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  1. Very impressive! I'm hoping to do all the fd trophies barring any duplicates so won't be trying the standalone comrades since I've got the ff15 dlc. I'd recommend the tales of series, batman arkham series, atelier series (unique gameplay), and the darksiders series!
  2. I guess this hasn't got sorted still? Which is a shame
  3. I'll get in on this! Get one platinum in every game except for the ryza series! Which I plan on starting soon
  4. I reckon it will include either ff16 or release date for the final fantasy pixel collection on consoles x)
  5. Depends on the type of game! If it's a couch co op style game then a pizza to share is always good! But if its a single player shenanigan then usually chocolate! Get the sugar rush for the gaming rush!
  6. Ps1: final fantasy 9 / legend of legaia (can't decide!) Ps2: gta San andreas Ps3: God of war 3 Ps4: batman arkham Knight Ps5: ac valhalla Ps vita: persona 4 golden
  7. My favourite games were the arland trilogy ( rorona, totori and meruru) but atelier Sophie is the 1st in a fairly recent trilogy. I can't say anything about ryza as I haven't played it
  8. I enjoy the atelier games, they stopped with the English dubs a long time ago though (possibly atelier escha and logy) which put some people off but I still enjoy them!
  9. Good going man! Don't think I'll ever reach that level of completion x)
  10. Dragonball kakarot at 95%. Wanted to leave it to see if the dlc offered trophies as I like the last trophy I get to be the platinum if I can (don't ask why) and never got around to finishing it after the dlc released!
  11. I thought it was pretty good! Could've been abit more varied as you say with some of the missions but overall a good attempt! The dlc was pretty poor though I thought!
  12. So 90% of the time when I am either exiting a dungeon or warping to somewhere during a Mission, like coldharbour, I am kicked out of the game. Its doing this every 5-10 minutes and it's really starting to piss me off now. Is everyone else on ps5 having to issue?
  13. I loved dogimon world 1 and 3 growing up, dunno why I missed out on 2 x) I still occasionally play them to this day. I enjoyed the cyber sleuth series as well as next order so hope for some more sequels to them in the future!
  14. Yeah count me in too please!
  15. As the title suggests, seems like the BUDDY! trophy is impossible to get on ps5, unless I'm doing something wrong. When I try to challenge a friend to tower challenges it says the invite cn only be done on a ps4. Shame really, will have to get my ps4 back from my sister for a 5 minute trophy x)