in peece m7. u wil b missed.
  15. 100GB storage bonus. Right, cough up Sony. What's this mass server shutdown you have planned? What's the price tag going up to for PS+ subscriptions later this year? There has to be something.