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  1. About time really! Still clinging onto hope for backwards compatibility further than ps4 as unlikely as it is x) but still looking forwards to seeing what the console looks like
  2. My partner got my this since i cant go out and train with the current lockdown and its a great uae of VR and gets a good sweat on!
  3. Currently starting to go through the mp trophies for both gta4 and far cry 2 !
  4. Completely agree! Still a possibility but looking unlikely! All i want is tocreplay legend of legaia on a modern console x)
  5. I suppose backwards compatibility for ps1 ps2 and ps3 is still a possibility. I mean if the reveal was meant for GDC, for developers who are making future games, why would he talk to tyem about hardware that can play legacy games? Humour me guys, im still hopeful!
  6. Quite disappointing 'reveal' but tbf, it was clearly meant for GDC. Was really hoping for at least a look at the console, a release date and confirmation of ps1 ps2 and ps3 compatibility but there ya go!
  7. Im not usually one to complain about season passes but its getting to be a joke when 1 game has multiple season passes for £30ish a piece
  8. My biggest nerdiction in life is dragonball, so i instantly buy any dragonball game i find even if its known to be awful. I would do this for baki too if that was popular enough to have ps4 ganes
  9. One day i will get the emperor trophy on elder scrolls online. Keep coming back to it and then stopping, but one day.............
  10. From what i remember ots not too difficult but there is a fair bit to do. The hardest one to do was the 1 million points fight to fight killer croc . Cant remember what that trophy was callex
  11. Might be wrong but I think they are on ps Now for streaming? But like i said i might be wrong
  12. For me, call of duty and all the fornite like games!
  13. Legend of legaia!
  14. I have been tempted to retry this trophy so i will give your recommendations a go!