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  1. The server is not going to last until Sunday, you may as well forget it.
  2. It's going to shut on Monday. The same thing has happened with many other server closures including Gamespy, they don't shut it on the weekend since no one is working. They shut it on the Monday.
  3. I agree, just seems like a bit of a "nothing" change. As you say: white-listed should mean no hiding needed either.
  4. I predicted this game would shut this year in numerous threads. Not very impressive of a prediction i'll admit, it was incredibly obvious since they are just shutting down pretty much everything on PS3 now and this game in particular uses a lot of features and server thus is more expensive to run. My other prediction is likely going to come true too: the Littlebigplanet games will not see the light of 2021, they'll shut this year or next.
  5. Upload and download trophies won't work. How on earth would they work? We don't have matchmaking or LBs at the moment, nor the upload or download servers working. These features likely require even more work than what something like FEAR 2 or Section 8 would need to get working.
  6. "Lucha Libre heroes del ring" is another Gamespy game. It was part of the unannounced shutdown Gamespy batch in November 2012 alongside the WRC and SBK games. However, I do believe the "Mask vs hair" matches relied on matchmaking to find opponents. Might be worth a test nonetheless.
  7. This worries me greatly. I hope a matchmaking fix will sort this out, but it's almost sounding as if that playlist server isn't Gamespy and was THQ. Like I say though, I hope that is just the error because matchmaking is not yet currently supported. It was Gamespy, it has "Powered by Gamespy" on the back of the game case.
  8. Can you ask this person to post in here? I still am not sure they're in public since that needed matchmaking so you wouldn't be able to pair up, and private always was accessible.
  9. No, there are co-op campaign trophies which are currently unobtainable. Any reference to "Complete ____ as a member of G-UNIT" in a trophy description means it is online and thus unobtainable at present.
  10. Mhmm, Ok, promising. I hope they didn't base this off of getting into a private match because that always worked, that seems to not need any 3rd party software whatsoever as it always worked even after the shutdown. If they did get into the actual online then that is very exciting. As you can see from the picture above: no invite option in lobbies, this game definitely used matchmaking as I remember you had to party up with your friends and then search as a party. This means that this game won't be obtainable YET at this stage until the matchmaking side of things is sorted out. I played this game a lot back in 2011 and absolutely loved it, here are some key things I remember from it: Matches started as merely 2 players I believe, which is surprising since they were 32 player lobbies so you'd expect it to be a lot higher. If it wasn't 2, it was definitely 4. As i've said...no invite option unfortunately, it was very matchmaking based. Here's the really positive point though: I do believe ALL of the stats in this game were saved on the save file (seems to be a recurring theme with Gamespy games). There used to be a glitch on the game where your rank shot up from below 50 all the way up to 75 thus voiding the ran 50 trophy, and the only way to remedy this was to delete your save file which reset your rank. Also, people who lost their save files had their challenge progress reset and so this would elude to the fact that both rank and challenges were stored on the save file.
  11. Is this confirmed? Are we sure that the person who tested it didn't just click on private match and indeed did get into the actual online server?
  12. gr1mydawg and NickByST are the best bets for this.
  13. It's not just you or this game, it happens on other games too. Me and a friend had it on DOOM yesterday, we also had it on BO3 back in 2016. Don't worry, it shouldn't be a worrying sign.
  14. Ok, thank you. Will bear this in mind.
  15. Cheers for the quick reply, much appreciated. Is it boostable at all? Not to be a scumbag about it since I love FPS MP, I just want to make sure I can get this done ASAP since I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me.
  16. How long will all of the MP trophies take with 3x XP?
  17. Features for games can go down/stats for games may stop tracking in the immediate days before a server is meant to be shut, due to complete lack of maintenance on the server at this stage. The same happened with DCUO in January; the PvP lair match stats stopped counting 2-3 days before the deadline thus blocking a few people from the platinum who just needed those trophies. You should have done this trophy way before now if you wanted the platinum i'm afraid.
  18. No, it didn't. Unless you are saying you now can't connect to the server?
  19. Given the promptness and rapid emergence of this petition, i'd say it has about as much chance of succeeding as me going to the moon tomorrow morning for breakfast.
  20. I've known Paul for a while now and I must say that he is a very ardent believer in the taking of risks to achieve his goals. After becoming hooked on the song "The Gambler" by Kenny Rodgers, I couldn't stop him going on and on about the need to take risks, Poisson distrubutions, Bayes theorem and the likes. He incessantly went on and on about the British SAS and their motto of "He who dares wins", a motto he has took under his wing and is not hesitant to remind people of, should they be reluctant to take a risk. Anyway, I digress. I will be committing 2 PS3s to Paul's cause this week. Please join me and make it happen. The power of positive thought makes things happen. See you in the lobby!
  21. Either do it or don't. You are not going to get banned for it. Sony do not care about trophies or the PS3, people who have modded multiplayer games like Modern warfare 2 and Modern warfare 3 didn't even get banned. The only thing you'll get banned for is having CFW on your console.
  22. Games that need matchmaking are not "doomed". The ability to matchmake will no doubt be added in due course considering virtually all of the Gamespy casualties (except 1 or 2) need matchmaking to even become possible. The games are not possible YET.
  23. Please don't tell me you are naive enough to believe this. They have said this to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has submitted a ticket about this for nearly 1.5 years. It will never be fixed.
  24. WRC: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/614-wrc-fia-world-rally-championship/25-the-haunted-net This trophy means Gonespy won't help in its current state. WRC 2: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/1099-wrc-2/18-ghost-hunters Same consequence as above So no one need check these titles. They are screwed until someone finds a way to make a server for these or whatever it entails.
  25. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1411-mud