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  1. I agree! And as much as I am looking forward to digimon survive and enjoyed the cyber sleuth series I really want a new digimon world x)
  2. So pretty sure I've made an unresolvable mistake. Got halfway through the hacker recruitment in cyberspace but gave up, tried to come back to it in arbora forest laboratory and he's nowhere to be seen so can't access cyberspace. Tried looking for solutions online but can't find any, anyone on here have any solution oher than redoing the whole game?
  3. Sign me up please! Currently have the plat for ff7 8 9 10, 12 13 13-2 15, type 0 HD, World of final fantasy
  4. Yup! Get a ps3 slim in 2010 I think and still works fine!
  5. 1. Legend of legaia 2. Jade cocoon 3. Digimon world 1 - 3 ( sorry for breaking rules :p) 4. Yugioh forbidden memories 5. Metal gear solid 1
  6. Hey! Can I get in on this please! Currently have 9 main game 100% done (ff7, ff8, ff10, ff12, ff13, ff13-2, ff15, ff type 0 HD and world of final fantasy) and a bonus game (a Kings tale) Thanks!
  7. Excited that wild arms has a trophy list! Makes me hopeful for legend of legaia and other rpgs x)
  8. Ps plus premium for me, looking forward to playing some old classics. If rpgs like legend of legaia Jade cocoon and digimon world get trophy support then I'll be a happy gamer!
  9. Which ones? Or do you mean the ones that were previously leaked along with syphon filter?
  10. I assume we'll start seeing the Asian trophy lists popping up this Monday, with the new ps plus services releasing next week?
  11. Legend of legaia with trophies please! And jade cocoon and monster rancher and digimon world and moreeeeee
  12. I enjoyed getting the platinum! Pretty straight forward like other lego games, although some of the level challenges were a little vague so might need a guide for some of them!
  13. Final fantasy XIV!
  14. I think it's 50/50 really, I can see them not adding trophy support because like people jave said, who's gonna go and recode games from 20+ years ago when some of those companies don't exist anymore. However, I'm cautiously optimistic and really hoping they do, what with the previous patents for trophy support as well as the new game preservation team. If they don't have trophy support, I'll be happy if they include games I never played that interests me, like tomba for example. However if they do include trophy support then I'll be screaming for them to add Legend of legaia Jade cocoon Digimon world ps1 ps2 and psp games Monster rancher series And many many others!
  15. If jade cocoon, digimon world and legend of legaia get announced I'll be happy! If they have trophy support I'll be ecstatic:p