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  1. I finished it relatively bug free just the odd modding word in dialect. Seems to me like there'll either be another dlc or a sequel
  2. Updated to 5 now please, recently got unlimited red deluxe edition and burning blood. Moving onto grand cruise and then possibly world seeker next x)
  3. Sign me up please! Just currently plstinuned trails of cold steel 1 but that will change soon! Hoping that they release an English port for the Asian only releases
  4. Get batman arkham asylum finished! He'll of a game, trophies aren't too bad and not massively grindy either! After that either finish the arkham series or move onto the newer god of war games? Good luck and happy hunting x)
  5. Good to see this is coming out soon! Has anyone seen anything regarding the digital prices in the UK? See that they're on the ps store separately but with no prices shown
  6. Can I update mine please? Completed pirate warriors 3 so that's 3 plats in total so far!
  7. The trophies are pretty straight forward but it's a fair time sink, if I remember right it's probably 60-70 hours? I really enjoyed it though so wasn't much of a slog.
  8. Not sure if it's been mentioned previously but it seems you can now update your dualsense controllers wirelessly now ?
  9. Monthly update! Completion percentage: 58.97% (+0.47%) Total uncompleted trophies: 8884 ( -71) New games started: Hogwarts Legacy (37%) Games completed: Little Big Planet 3 Little Big Workshop Tales of Zestiria Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Adventures of mana Games Continued: Ghost of Tsushima (47%) Slowly yet steadily getting through the old unfinished trophies! Taking a little break from ghost of tsushima and now starting up on trails of cold steel 1 again! After that will either finish up hogwarts legacy, finish another final fantasy title or do both, who knows!
  10. Annoying that harvest moon back to nature doesn't look like it has trophy support
  11. I'm going to say the baten kaitos 1 and 2 remasters. Never thought they would rereleqaw them but with the announcement for switch tonight, here's hoping that it's only a timed exclusive and jumps across eventually!
  12. So far it's all the god if war games excluding the vitas and ps3 GOW3 but I may do them sometime! Nothing very impressive but will be doing the final fantasy series (coming for you @Rebourne07xD), kingdom hearts, dragon quest, sword art online, erx basically any long running series I enjoy x)
  13. First update of the year! Completion percentage: 58.50% (+0.60%) Total uncompleted trophies: 8955 ( -108) New games started: Out of space (55%) Cult of the lamb Games completed: Tinykin Deus ex Mankind Divided Dragonball Kakarot Fairy Tail Enigmatis 2: mists of ravenwood Cult of the lamb. Games continued: Brewmaster (34%) Among us (56%) Ghost of Tsushima (27%) Overall enjoyed this months trophy hunting! Hoping to have ghost of tsushima done or very nearly completed by next week in time for hogwarts legacy, which is probably the only new game I'll start next month before finishing up some other final fantasy titles!
  14. I'd like to join please, currently have pirate warriors 1 and 2 completed but will be starting more soon!
  15. 1. Legend of legaia 2. Jade cocoon 3. Digimon world 1-4 4. Monster Rancher 5. Ff tactics 6. Metal gear solid 1 (and the snes games) 7. Monkey hero 8. Ps1 and ps2 harry potter games 9. Breath of fire series And so many more!