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  1. I used powerpyx's strategy and took me about 15 minutes. My best was about 32 wins. The strategy: First before your start pick the LEFT hand arcade machine (the left hand machines in the arcade are easier difficulty or least seem to be) Pick the FISH dude. (I had trouble against his AI so after I beat him I switched and used him to avoid facing him) Load up the right half (3 columns) of the screen with everything your are give as fast as you can. Literally quick drop everything. Until you got what looks like this: Once your half screen is full PRIORITiZE making matches with the stuff in the 3 columns. Chain reactions become crazy common Certain rivals moves fast so be to USE QUICK DROPS (the doctor character really gave me problems) When your rival gets booted or looks like they are about to, REFILL the columns again, even if the new rival starts, make sure the columns are full REPEAT. If the columns are full when you out a rival don't quick drop until the new rival's board pops up or you'll be wasting matches and chains I was surprised how well this works.I had rounds where the new rival was on screen for about 5 seconds before a quick chain eliminated them.
  2. It's less that I stopped but more I keep procrastinating. Added
  3. Got both. For those who are curious the current list is as follows (Note these are the forum names and not the PSN names) ; 1. @JayDeLosDioses 2. @jemmie 3. @Dr_Mayus 4. @ZIG173 5. @CreateToBeGreat 6. @ChromaticStorm 7. @AJ_Radio 8. @Sebastian 9. @BEN186422 10. @PalaceOfLove706 11. @SnowbellKitty 12. @Tora Chan 13. @Super_Mep 14. @KennethMcCormick 15. @NekoRave 16. @DrBloodmoney - And Dr. thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the content. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks you for the additional insight and game recommendations. 😀
  4. New Review for @Gotakibono Next on the list is @JayDeLosDioses Enjoy!
  5. Thank you!
  6. Game still experiences frequent crashes at time of this post.
  7. For Completionist Trophy DO NOT upgrade your rations and quiver all the way. Fabric stops spawning from chest (and there is no other way of getting it) after they are maxed out and you need 5 for an Offering Stone. Ubisoft has noted this as a problem and said they would address it in a patch, but if you want the Plat sooner be aware.
  8. So It says there is suppose to be a flying paper artifact on top of the Buckingham Longhouse, but there is nothing there and the paper does not appear. Is anyone else having this problem? UPDATE: Disregard. I turn off my system and reloaded the game and it appeared.
  9. I'll add you to the list.
  10. FINALLY! A new review is up and ready for viewing. Next Review @Gotakibono.
  11. I got you guys. Also REVIEW INCOMING!
  12. I think you'll have plenty of time. Still I've played both and yeah the map sizes are both ridiculous. Playing Valhalla right now, and It seems smaller yet traveling does seem to take longer for some reason.
  13. I still got you Right now you are #9 on my list. I should have a new review out in the next day or so. (moving you up to #8) Also Ironically the next person (#2) on the list (the next review after the one that will be coming out) will be @Gotakibono, as he asked me to review his way back when. And THERE WILL NOT BE A LONG WAIT between the next 2 videos.
  14. I know I know, I haven't been able to get a video out in some time and for that I am sorry. I recently have been going through a lot of life changes (a promotion and more responsibilities at work which includes a constantly changing schedule) which have caused a few unwanted sleepless nights and stress, all while at the same time dealing with family stuff, a car accident which has caused several headaches, some other stuff, and i'm still working with a pretty old (at least by tech standards) computer. As with the rest of this year things have been messed up, but we're getting through it. But rest assured I still fully intend to continue with reviews as soon as I am able. I'm actually really excited to do so with the recent changing in the level system Surprising my schedule should become more regular as we move into the holiday season. I have few weeks in November off from work, and since traveling is out of the question, I should have plenty of free time (outside of the time I plan of investing into playing CyberPunk 2077 and AC: Valhalla) in which I plan to do multiple reviews. I ask you to continue to be patient. I love doing the reviews and it pains me that I haven't been able to do one in a while. I still have the list of everyone who has requested a review and plan on following through on doing them. It's just....adulting comes first....I gagged typing that sentence, yuck.....any who, again please be patient and thank you for continued interest and support in this thing of mine.
  15. Coincidence. I got a file in my last undiscovered group and have 78 and it still didn't pop