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  1. So after starting in February with PCG: 51.38% with a goal of getting to 60%.... nearly 3 months later and it is 52.69% Why do I do this to myself x)
  2. Not really one to moan about stuff, but if that's what it sounds like it's going to be then I'm severely disappointed x)
  3. Absolutely great game so far! Only negative for me was the ridiculous second raid on the multiplayer but other than that, a strong 9 out of 10!
  4. I imagine if they do anything it would either be through ps now or through a new emulation app called PlayStation legacy or something similar. Either way, it seems unlikely to be disc based it that's only my opinion and I don't know anything about how hard game emulation is to provide x)
  5. I assume they'll update it so It'll share the same trophy list, anyone know for certain?
  6. My opinion is that's a matter of time before legacy emulation comes to ps5 and possibly ps4. Here's hoping anyway!
  7. Here's hoping!
  8. So I've been away from this game for a long time and recently with the current pandemic have come into alot of free time so thinking of giving this game and its trophies another go! Any current players know if there's such thing as guilds who help each member become emperor?
  9. Old school rpgs like legend of legaia, chrono trigger, ff9, jade cocoon etc!
  10. Gta 4 ! Decided to get around to finishing the mp on ps3 games since I imagine they'll be shutting down soonish!
  11. Is this game actually in the UK? Can't seem to find it on the PSN store
  12. The sheriff badges came through for me, thanks for the prayers!
  13. Even after this exploit, I've been stuck on level 3-3 for hours
  14. Is it possible for me to jump on this, getting involved in another of these things during lockdown and with less hours at work!
  15. For my double point RPGS I would like atelier Lula (if that counts as an rpg) and ff7 remake. For my triple pointer I'm gonna choose sword art online hollow realisation!