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  1. other than gaming I would say for my homeworks or assignments, internet surfing, movies, music, communications and picture taking ..... That's why I love my PS Vita, it's useful for me :D
  2. Well, I had an emulator such us Nintendo and etc. but I would like to know some Android games that are good to play at the size of an S3 Pls ?? and thanks for suggesting :)
  3. Can someone give a suggestion for S3 games ?? cause I don't know some good games for S3 PLSS
  4. for my opinion the game with the best DLC is NFS Most Wanted - Ultimate Speed Pack - Heroes Pack -Movie Legends Pack - Terminal Velocity Pack
  5. No Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
  6. xX-Quickscope-Xx ............ Most worst, annoying, and must be the UGLIEST person EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Cause i saw your flag and i don't know what country is that, so thet's why and it looks like my country flag, Philippines :D :D :D
  8. Thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yay: :yay: :giggle: :giggle:
  9. What would you do if there is no Gema console, TV, Computers, etc.??
  10. Eh

    What game ??? you didn't say any game
  11. I like that consoles cause it has new features, PS4 is slim ( Not slim as PS2 ) and heavier than PS2, PS Vita is the best handheld console cause the games and features too unlike the 3ds, the games are lame ( not all ) but not the Pokemon I love Pokemon games and PS4 and PS Vita games are the best !!!!! :yay: PS2 is a great game console, I remeber my childhood there, there are many games, of course it is the slimmest and light ( Unlike the PS4 and PS3 are so heavy ) I like the most of games like Bully, NFS U2, GTA SA and etc. and it is kinda old.... But its cool game console
  12. My favorite console is and I almost forgot
  13. sorry if I took it seriously.........BTW, what is your country
  14. How do you know if the Nyko Power Grip is fully charged ??? I don't know how, but I'm planning to buy :lol:
  15. are you sure it is confirmed ?? how do you know it is confirmed ?? if there is a link, gimmie okay?