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  1. Thanks @Dark, much appreciated.
  2. My game arrived. It looks absolutely fantastic, can't wait to do this one after i've cleaned up some backlog.
  3. Ah, my bad. Was assuming you were recent since the plat went recently back up to that. I see your point then.
  4. Well, you/we cannot complain since you/we are part of the congregation of people who platinumed it because of what they did to the in-game prices. If the game hadn't shut really early and did go on until December 31st, the platinum likely would have gone up to 3.30% or something.
  5. The cutscenes are mandatory to load in the forthcoming mission; the textures, all the objects, the map itself. If they were to remove the cutscenes then you'd turn this trophy from being difficult to unobtainable....the missions wouldn't even load. It was the same thing in Max Payne 3's New York Minute Hardcore mode: forced cutscenes to load the game.
  6. Magicka is pretty fun and full of easy ultra rares so what's to lose? A good pick. Best to play as a 4-man crew for that one.
  7. Yeah, that's what I meant by "the developers pissed off Disney" and "legal issues". Apparently they may have also violated Disney's contract in other ways too but we may never know the full reasons why this happened. It does seem like the CEO has played a big part though indeed.
  8. Gone forever. The developers seemingly pissed off Disney/Marvel big time and so the licensing agreements have been revoked, the studio has been shut down and everyone fired, and the infrastructure for the game will likely be deleted. Due to the legal issues behind this closure, it's probably up there as one of the least likely unobtainable games to return.
  9. Exactly this ^ Games never shut on weekends so it was never going to shut on Saturday or Sunday, but if it survives Monday then i'd be inclined to say it will reach December 31st.
  10. It won't overtake it, there's only 2 DLC slots left and they aren't gonna add a shit tonne of trophies to each pack, they add 4-6 to each pack normally.
  11. It's luck based. It could take 1hr to spawn or 100hrs.
  12. Grind the AIM WEAPON FACILITY operation. Complete it by rushing to Modok and killing him then going back to the HQ and select it again (you need to complete it to reset the operation). Don't kill anything else. If you see the Cosmic doop icon appear...kill him. it will be there from the start of the run.
  13. XBOX seems to do just fine. It just depends on if you like the game or not. Most games there get the same achievements that PS4 gets, but some devs elect to add way more on XBOX since there's no cap, it just depends on whether you like the game(s) that happens to for whether you like it or not.
  14. Please tell me you are not being serious and you aren't that thick. Please let me keep my faith in humanity. I posted "17hrs 27mins at the time of this posting" 54 minutes ago....so obviously the timer is going to be lower than when I posted that. If it wasn't.....the timer would be frozen or stuck. Fuck sake, did that really need explaining?
  15. Nah, the website says......i'm right. The countdown is at 17hrs 27mins from the time of this post...which is 02:00am GMT. EST is -5hrs from GMT so 21:00 EST. You really should learn to calculate times on a clock before trying to be a smartass