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  1. Cant really think of 5 but one that comes to mind is bloons td 5. Its quite a fun little game but gets seriously repetitive, with needingbto get all 5 medals on 50+ tracks, finish all 250 challenge levels and unlock all power ups. Ive been playing it slowly over the last few years snd still haven't got the platinum but will do shortly x)
  2. Just platinumed lydie & suelle so could i get bumped to alchemy master please ! ( 9 platinums in total)
  3. Orcs must die unchained! Well played x)
  4. Sign me u for champion of the gods please x)
  5. Off the top of ny head, probably ff13. Put well into 100 hours on the game grinding all the items and realised i had missed onecof the missable ones early in the game -.-
  6. So me and my partner bought the pokemon limited edition swich bundle. This is the first nintendo console ive ha since the gamecube so looking forward to getting back into some nintendo classics x) doed anyone have any recommendations? Currently got mario odyssey and pokemon lets go. Hoping there's some other zelda/mario/donkey kong/metroid/pikmin games on the way!
  7. Grindiest one ive completed that i can remember my time for was 260hrs for sword art online hollow fragment. Also spent about 100 hours for FF13 only to find out that i cocked up on the item collection so i gave up x)
  8. Trust me its great! Now that its been out a while and there's more full ganes ouy rather than tech demo sorta things (batman vr is still good fun), its vwry fun to play. Skyrim vr is good fun but you might get motion sickness a little!
  9. Am i the only one that finds it weird that seems to be part graphic novel? I love the digimon games but dont particularly like these graphic novel games so im torn between getting it or not x)
  10. Let it be ps1 emulation and id ve happy! Bring back legend of legaia x)
  11. Hi.  Saw you recently completed Mahjong World Contest.  Any tips on handling the awful controls?  Sometimes I can't even highlight certain pieces, despite them being unobstructed.  

    1. CaptainMonkster


      It takes some getting used to but once you get used to it its not too bad!

  12. Psn Id: CaptainMonkster Systems: ps3 ps4 and vita! I dont generally accept blank friend requests but if you're feeling lucky then give it a go! Im into all sorts of games so if we both have a game we can boost and both need the trophies for then feel free to add me!
  13. Looks decent! Anyone been able to find out a release date?
  14. In no particular order God of war 3 Legend of legaia Final fantasy 9 Metal gear solid 4 Persona 4 golden