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  1. Digimon world 1 2 and 3 Jade cocoon Monster rancher Legend of legaia Any of these get a remaster or remake on ps4/ps5 and my gaming soul can die happy!
  2. I platinumed this recently and had tp use zanmato with yojimbo for all the dark aeons and the strongest boss (can't remember the name of it)
  3. Please let it be so! Absolutely loved the arkham games
  4. Yeah it just vanished! I still play it from time to time though and still love it!
  5. I can think of loads! And tbh i will be disappointed if any of these dont get brought to ps4 or ps5 in some form (whether remake or remaster) Legend of legaia Jade cocoon Monster rancher Digimon world 1-3 Mgs 1 Ff tactics
  6. They're just a nice bonus! A word of warning btw the trophy for obtaiming all the face paints glitched for me so be wary of that
  7. Ive just started this series with yakuza 0 so sign me up please!
  8. Bakiiiiiiiiiiii
  9. Nope, the xenoverse series are one of the easier dragonball games to platinum, it becomes alot quicker since the update where you can pay an npc to level up
  10. So I've tried everything i can think of and still no idea why it wont unlock. Im in thw post game with just over 100000 population and max money. All my other districts are max level. Anyone who has the abend district know what im doing wrong please?!
  11. 113 out of 122 ( 93% ~)
  12. Cant really think of 5 but one that comes to mind is bloons td 5. Its quite a fun little game but gets seriously repetitive, with needingbto get all 5 medals on 50+ tracks, finish all 250 challenge levels and unlock all power ups. Ive been playing it slowly over the last few years snd still haven't got the platinum but will do shortly x)
  13. Just platinumed lydie & suelle so could i get bumped to alchemy master please ! ( 9 platinums in total)
  14. Orcs must die unchained! Well played x)
  15. Sign me u for champion of the gods please x)