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  1. Not at all, the game is so overrated. If you have 2 ps3s and a bit of spare time each day, getting the trophies is a breeze. It may be a bit more risky if you only have 1 ps3 though.
  2. This is the standard tagline used by ANY company when they are told a bug in their game, and they will say it regardless of if they have plans to fix it or not. I wouldn't hold your breath i'm afraid Eduardo.
  3. I tried this game and I honestly did not have a clue what to do from the get-go. I didn't even know what I had to do, the controls, anything. I wouldn't even know how to learn that game, it seemed to be lacking any kind of info too.
  4. Heroes Over Europe was better than this, shame the servers are down as it's a great platinum to have. I did the SP on an alt and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Well, at least a thick illiterate moron made the message so it should be obvious to ANYONE that this message is fake.
  6. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Surprised this didn't get closed yet.
  7. That's no surprise. This series easily has one of the most toxic fanbases possible. Probably even more toxic than COD, and that's saying something.
  8. Unfortunately, EA have never warned about a single one of their features being retired other than the Match Day feature in FIFA 15. Fight Night Champion's rival gyms, Army of two's mask website, UFC 2's Live events....none had a warning. EA games with trophies that rely on external websites/a timer/developer attention are best done ASAP.
  9. Well there's the smallest shock of the century. This feature was begging to break/be retired from day 1, the platinum was living on borrowed time every single day after the game had reached its 1 year anniversary. The term "Live event" never bodes well with an EA game.
  10. The multiplayer is about as enjoyable as being thrown into a vat of sulphuric acid and being forced to bathe in it. It's one of the most trash multiplayers, and indeed games, I've ever played.
  11. Please stop replying to my posts Lance. The last time you replied something this stupid to one of my posts..I got a warning point because I couldn't contain myself in replying to you. I do not wish to get a second point. The clue is in the word "load" i.e batch. 8+ games are shutting on the same day. Since Gamespy: Sony have shut over 15 games (the Dancestar games, the Everybody Dance games, wipeout HD, 2048, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Eyepet, GT6, MLB 14, MLB 15, Kill Strain, Modnation vita, Destiny of Spirits, Everybody's golf, High velocity bowling, etc). EA have shut down under 15 games, they didn't shut anything between January 2013-July 2016 either. Ubisoft have shut down about 6 or 7 games since Gamespy, most being in August 2014. So yes, Sony are responsible for the most closures since Gamespy AND the biggest load/batch of closures since Gamespy.
  12. Yes, this game is a Sony server, so is every single other announced closure for 2018 so far; DCUO, Wipeout, Killzone 2 and 3. "For the players". You can always rely on Sony to have their fans best interests at heart by shutting down all these servers for the players. Don't worry, the PS+ price increase is to improve their service to us, so what better way to start than by doing the second biggest load of server closures since Gamespy?
  13. I love how they are adding more and more games to that date as time goes on; first the Wipeout games and now this. By the middle of January they'll probably announce that the whole of PSN on the PS3 will be going down at the end of March.
  14. Yes, you cannot search for a game. The only possible online trophy is the "RANK F" one as you get that for simply entering the multiplayer.
  15. It gets awarded at the end of the week when the weekly event finishes. I'm almost sure that the patch that came in early December has glitched this trophy since no one has earned it since then. It wouldn't be the first time Codemasters has done this with one of their games (Micro machines also is unobtainable because of a patch glitching a trophy)
  16. No problem. Bear in mind you can't do Armored Core 5 though in case you wanted to do the whole Armored Core series.
  17. The servers are still up, yes.
  18. I believe the server setup for Warhawk is incredibly cheap to run: it essentially consists of a load of PS3s connected together to make a server, I read an article on it once. However, I have no idea for Starhawk and if the server is even remotely expensive to run...it could very likely be a casualty in the latter half of 2018 or the first half of 2019.
  19. Would be very surprised if this game survived to see 2019 to be honest.
  20. This list only covers the closures they had the decency to announce and fails to account for the ones they simply couldn't be bothered to announce (Heroes Over Europe in April 2013 and Endwar in October 2016). I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if they've turned off the AC:B servers without warning and therefore it won't make its way onto this list either.
  21. Thanks @Dark, much appreciated.
  22. My game arrived. It looks absolutely fantastic, can't wait to do this one after i've cleaned up some backlog.
  23. Ah, my bad. Was assuming you were recent since the plat went recently back up to that. I see your point then.
  24. Well, you/we cannot complain since you/we are part of the congregation of people who platinumed it because of what they did to the in-game prices. If the game hadn't shut really early and did go on until December 31st, the platinum likely would have gone up to 3.30% or something.
  25. The cutscenes are mandatory to load in the forthcoming mission; the textures, all the objects, the map itself. If they were to remove the cutscenes then you'd turn this trophy from being difficult to unobtainable....the missions wouldn't even load. It was the same thing in Max Payne 3's New York Minute Hardcore mode: forced cutscenes to load the game.