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  1. Great song.
  2. No one can buy perks, so if even a single teammate bought a perk....the trophy is voided.
  3. You must think I'm getting on at you here or something, but: I believe "Minor miscalculation" is not possible in the SP. The enemies don't drop mines there, and the russian trophy guide agrees. Sergen and Sinthoras, two of my friends who did the SP, also say that this is the case. I really do hope you can get it done and please let us know if you're able to get it done.
  4. That's fair enough. Family life is more important than a digital image on a video game anyway, and you're doing great for someone in such a position.
  5. I'll just echo what Sergen rightly said: you have a superb set of unobtainables, certainly the best i've ever seen: Homefront, Dead Star, FEAR 2, and you are able to platinum Lost planet 2. You're the only person in the world with the ability to have those 4 platinums I believe. Start sooner next time
  6. Nice. Then my bad. I'll edit my comment.
  7. I did my research, the guide for it was just really shoddy and I assumed it could be wrong. Hell, it doesn't even tell you where most of the pick-ups are for the misc trophies and doesn't get the patch number right for the Mercenary SP glitch. Plus, I was informed by someone that it had to be done in MP as he couldn't get it elsewhere, although for your sake I hope it does pop in the SP. Let us know how it goes.
  8. EDIT: Yes you did, congrats. .
  9. Lesson to be learned: it's Sony, a multi billion dolllar company that act like 24hrs of server time will break the bank. One of the greediest in the industry for sure, y'all should have had this done by now if you wanted the plat. Harsh, but true i'm afraid. No, it's not. Requires the server to track the wins.
  10. Bro, you're an idiot. Phil said the videos are shit, so they're shit. You're misleading people, although multiple people have adjudicated that your method helped them to earn the trophy. Nonetheless, I still believe Phil. I just do. Take them down.
  11. There are numerous MP trophies. Stuff for being part of a crew, beating a rival ghost etc. No competitive MP though.
  12. The 100 wins in the competitive modes are way more boring than the Prospector wins.
  13. Nah, re-editing my stuff to put across my point in the most concise manner, and whilst not sounding like i'm trying to berate you or like i'm being argumentative. When you bring that up, you've already lost your footing in this debate. I am social, I just find it hard to resist debating another of your retarded philosophies on here. In fact, it was a group chat that highlighted this thread to me. Added this to other such philosophies as "You can't complain about Starhawk unless you tweeted them" 😂 Did you include my boost group in that group of 2-3 you know of, otherwise that statistic has already gone up to 4.
  14. But surely: People with loads of hardware AND a dogged determination help one another in the boost group > People with little hardware AND a dogged determination to help one another in the boost group. I mean, surely that's common sense right there? I'm pretty sure there are boost groups with more hardware than yours who also have each others backs. It's pretty common practice to help your fellow boost partners, this isn't a practice exclusive to your group
  15. I was just referencing the collectables, not the SP. MP doesn't phase me in the slightest. As for "don't do them". True, i'll just phone up Nordic and ask them to patch them out of the list so I can get the platinum instead then Really...... Also: best boost crew? Don't multiple members of it only have 1 ps3 and 1 ps4? lol.
  16. Also the SP collectables. They are just horrific. This a prime example of a SP that gets ruined by the collectables.
  17. It'll close later this year or in 2019, almost certainly.
  18. Not really. English people call the German airforce from WW2 the "Luftwaffe". We don't say "German airforce".
  19. These servers have been up and down more times than a pornstar's underwear.
  20. Because why would anyone question it? We've seen the trend with Starhawk: the warning starts on EU stores and then eventually goes on the NA store. There's nothing we can do about it, they are not interested. Thousands of people tweet them everyday. They are not going to delay the server closure either, the best thing to do is just get the trophies done. Anyway, what does tweeting them have to do with them not being assed to have the decency to give 90 days warnings? It's too late, they've given the warning. Tweet them all you like, it doesn't change the fact that they've gone from a very decent 90 days policy to a 12 days policy. Anyone who doesn't do these trophies then complains that they thought the warning was fake when the servers do close is a dumbass anyway.
  21. Yeah, I can understand why it is closing. It's been out ages and it's one of the games that me and a few friends predicted would close this year or next. No issue with it shutting....but 12 days notice for such a big company is absolute horseshit as far as i'm concerned. Short notices are more fair enough for indie companies where a matter of weeks can be make or break, but there's zero reason for Sony to have gone from 90 days to 12 day notices, other than greed, which they're very good at. EDIT: @Conker, yes...it is dead. They have killed most of their franchises now: Resistance, SOCOM, Buzz, Modnation, and Motorstorm to name but a few.
  22. Still doesn't excuse a 12 days notice though does it. They could have posted this in April, not June 10th.....
  23. And braindead people will still defend Sony, no matter what, with retarded replies like "who cares? they make good games". They are without a doubt a top 3 greediest company in gaming by far in my opinion. Want to know what your PS+ price increase was for? "Improved quality of service". I think reducing shutdown announcements from 90 days to 12 days is a superb start on making that pledge come true tbh EDIT: I forgot the best part. Sony now add another award to their trophy cabinet alongside "First ps3 server closure", "First ps4 server closure", and "Most closed games on PSN": The shortest server closure announcement of all time! Dead Star was the former winner at 14 days, but now Sony have swooped in and claimed that accolade.
  24. And the other real question is: who the hell cares that this is shutting down?
  25. Nope, it doesn't. Someone over on ps3t.org confirmed downloading and uploading still do not work on Skate 2. Only rating stuff became possible again for the "The Critic" trophy.