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  1. Doesn't come as a surprise to me Plus, as @MMDE will know: I cleared that with the cheater team at the time to make sure it was permitted, and it was granted (idled the game with 1 ps3 whilst playing on the other, it's not active play on 2 ps3s at all).
  2. We've all cheated trophies: anyone who boosted a game has cheated a trophy and breached PSN's code of conduct. There are very few people on here aren't technically cheats.
  3. I reckon the dispute thread section should be renamed to "The Colosseum" because it's like the disputer is fighting for survival against 2 or 3 gladiators accusing them of something, and an audience spectates.
  4. Anyone who voted Yes to this has not played Quantum Theory's multiplayer.
  5. Where did you find Recon and Crash' items? Thanks.
  6. I really hope this works. Hopefully it's just random which 1s pop so eventually you'll get Big Leagues to unlock. Please report back, cheers.
  7. I've seen better prices in Ferrari showrooms than in some of these flash sales.
  8. Trophies do not pop in LAN mode (they haven't in any COD game), nor do they pop in lobbies where you can make custom settings.
  9. This happens literally every year on COD: the trophies get earned and then they get hidden again. It's almost certainly a developer.
  10. Went down at 00:09 PST, 15 seconds after I loaded into the server to check if it was still up. You will no longer be able to connect to the online at all.
  11. Didn't think i'd be doing this in a long time but: Sony actually did something benevolent/not greedy here: £3.99 for PS+ users after the first change. That is very low, was expecting £11.99 or £15.99. I won't be using the feature but it's still a very sincere price, I must admit.
  12. The trophies for the game aren't very fun, but the game itself is fun as hell to play legit without trophies in mind. Definitely worth trying out, even if on an alt account.
  13. It seems to be a new Sony trend that they kill any shutting games at 00:00 PST (where the servers are), hence I checked just after 8am my time. They're really desperate to save any money they can. Yes. It was always going to work offline. The only way it wouldn't is if they released a firmware update to make the PS3 reject the game loading up somehow. That warning they gave is thoroughly misleading and made by someone with no knowledge of how the game works.
  14. The 2 days time is by someone who completed most of the stuff in 2007 and early 2008 before trophies even existed, and then when the game got trophies...his stuff retroactively popped as he already had all medals/badges. The trouble is: it may well shut in 6 days time. The UK and German stores say the 15th. Also, the other games in the closure batch shut on the 15th so it seems odd that Warhawk would be any different. Highly unadvised to start it now really.
  15. it will be ultra rare because: There are 4 Easter egg trophies (in other COD games even 1 Easter egg is enough to ensure ultra rare status). The character unlocks in Blackout will be tricky for a lot of people The Round 20 starting room challenges for each map could pose tricky for people who aren't good/decent in zombies.
  16. Fun list but lacking MP trophies. Was honestly hoping for a trophy for completing 100% of the MP challenges to make this a very decently long/hard/rare platinum. Would have liked the same trophy for zombies too. Feels like they could have made this platinum a beast and easily the best COD plat, what with it being MP/zombies only. Alas they seem to have gone down the easy route a bit, but nonetheless the list does look very fun.
  17. This platinum is a joke with a decent boost group/setup. Do not be put off by the 0.33%....it's much easier, and indeed shorter, than most platinums at even 1.20%. MP takes like 20hrs per person, and the SP takes 5-15hrs depending on how you fare.
  18. They're pick ups around the map. That's why the SP on Twisted would be so difficult without the glitch: the overpowered missiles and weapons are incredibly scarce so you'd have to manly utilise the more common but weaker weapons. As for flight mode, I'm afraid I can't personally remember so i'll let someone else answer that one. EDIT: try L1+R1 then using analog to fly and direct yourself.
  19. Because that list you've just reeled off sounds so original and fun Give me a break, can you not see the irony in your post? I'm not being a dick here but you say it doesn't look fun but then you come out with quite possibly the most uninspired trash list it could possibly have.
  20. £35 pre-order just to get the exclusive avatar. I don't regret it, I love the avatar.
  21. Was rather hoping for some long/difficult MP stuff but the list still looks very fun.
  22. Microsoft has not shut a single one of their games on XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE. In fact, quite the opposite; they actually offer every publisher the chance to let Microsoft host the online servers for their games themselves, thereby virtually granting them life eternal. You can still do games such as FEAR 2, Ghostbusters, and Heroes over Europe on the xbox 360 (these shut 4yrs ago, 6yrs ago, and 5yrs ago respectively on the ps3) due to this. On the other hand, Sony cannot even maintain their own servers, let alone other peoples. Comparing Sony to Microsoft in this department is like comparing a pedalo to a Ferrari. Go look at the XBOX unobtainables list too: considerably shorter than Playstation's. Most casualties there only come from the few companies that refuse Microsoft's offer (2K, EA, and THQ really).
  23. Just do the XP without the glitch and then you can put "Aliens vs Predator (No XP glitch)" in your signature
  24. There's a trophy for uploading something to their servers I believe, which will almost certainly be unobtainable and not possible in LAN. The only way it'd be possible still is if it pops even if the upload fails, like in Saint's Row, although this is unlikely.
  25. The people who should be getting fired are the Sony engineers. They are absolutely fucking useless. It appears that they become overworked when more than 10 Sony titles have online functioning at any one time and so servers must shut every 4 months.