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  1. I managed to get one from GAME after work on the night of the reveal for preorders which was lucky
  2. Legend of legaia, monster rancher, jade cocoon, ff6. The, if ps now brings ps1 to ps5 with trophy support id be more than happy with that however unlikely that is
  3. I want crazy and got the £700 disk ps5 bundle from GAME. Comes with the console, pulse headphones, 2 controllers, camera and media remote. Closer to the time I'll preorder AC valuable and miles morales!
  4. So my internet has finally been sorted out and is now good enough to stream games so i thought i would play sonic unleashed. A fun game but It doesn't seem to have a trophy list even though there is one on psnprofiles. Does anyone know if this is the case and the PSnow version doesn't have trophies?
  5. Legend of legaia, jade cocoon and/or monster rancher in any form!
  6. The new dragonball super manga chapter yesterday and before that, Baki Dou!
  7. Any ps3 game that has online trophies!
  8. From what i remember the longest grind ive done so far was for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. About 250 hours total playtime before the platinum!
  9. 1. Injustice (0.13%) 2. Tricky Towers (1.04%) 3. Catherine (1.28%) 4. Dragonball Fighterz (1.55%) 5. Sword art online Hollow Fragment (1.61%)
  10. A few months after the ps4 launched (iirc) i bought two games: lord of the fallen and bound by flame. Was really looking forward to lords of the fallen and really only bought bound by flame to start off my ps4 backlog. Turns out i loved bound by flame and hated lords of the fallen x)
  11. Looking for people to help with the competitor trophy so feel free to add me PSN: CaptainMonkster
  12. About time really! Still clinging onto hope for backwards compatibility further than ps4 as unlikely as it is x) but still looking forwards to seeing what the console looks like
  13. GTA V!
  14. My partner got my this since i cant go out and train with the current lockdown and its a great uae of VR and gets a good sweat on!
  15. Currently starting to go through the mp trophies for both gta4 and far cry 2 !